I Am So Sorry, Kate Middleton

Well, this explains why James Bond keeps breaking into Kim Kardashian’s OB-GYN. “They’re indooshing Tueshday, so now’s the time to make with the pushy. — No, pushy, not push the baby out. Your vashina, woman.” Via Hollywood Life:

The Duchess of Cambridge and the queen of reality TV are reportedly due on the same day in July, and both are actually preparing for their babies in very similar ways! Do you think the babies will share birthdays?
Kate Middleton, 31, was spotted making final preparations for the royal baby’s nursery on June 4 in the high-end fabric store Bernard Thorp & Co. in London with just a few weeks to go until her July due date. But a mom-to-be of American royalty — Kim Kardashian, 32 — is also due on the same day, according to a new report, and is also planning for her house and nursery renovations much like Kate is!

While I want to say there’s probably nothing worse than finding out your royal bundle of joy shares the same birthday as a human being birthed solely for a cheap publicity stunt, I’m pretty sure these two being born on the same day will end in a giant goat skull devouring the earth. But on a brighter note, at least Kate Middleton finally got those puppies. 101 has to be hard to catch.

Photos: Fame/Flynet