1. What kind of art hating bastard would “outtake” this picture. This is cover material!

  2. Hugh Gentry

    num num num num num

  3. American

    Motorboat noises.

  4. Jimmy Crotche

    I’d give me right nut too motorboat those tits of hers. Hell, I’d even give my left nut also.

  5. Reginald vanden Penis

    I just spontaneously ejaculated!

  6. Myclamisaninnie

    You men are so easy, I can barely touch your dick and it will get hard. She is gorgeous, tough, no doubt! perfect!

  7. skunk

    titty whore

  8. Cornell

    Just realize they look kind of small, in comparison to her shoulders. lol. They don’t fill out her hefty bone/muscular structure. hehe.. the more I look it looks like someone is hanging a baby upside down and her teats are the baby’s bottom. Why are they so low? Is it a sag?
    Its like: [\|/] lol.Most breast expand outward but they are narrow and long.

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