Captain Janeway Made A Documentary That Claims The Sun Revolves Around The Earth. Yup.

Kate Mulgrew (Or “Red” on Orange Is The New Black for you whippersnappers) played the only female Starfleet captain with her own series, so it only makes sense that that would backfire in a ball of crazy because here she is narrating the documentary The Principle which claims that the sun revolves around the earth. A concept that was disproved in the 16th century, or so the Jews would have you believe…. Oh, yeah, that’s right. The guy making the film is Robert Sungenis a crazed anti-Semite who also runs the blog “Galileo Was Wrong” which has conveniently dropped offline in the past 12 hours. The sad part is that people will actually watch this shit and believe it because that’s how fucked we are as a country right now, and one in four Americans already don’t know that the Earth revolves around the sun to begin with. Fortunately, there’s a show on TV right now that’s explaining how the universe can’t be like it is, but it do, except the people who should be watching it hate it, and it’s up against Game of Thrones which I don’t know if you saw Sunday’s episode, but people got naked. Like super naked. Did you see that one chick do that thing with her leg? Holy shit. What was I talking about?

UPDATE: Captain Janeway was bamboozled!