Kate Upton’s Cleavage Played Tennis in Slow Motion

It’s been a minute since Kate Upton brought her giant boobs around a camera with great high-frame rate. In fact, since marrying World Series champ Justin Verlander back in November, I almost figured Kate was done with this kind of thing. Fortunately, the folks at LOVE Magazine were able to coax her into slipping on a one-piece lingerie/bathing suit hybrid costume and hiking it up her ass. That’s art. This is what art is all about.

Take notice at the gratuitous cleavage shots that were once again generously peppered in by whatever former softcore porn editor makes these Advent series videos. They even put her in heels because strong women wear heels when they play tennis. After all, these videos are not for your ogling pleasure, they’re inspiring for women and stuff (seriously, that’s what they say it’s for).

Also her backhand looks like a bad baseball swing, she needs to work on flicking those wrists a bit more. I’d smoke her if I ever got to play her in whatever weird parking garage she’s dancing around in.

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