Obligatory Royal Wedding Post

April 29th, 2011 // 114 Comments

“My word, it has ears like your father…”

So by Royal Wedding, I actually meant five-year-old photos of Kate Middleton in a bikini, and possibly the first time she saw the royal scepter. Because if there was ever an acceptable time to say, “I don’t give a fuck, this is ‘Murika,” this is it. Granted, it doesn’t have the same pizazz as bombing brown people who worship a strange, yet still Abrahamic god, the British do read a lot and have socialized medicine. Plus they call soccer “football.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Simole

    Apart from the none tits, she’s got one tight body.

  2. Tom

    We call it football because the ball is moved by foot. What’s your excuse?

  3. sdsdsd

    She looks hot! All that dieting and working out paid off–except for the fact that she lost her boobs. But what’s new…rich famous guy with hot model wife. No one is judging his body for not being in athlete shape, cuz he’s the man…he has more important assets than his looks.

  4. gigi

    Nice move Windsors! just say no to inbreeding! Now maybe if Harry hooks up with a hot black chick or asian, the next generations will be good to go

  5. Kate Middleton Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d pull that out with my teeth. Definitely!

  6. Kate Middleton Bikini
    Sideshow Cecil
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    I didn’t know Kirk Hammett hung out with the royals.

    Nice ass though.

  7. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Id’e like to place my family jewels in that royal fine-ass!

  8. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Can’t wait for the sex tape

  9. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    where is her ass?

  10. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Princess in Bikini

  11. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    So flat asses run in the famiy? Either way 90%of American women would kill for a body like hers.

  12. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    That’s Pippa, not Kate

  13. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    poor guy looks just like his grandpa from behind.

  14. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Yep. That’s Pippa. You can tell by her nose.

  15. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Private assets !!!

  16. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    OH KATE!!!!!!

  17. Kate Middleton Bikini
    Joe Mahma
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    What’s the difference?

  18. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    Her tits are nothing to get excited about.

  19. Kate Middleton Bikini
    Maha Prachand Lund Dhari
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    This what happen when u bring in lower commener class girl into a established high class cultured family , and people promote and make out perverted sexually explicit behvior in such family so damage the dignity of the Royal class

  20. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    You would think the Royal Family would be a bit sharper on this picture experience!! I am not on the world’s “most watched peoples list” in any way….but people who are need to know there isn’t any such thing as privacy anywhere anymore!! It is ashame that these photos got out, and I am in no way bashing Kate, but with tech in this world, be vigilant! There are ones that throw themselves into the view of the shutter….and they are shamelss, but being of Welsh decent, and loving the fresh air that this lady brings to the table, I hope this passes quickly for her…..then we will see…anyone can make a mistake once, however if you make the same mistake…..you have learned nothing!! Good Luck Kate, you are going to be “in view of the Eagles EYE” (they see everything) for a long, long time!!

  21. Kate Middleton Bikini
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  22. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    great stomach and thighs… thats it

  23. Kate Middleton Bikini
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    AWESOME. this is hilarious :) I unltetnnionaily was up at 3:30am (thank you toddler) and then got sucked into the wedding coverage (which started at 4am here, wedding at 6am) and enjoyed tweeting with friends about all the hoopla. I do love weddings though, so I enjoyed seeing Kate’s dress & how happy she & William looked – although their entrances certainly weren’t this entertaining ;)

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