Kate Major Really Wants Michael Lohan To Think She’s Pregnant

Because Kate Major is an idiot, here she is pretending she’s so famous the paparazzi follow her into drug stores and that this isn’t at all an orchestrated attempt to make Michael Lohan sweat by thinking she’s pregnant. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling out she might actually be pregnant because, again, Kate Major’s an idiot and probably hasn’t stopped to consider she’s carrying the child of a career deadbeat dad. This kid isn’t even born yet, and Michael Lohan’s already robbed its college fund. That’s how quick he is. And if Kate’s dumb enough to think Lindsay’s going to help out her new baby sister, perhaps she should take a good, hard look at Dina and try to convince herself that’s not a woman who wouldn’t toss a baby off a cliff if it cost her one nail appointment. So, I’ll just go ahead and leave this here:


Photo: Pacific Coast News