Kate Upton’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is Horseshit

August 19th, 2014 // 36 Comments
Kate Upton Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge involves dumping buckets of freezing cold ice water over your head, and Kate Upton has huge, giant breasts that people want to see soaking wet, so on paper, this should’ve been the perfect combination to raise every single money in the world. Instead, Kate Upton filmed her challenge with her boyfriend, who no one wants to see and/or acknowledge, while wearing double layers because she wants all of humanity to die at the hands of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. She couldn’t have made herself more clear.

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  1. If you’re not even willing to put a little bit of effort into it, just don’t bother trying at all.

    Geez… we ask so little, yet receive nothing back…

  2. kenny

    nice grill.. she’s fugs.

  3. What the fuck? I watched Hiddleston’s this morning, and his bucket was very clearly full of actual ice and water. This shit looks like a bunch of barely cold water and someone who didn’t give a rat’s ass.

    Hear the sound in this, Kate? That’s the sound of HOLYFUCKINGSHITTHATSFUCKINGCOLD you’re hearing.


  4. In case anyone isn’t aware of what this “challenge” exactly is, the idea is you’re supposed to challenge people to either donate to the ALS Foundation OR dump a bucket of ice water over their head.

    So all these douchebag narcissist celebrities you see doing this shit are basically bragging about how they’d rather dump ice water on themselves than give money to a charity.

    Note that Kate’s bucket contains no ice, just water. She apparently drew the line at “slightly wet”.

    President Barack Obama managed to both understand the challenge AND come across as a jerk by declining the ice water and donating only $100.

    • Jimmy

      How much have you donated to ALS, McFeely?

      • I don’t donate to ALS because I focus my charity efforts towards breast cancer and last year managed to raise a LOT more money than the $100 the president kicked in.

        So pardon me if I get a little pissy about people engaging in slacktivism, and bullshit “raising awareness” campaigns. It’s fucking 2014, everyone is pretty aware of just about everything…sick people need awareness about as much as they need celebrity viral videos.

    • rican

      Charlie Sheen, dick as he is, poured $10k over his head and announced that amount as his contribution to ALS.

    • Hmm

      He refused to do it and only gave $100 because he is not a retard. He knows where the money is really going, he and the other politicians hang out with them and get donations from them. It seems like a million years ago and even back then Bob Dole’s wife, Elizabeth Dole was making something like half a million dollars a year running the Red Cross.

    • I agree, but I can tell you that in Hiddleston’s case, he knows his fans. Telling them to go donate in his video will generate a lot of money for ALS, trust me. He’s a huge Unicef supporter, and just that knowledge alone caused the Hiddleston Army to set up a donation page in his name. It far surpassed the original goal, he was made aware of it, and it’s still going because fans are still donating. I’m also willing to bet he probably donated to ALS himself as well.

      All of that shit being said, he’s a bit of a one-off, and not really representative.


  5. culito culito

    Theres a drought in CA and i hate these douches for using up precious water! donate the fucking money assholes! This is a stupid challenge.

    • mndvygr

      THere’s a draught in CA? Gosh, how can I send my water over there so Californians can brush their stupid teeth?

  6. Worst wet T-shirt contest ever.

  7. JC

    You want to raise money and awareness for ALS? Good. But how about this: Instead of the whole ice bucket/fame-whoring thing, how about you spend a day in a wheelchair with your arms and legs restrained, kind of like someone suffering from advanced ALS? Oh, not so sexy as being wet, huh? Or maybe donate money to medical research, volunteer, and encourage others to do so, instead of just using this to score points on your fucking social media presence.

    • hey Person Arguing With Themself

      Even better, get themselves hobbled Annie Wilkes style. THAT would show true dedication.

  8. Assman

    I feel like someone should acknowledge her ass in those yoga pants.

  9. Kimmykimkim

    This ice bucket challenge is the stupidest shit ever. The fuck does it even have to do with ALS? Nothing. I knew this stupid challenge existed before I even knew what it was for. That tells me that whoever came up with this shitty idea should be fuckin fired. Twice.

    • Brooks

      Gotta agree. I wish this whole fucking thing would go away. It’s the only thing on my FB page.

      Maybe this winter everyone will set themselves on fire.

    • Last year at this time the ALS foundation had about one million in donations, this year they have over $15 million in donations. It may annoy you, but they’ll be more research in the coming years thanks to “this shitty idea”, and perhaps the devastation of this miserable disease might be slowed . So fuck you.

  10. Hmm

    I love all the people that do this because then I know who the retards in the world are. They are a lot of happy people making a shitload of money off the morons donating money to these things. You write a check for $100, if you are lucky, maybe $10 of that makes it to where you think it is going. You are literally the dumbest asshole on the planet if you donate money to these big charities. I’ll give a coat, blanket or buy a meal for someone in need before a dime of my money ever goes in to the hands of these assholes.

    For the celebrities this is great, free positive PR for very little money and they can write-off what they give on top of it.

    • Rico Jones

      I do the same thing. I donate locally. Either food, clothes or supplies for schools. I rarely give money because I know the money will be spent on salaries.

    • Reputable charities post their breakdown of expenditures on their web site and back them with their annual report.

      The ALS Association spends 7% of it’s budget on Administration.

  11. Rico Jones

    Howard Stern had the best response to this when Matt Lauer challenged him. Stern simply said no.

  12. Kate Upton. Tits. No ice. What a letdown. I’m going home.

  13. hey Person Arguing With Themself

    Wouldn’t tit (typo, and it stays) be be cool if that water was sulfuric acid?

  14. Wally's Beaver

    Perfect waste of big tits and wet t-shirt. She should just give a huge donation.

  15. Donkey

    WHAT THE FUCK. I’m gay and I wouldn’t fuck her boyfriend, how did that piece of shit get Kate Upton??

    • Mike

      How about the fact that he’s got a 202 Million dollar contract with the Tigers? When you’re rich, you can have whatever you want. The gold diggers come out of the woodwork.

  16. She’s just lame. All she’s got is her tits and she didn’t even show those off.

  17. Pat c

    If she can get naked in Antarctica, why should a bucket of ice bother her?

  18. Does donating to ALS Scan count as a donation to ALS?

  19. anonym

    Bravo. He’d better hold on to that sugar momma

  20. Now if only Kate Upton could do my Breast Cancer Awareness Flash Your Boobs Challenge. Anyone willing to challenge her?
    facebook.com/bcaflashyourboobschallenge #breastcancerawareness #charity #boobs #tits #kateupton

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