Topless Kate Middleton Pics Are On The Internet

If you’ve been following the news closely, the big story this week in international news besides something about YouTube (?) is French magazine Closer publishing pics of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless in Provence. Pics that are now widely available on the Internet and regrettably boring as hell because they were taken from three countries over. So if you want to see blurry scans of a woman’s shape that vaguely resembles Kate Middleton with what might as well be raisins on her chest, Egotastic has the goods. Whereas I, on the other hand, am publishing these old bikini pics where Prince William sprays his future wife’s boob with a hose because that’s how I define journalism. In the meantime, when reached for comment her majesty The Queen was quoted as saying, “It’d be a shame for her to visit Paris and have an unfortunate ac- *gets tackled by royal adviser*

UPDATE: BBC News reports, The Duke and Duchess have officially festooned their loins with litigation and seek satisfaction from the French government to prevent further besmirchment of the royal nipples.

Photos: Pacific Coast News