Kate Upton Makes Country Music Videos Now

June 20th, 2014 // 15 Comments
Kate Upton Bartender Lady Antebellum
WATCH: Lady Antebellum - 'Bartender'

Because my main means of conveyance lacks both rubber testicles and a “Don’t Tread On Me” poop-snake, I don’t listen to country music. Not to mention it’ll be the soundtrack for the day America disintegrates in a nuclear fried turkey accident – Sponsored by Mountain Dew™ – because reading instructions is for pussies. So imagine my disappoint to find a fully-clothed, non-cleavaged Kate Upton starring in Lady Antebellum‘s new video for “Bartender” along with Buster Bluth in a non-Motherboy context. The whole thing makes me want to shoot up a Walmart. (Not soon enough? You’re right. I suck.)


  1. Twizlah

    When Tony Hale is the best this in the room when Kate Upton’s tits are in the room, you know you’ve got a problem.

  2. JC

    I’ll never understand why adding some banjo to a shitty pop-rock song equals “country.” It just…doesn’t.

  3. I watched this on mute and it was still awful.

  4. No cleavage? Not interested.

  5. The lack of tits shows that someone doesn’t understand the mass market appeal of Kate Upton.

  6. Short Round

    May have been a while since I lived in Texas. But I don’t remember this kind of cosmopolitan style sophistication associated with country music. Playing Alan Jackson even in the restroom of a Dairy Queen. Now, that fits.

  7. Did Kate blow Tony in the end?

  8. Yawn, another fake country group.

  9. I don’t know much about Country and Western music but I know what I hate.

    And I hate this song.

    It’s *bleeding* autotune or whatever the hell machine they use to make no-talents sound like this.

  10. The lead singer for Lady Antebellum is hot in her own right. Just a tad on the chunky side, but that’s just more to hang on to. Of course it goes without saying that I’m already enamored of Kate Upton…especially her tits.

  11. MFer

    Nasty ass chapped lips.

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