Yes, Putting Cameron Diaz & Kate Upton Next To Each Other In Bikinis Is A Great Idea

Based on my limited knowledge of a movie I’ll never watch because here are Kate Upton’s breasts for free, The Other Woman is about Cameron Diaz finding out her boyfriend is married AND banging Kate Upton behind his wife Leslie Mann’s back. Eventually the girls team up, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for Cameron not being enough for this guy even though she’s standing right next to Kate Upton in a bikini. Which is ridiculous because even if Cameron Diaz’s character is a Supreme Court justice, the most hardened feminist in the world would not only understand this dude banging Kate Upton, but also hope he got paid more to do it because he doesn’t get all emotional on his period. (Tell me I overvalue the power of breasts. I dare you.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News