Captain Janeway Made A Documentary That Claims The Sun Revolves Around The Earth. Yup.

April 8th, 2014 // 39 Comments
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Kate Mulgrew (Or “Red” on Orange Is The New Black for you whippersnappers) played the only female Starfleet captain with her own series, so it only makes sense that that would backfire in a ball of crazy because here she is narrating the documentary The Principle which claims that the sun revolves around the earth. A concept that was disproved in the 16th century, or so the Jews would have you believe…. Oh, yeah, that’s right. The guy making the film is Robert Sungenis a crazed anti-Semite who also runs the blog “Galileo Was Wrong” which has conveniently dropped offline in the past 12 hours. The sad part is that people will actually watch this shit and believe it because that’s how fucked we are as a country right now, and one in four Americans already don’t know that the Earth revolves around the sun to begin with. Fortunately, there’s a show on TV right now that’s explaining how the universe can’t be like it is, but it do, except the people who should be watching it hate it, and it’s up against Game of Thrones which I don’t know if you saw Sunday’s episode, but people got naked. Like super naked. Did you see that one chick do that thing with her leg? Holy shit. What was I talking about?

UPDATE: Captain Janeway was bamboozled!


  1. This is some retarded shit. She, Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Palin can go on nationwide tour promoting stupidity and willful ignorance. It’ll be a hit, trust me.

    • While you can claim voice over narration is just another acting job, associating yourself with this jackhole and his moronic views is not what could be considered an intelligent career choice. Since I never liked her – good. I hope she gets a lot of shit for helping to promote this lunacy. (As in “moon”. Which, FYI, doesn’t make you insane, just in case that’s the next shitbat claim.)

  2. JimBB

    Yeah, I would watch Cosmos, but you know…tits on HBO.

  3. I hope all the scientists whose quotes were edited to fit this stupidity (without any sort of permission) band together and sue the Jesus out of this thing

  4. damn it jim.
    someone dropped a turd in the transporter and now people are walking around with shit for brains!

  5. Crazy Weasel

    I thought Christians didn’t believe in masturbation. Shameless, self-absorbed masturbation… in the form of a trailer.

  6. The Most Interesting

    Geocentrism is, of course, totally and moronically wrong. Completely disproven.

    However, not nearly enough research has been done on the gravitational effects of my beard.

  7. “The Principle” in question obviously isn’t reasoning.

  8. tinafeystaintmole

    Come on guys you are missing the whole point of this post.
    Thanks fish!

  9. Hugh G. Rection

    The sun DOES revolve around the Earth. And the universe was created in six days, five thousand years ago. And Kim Kardashian has a nice ass.

  10. It’s sad, but honestly there have always been and always will be knuckle-draggers who insist on clinging to dumb shit from hundreds of years ago. The internet just makes it easier to know about these folks. We’re just as fucked as a species as we always have been, we just have nicer stuff.

  11. Hey, where are all of our usual Bible-thumpers to point out that their book says “the sun stood still,” so clearly we live in a geocentric system/universe because their god more or less said so—where you guys at?

  12. Slash

    To be fair to her, Star Trek is a work of fiction also. So she’s just doing another acting job, reading the lines they give her. She doesn’t have to know what the fuck they mean. And since real space travel looks more like “Gravity” than “Star Trek” and probably always will, it’s not like her show was much more a reflection of reality than the current anti-science clusterfuck she’s a part of.

    Having said all that, maybe she needs a new agent. Somebody who can utter the words “Maybe you don’t need the money that bad” convincingly. Because this shit isn’t even up to “Ancient Aliens” level.

    • Dox

      It’s theoretically possible to attain a “warp” drive. Latest theoretical models put it at requiring converting all of Jupiter’s Mass into energy. But hey, that’s down from all the energy in a single galaxy….

      At any rate, the point is…. If we could stop wasting money on frivolous things, such as forty different models of gasoline engines, politics, an oil based infrastructure, and a debt based society…. We could probably be traveling in the cosmos by now.

      But apparently everybody is happy arguing over ancient manuscripts, and what pairings between adults is socially acceptable…

      Oh, and bewbs.

      Although…. on a side note, if we were traveling the galaxy… we could probably be looking at multicolored boobs, three to six boobs on a single being, and chicks with boobs and tentacles.

      • D-chi

        I still want Star Ocean to be a reality. Which more or less covers what you just mentioned, so I think we’re all on the same page here.

      • Tenta-boobs!! Man, what a great idea! like, alien chicks with boobs on their tentacle instead of suction cups. I don’t think THAT’s ever been done before.
        *Checks Japan Porn Archives*

      • malaka

        haven’t you ever seen any good hentai or shunga?
        young boobs and tentacles go great together apparently.

      • There is no such thing as good hentai or shunga. Only degrees of patheticness in their fans.

      • Slash

        We already have beings on earth that have multiples of boobs. They’re called canines, felines and bovines. Just to start with…

  13. The gravitational pull around Khloe “Gorgo” Kardashian is more intense that the sun will revolve around the earth.

    • P.T.S. Potential Trouble Source

      The scientists figure out the physics of that wonderment of science, warp drive discovery will follow 3 seconds after……….

  14. Hey, spontaneous generation’s still on the table. I loved spontaneous generation, we should bring that back with the quickness. Dean Stockwell could narrate.

    “Everything you know about the maggots in your poop is wrong.”

  15. They said we are the only life in the Universe. THE UNIVERSE!!! WTF? I don’t think we’ve checked everywhere you bible-thumping morons.

  16. Come on: cosmetic surgery doesn’t pay for itself. Think of all the names that attached themselves to the transformers trash for that paycheck!

  17. Dr. JFever

    To be fair Nimoy did ‘In Search Of…’ which had some dubious science to put it nicely.

    But yea either she is a complete dipshit that believes utter crap or has money problems and did a job where common sense should have told her that it would blow back & make her look like a fool. Or she is now a drunk/druggie.

  18. D-chi

    Like any other good Christian young woman, I made sure to teach my students the difference between a geocentric galaxy (which we’re not) and a heliocentric galaxy (which we are). And I’m not even their science teacher. (Although I might have substituted galaxy for universe, but hey, you win some, you lose some.)

    • I didn’t realize the entire Milky Way galaxy revolves around our Sun. Maybe I should be watching that Cosmos show.

      • D-chi

        Sigh, and I was doing so well today. I blame Captain America for taking up my entire brain this weekend.

    • Solar system =/= galaxy. Please revise your lesson plan!

      • D-chi

        Ahaha, this is what I get for going off the curriculum! You know when you talk about something you thought you were knowledgeable about and then you have that horrifying moment where you realize you have no idea what you’re talking about? I love those times.

      • I give you a gold star for effort! I hate shows like this. There are liberal Christians who believe in the laws of science, aren’t bigots, and just try to love our neighbors as ourselves. Shows like this… I honestly just do not understand.

  19. GreaseBinge

    How anyone in the 21st freakin’ century can believe this is beyond me, but they do exist. My own grandmother never believed a walked on the moon.

  20. The earth most certainly does orbit the Sun…Or rather the earth and sun orbit a common barycentric point that is the center of gravity for the two body system. That point happens to be inside the diameter of the Sun though.

    Science bitches.

  21. malaka

    i’ve been playing this video game where you get killed reasonably often and people write messages on the ground intended for other players to read.
    most of the messages just say “praise the sun!”
    granted, there are only a few words to chose from.
    still, sometimes you notice a rare gem such as,
    “slip up rear hole.” ,
    “visions of chest ahead.”
    or “woman, therefore, thrust.”
    the point is, even these sun worshiping nitwits can grasp the concept of the earth’s annual solar cycle.

    anyways.. this chick was always an overrated star fleet captain.
    the blood in my penis will always pump for
    major kira and patrick stewart.

  22. TrustEveryone

    I won’t have time to watch this. I’ll be looking for the Mermaid city that I learned about on Discovery Channel.

  23. Vlad

    Tits on Sunday, Cosmos rebroadcast on Monday.

    You can catch Cosmos on NatGeo Monday nights. So enjoy your Game of Boners on Sunday night and see real science explained so everyone can understand it on Monday night.

  24. Kronaz

    Typical of this website. She didn’t MAKE the documentary, you cretin. And she’s since gone on record saying that she is not a geocentrist.
    But hey, I wouldn’t want ot get in the way of your mouthbreathing, so just keep pluggin’ right along.

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