Here’s The Kate Upton Topless Video You Won’t Shut Up About

June 20th, 2013 // 27 Comments
WATCH: Kate Upton Topless On A Horse

Here’s the “super topless” Kate Upton video that a bunch of you keep clamoring about. Except don’t get your hopes up because TMZ owns the right to it, so all you’re going to see is a censored version because Harvey Levin’s the real Osama bin Laden. Something I’ve always suspected for years, but never had proof until that Rickroll. To me my SEAL Team Six!


  1. Who ills

    When did the fish writer get so bitchy?

  2. Mr. Poop

    The uncensored version needs to be released, the world deserves to see it.

    -Mr. Poop

  3. If you’re just going to show the censored version and there’s no uncensored version anywhere, it would’ve been better not to post the video at all.

  4. zdmay

    Buy the video from TMZ.

  5. Mike

    Release the uncensored version! It’s both the video we want and the video we need

  6. Ive seen tits. I can close my eyes and have her face on some porn skank in a nano second. You cant stop me.

  7. lots’ of tension in the comments..haha)

  8. Captain Jerk

    What I’m dying to see is pics of Michael Lohan’s barefoot. Toes ad soles. Anyone?

    • ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

      Please don’t defile a frustrated post about awesome titties with your filthy foot fetish. I don’t mind that you are gay, but women’s feet are bad, while men’s feet are a fucking horror show. Nobody is going on your gay foot fetish sites talking about tight, moist, smooth, young vaginas and full, pendulous, yet well shaped funbags are they? Show some respect.

  9. right

    Why waste our time with tits that are censored.

  10. right

    TMZ has turned into such a shit site. I don’t go on it anymore. It’s just a bunch of paid advertising, dressed up as supposed stories.

  11. You big babies

    Go buy it yourselves if you want to see naked Uptits so badly.

  12. tlmck

    Harvey is only into naked dudes.

  13. I thought maybe if I covered my dong in those adhesive foil stars my teachers used to put on spelling tests it would even things out and I’d be able to fap to satisfaction to this video. Unfortunately, those things have sharp little corners. Five of them on each. It reminded me of the first time I heard about “jacking off,” and I tried to rub one out with a handful of jacks.

  14. DontGetTheHype

    OMG! They are boobs.. on a chunky chick. What is the big deal?!

  15. darkmorcel

    damn you rick astley :/

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Her legs and ass are weak, and she has the face of a 14 year old. Not my cup of tea, but each to their own.

  17. Deacon Jones

    Dude…..FUCK TMZ for not releasing the unedited version!!!!!

    What is Harvey, a pole smoker or something??? oh wait

  18. I clicked the link to see the uncensored video but it wasn’t there. Even though he claimed otherwise, he let me down in a big way.

  19. bitch please

    In 1800 Models (artists’ models anyway), actresses, dancers and singers were once considered whores with a hobby. Nothing has changed. Hollywood is for whores.

  20. Joe Mahma

    Nice gut.

  21. Cassie

    I need somebody to explain why this girl is such a big deal…Is it just me or does she have the torso of a flabby ping pong paddle? Can we just tear our eyes off the breasts for a hot second and agree on that, people? Please, for the love of all that is holy…

  22. D Wolfe

    Cassie, your priorities are obviously all out of whack…which is understandable…as you may well be jealous….but in addition to that, there is just something very special about Kate Upton that transcends all typical criteria used to judge someone’s overall attractiveness quotient…..oh yea, and she does have amazing tits!…

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