Kate Upton Has Leaked Nude Photos, Too

August 31st, 2014 // 70 Comments
Hilary Duff, Too?!
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So remember that scene in Ghostbusters when Peck shuts down the containment unit and floods the entire city with ghosts? Well, today’s been like that except with every single celebrity naked instead of the undead. I’m doing my best to stay away from them (WHICH I HAVE ALL DAY YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING) because I’d prefer not to get sued right the fuck off the Internet, but sometimes a man has to stare death in the eyes and show everybody giant breasts. So here’s a link to the alleged Kate Upton nude photos (NSFW) which seem to fly in stark contrast to her Ice Bucket Challenge where she might as well have worn a nun’s habit. And, wow, apparently this post can get more erotic. I didn’t think I had it in me.

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  1. lovecraft

    None of the Justice ones have her face in them so they are questionable and she is denying it. In contrast Jennifer is tweeting about it so those are confirmed. The Kate ones are authentic as well except for some of the faceless ones. There is one that has a star tattoo on the ribs that is clearly not Kate.

    • Did you not look at the link above? There are a tonne of Justice with her face in them.

    • Frunken

      I kept hearing people say she was tweeting about it so I looked it up and she doesn’t have a confirmed Twitter account.

    • Brian

      I’m not convinced at this point that any of the videos are her, though I am fairly sure that the shot of the chick with a big ol load shot across her back is her. Going off the figure on that one, Kate seems to be more block than hourglass.

    • anonymous

      The one with Victoria and the fat guy looks like her.

    • vandal

      There’s a picture of her with her tits out, wearing a blue top. There’s another picture on the Internet of her wearing the same top, showing her face.

  2. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    go with Jesus
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s funny you mentioned a nun’s habit since of one of the new pics is of her actually wearing something similar

  3. CJake

    Reddit did the homework..the VJ pics are real. She was smart enough not to have her face and body in the same shot however.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for some Lena Dunham butthole pics.

    • rican

      You’re really disgusting. You know that right? Btw, don’t forget to post that link too.

    • That’s extra-funny, because she went off on Twitter about The Fappening. I detected a hint of jealousy because she was left out of the cool kids clique yet again.

  5. What’s the deal with the Selena Gomez one? I know it’s a white swimsuit and they did some x-ray voodoo on it. But it looks perfect. So, so… perfect. Excuse me.

  6. Guest

    She’s a pig.

    When she’s in Justin’s vest and tie all I could notice was her huge disgusting stomach. His ass is better than hers too.

  7. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:


  8. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I second RubberBandMan’s request.

  9. anonymous

    DAMN…..somebody hit the phone hackers jackpot, decided to share the wealth and flooded the internet with pics.

    Not a fan of Kate’s but epic doesn’t seem to describe are nice her boobs are. JLaw’s a bit disappointing. She’s actually pretty average looking.

    There are a few people on the list that I was surprised to see but then again actresses are freaks. They all want to be in front of a camera somewhere.

  10. Hmm

    Things got real quiet for the last few hours. Either the authorities got him or some serious checks were written to stop him posting the rest.

  11. Frunken

    Remember a couple weeks ago when she said we’d never see her naked.

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    There’s video of Kate screwing JV out there.

  13. right

    I got all of them and 1 video. Better hurry, they are being deleted from various sites as we speak. There are 34 nude pics. 3 Bush , 2 Ass, the rest full figure shots. Also a pictures of Jv’s dick. Kate is gettin it jambed to her hard and obviously liking it. The moral of the story, never say NEVER.

  14. right

    Looks like verlander had pics of 2 other girls he was fucking too. Those are bonus. They are pretty hot.

  15. Helena Handbasket

    My prediction:
    Pretty soon a bunch of has-been and D-list celebs will release their own tits-and-twat photos, pretending to be part of the Fappening. Then they will express fake outrage at being exposed.

    That’s life in Hollywood, and we will reap the benefits.

  16. Boy, are girls stupid…

    Bless them all!

  17. Cock Dr

    It’s a goddamn happy Labor Day for some of us.
    People complain when the site doesn’t show tits. Hope this shuts their pieholes for a week or 3.

  18. Doctor_Joystick

    On one hand, i feel pretty bad about these women having their privacy violated… on the other hand… well, that hand is busy…..

  19. Oh BABY

    When is this common-looking bit of tubby trash going to go away?

  20. Suck It Trebek

    SAD FACT: The highest level of law enforcement will put more time, effort, and ingenuity into hunting down the person who embarrassed Apple than they do in trying to stop terrorists. When they find this guy they will go in with a SWAT team to make an example of him.

    • Brian

      That’s sad but completely true. Glorious internet perv will get busted before the holiday weekend’s out, but that a-hole who cut off the journalists head probably won’t be identified for months. If he’d had whipped out a pic of J Laws tit freckles immediately after he’d be in Gitmo by now.

      • Hmm

        You should probably spend less time on celebrity blogs and more time reading or watching this thing called the news. They identified the guy who cut off the journalist’s head like a week ago.

  21. brian

    She’s got an amazing set of tits. I will fap to them. Oh yes, I will fap.

  22. Too bad it didn’t happen 20 pounds ago

  23. DiLo

    Jesus Christ, Kate Upton’s boyfriend is even more unattractive naked

  24. The best thing to come out of this is the knowledge that I’m good-looking enough to date Kate Upton.

  25. Everywhere I went today guys were walking around like they’d just ridden a horse for the first time.

  26. Wow. Kate Upton sure has lots of tits and no brains. Why does she have to be her own pornographer? It’s so funny how the kids (under 30) today all think they are the first ones to ever have sex. Why they need to document it on their own personal devices is beyond me. Hard to feel sorry for anyone who complains about their “invasion of privacy.” No one stuck a lens through your windows. You did this to yourselves.

    • cc

      It’s because they are stupid.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Sorry, that’s both pathetic & horrible logic. Kate doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was stolen from. If she’d taken polaroids and had them locked in a draw, and someone physically invaded her living space, taken the polaroids then uploaded them onto the net, you couldn’t possibly say she did it to herself. What’s happened here is no different. She thought something was in a completely secure space, and had all parties concerned never ceased to act legally, they’d still be safe away from all prying eyes in that secure space. Someone did stick a lens through her window – her virtual window, a window she thought was locked, but was picked by a criminal.

      Now, let me get back to viewing that criminal’s handiwork.

    • PrestigeJohnson

      Thanks for chiming in, Grandma.

  27. Dildo

    Kate Upton could have made a ton of money doing something classy, like Playboy. But, if you don’t go to the Internet, the Internet will come for you!

  28. Alex

    Taking a picture of your boyfriend dropping a load on your back is much more classy.

  29. cc

    One of those fundamental truths every man should teach his son.

  30. These photos have to be a few years old. She hasn’t looked this good in a while. But goddamn, those tits are nice!

  31. The manufactured outrage from The Fappening will be succulent and delectable. If only there was some simple way these poor victims could have prevented this? But how… HOW?!

  32. anonym

    I love how these celebs like to keep little mementos.

    Nothing like memories of jizz on your back and your twat getting porked.

    Jennifer lawrence even saved pics of herself with cum on her face and in her mouth. That must be why her skin looks so great on the red carpet.

  33. anonym

    Kate can do better. That sex video didn’t look too exciting.
    I bet she hasn’t experienced amazing sex yet

  34. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    holy shit her boobs are big

  35. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    her boobs are unbelievably big!

  36. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    I scrolled and all I saw were boobs wow, love how they go to the very bottom of he screen in this ic

  37. Kate Upton Cleavage No Premiere New York Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    geez thy actually look bigger when you can’t see the bottom of them

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