Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Sure Showed Those Paparazzi

December 1st, 2011 // 45 Comments

Probably one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing celebrities taking the paparazzi’s picture as if those people don’t work around cameras all fucking day. “Oh, heavens no. Not photography! I’m going back to night school.” Even more ridiculous is when the celeb does something stupid that creates an even bigger scene by flipping off the camera or going Wolvie berserk which brings us to Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy who spent this morning in London with a bag over Matt’s head while Kate aimed her phone at the pap. You know, because famous rock musicians always walk around peeping through an eyehole in a grocery bag while holding a movie star’s hand. I’m watching two out my window right now. “GET A JOB, HIPPIES!”

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  1. ZigZagZoey

    He looks infinitley better this way. He is so ugly.

    • Satan's bitch

      I had no idea who this guy was so I had to Google him. And yeah, he’s fucking ugly. She likes ‘em skinny and scraggly, doesn’t she?

    • eatme

      …damn, he is so ultra alternative. way to “stick it to the man” by dating Kate Hudson you fucking douche

      • Artofwar

        ….Ahhh—the problems of the rich and famous.

        And to think, somewhere on this planet there is a fly feasting on the eyeball of a child, however, this child doesn’t have the energy to blink the fly away, because this particular child has not eaten in three weeks and is in the final stages of his short and hellish life.

        People like these two abominations above and all likened to them, should be point-blank unceremoniously killed.

        We do not like you, we don’t’ support you, we do not need you….Artofwar

      • anon

        I agree that these two are idiots, and that I could have gone a really long time before remembering that Kate exists (still don’t know who the guy is, but I just looked him up and man, is he ugly).

        But still… What are they doing (or NOT doing) that is any worse than what you are (not) doing? They probably make more money than you, true, but for all you know they may have donated to charities. Even if they haven’t… How much time and money have you dedicated to those kids losing an eyeball?

  2. Do those bags come in Kardashian size?

  3. Mandy

    I do feel bad for some celebrities when they are hounded 24/7 by paparazzi. The really popular ones (ie. Beyonce) are practically stalked.

    But, come on.. This is Kate Hudson. She is a celebrity, but I don’t think she is getting the kind of inappropriate photographers that other stars are getting. Plus, putting a plastic bag on your face isn’t only dangerous, but it’s just begging for more attention. If I passed Kate Hudson on the street, I would keep walking. If I passed Kate Hudson on the street with a guy with a bag on her head, I would look.

    • eatme

      …these were taken in England, where he is a much bigger star than she is, ya fucking tardo. And why wouldn’t he be a bigger star? look how awesomely alternative he is. keep fighting the system, matt, and date plenty of hollywood starlets while you are at it. what a cunt.

      • Ol' Bean

        I’m English and have no clue who either of these two f**ktards are. But, yeah, a guy with a plastic bag over his head would most likely get his ass handed to him in these parts.

  4. Frank Burns

    If its any comfort to Mr. Bellamy, I have no frikkin’ idea who he is.

  5. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Commented on this photo:

    Aw Matt, mate. If you don’t to be hounded by the Papz, don’t date and impregnate a famous Hollywood actress. Just saying!

  6. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Commented on this photo:

    I am not a celebrity! I am a human being!

  7. People's roughest man alive

    I know that guy!
    Isn’t he the one that sent the Tom Cruise sore control @village voice?

  8. georgie

    They have been taking pics of the paps the last few days in order to build a case for an injunction against the paps according to Matt’s latest tweet. So there is a solid reason for their picture taking.

    • Jiminy Cryptic

      I’m not sure which is sadder – that they think they have a case or that someone follows Matt Bellamy’s tweets.

  9. The Royal Penis

    I’ll bet Kate makes Matt wear the bag while they are having sex too.

    • Schmidtler

      If I could tap her sweet ass, I’d wear an H.R. Puffinstuff costume if that’s what it takes. I’d also be open to wearing a Mayor McCheese costume.

  10. JC

    Can someone put a bag over Kate’s entire career? I think, if need be, Katherine Heigl alone can pick up the slack in the retarded romantic comedy market segment.

    • Ina Garten's Panty Shield

      At least relegate her to Lifetime Network movies on television, they are about her acting speed.

  11. jlass

    The Bellephant Man

    • Oh Hell No

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! GOOD ONE!! He is so damn U-G-L-Y….. and let’s face it, she’s a has been already. She should be flattered ANYONE would want to take her picture.

  12. doogleberg

    Just wondering…can anyone name two bigger star-fucking whores than Kate Hudson and Blake Lively? Discuss…

  13. mrsmass

    he’s just covering the herpes outbreak that she obviously gave to him.

  14. Coyote

    I am not Kate’s Biggest Fan but I sure do love her Ass.

  15. Venom

    This chick is fucking and he is well, I don’t know who the fuck he is.

  16. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Commented on this photo:

    Well I think Kate Hudson and John Merrick make a very sweet couple.

  17. Not Long

    Kate does have one bodacious booty!

  18. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Commented on this photo:

    Our first look into their sex life.

  19. mel

    i’ve got to say that i thoroughly enjoyed kate’s thong pics! now that’s a nice ass! those nimrods who feel that kim kardashian has a great ass were obviously born in the ghetto and are far too used to looking at their obese mothers’ shit silos. kim’s ass looks like it could make a pig farmer vomit and her farts must be devastatingly pungent and putrid. akin to a stench that induces immediate gagging and eye-watering and they’re certain to deafen.

    now if ms. hudson were to blow a bit of colon wind my way, i’m sure we’d both have a laugh, while i secretly and desperately began to inhale through my schnoz! her tiny toots probably smells like my mom’s delicious zucchini muffins, whereas kim kardashian’s intestinal hurricanes no doubt smell like an ozark septic tank disaster!

    huh. perhaps the most eloquent comment i’ve ever contributed here! enjoy!

  20. Fry

    This is f**king retarded, all those bags carry explicit warnings that they are *not* toys and not to be put on babies heads!

  21. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Because Boobs
    Commented on this photo:

    Bro you married the skankiest whore in America, now she makes you wear a bag on your head in public. Do you have a sister?

  22. Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Bag On Head
    Commented on this photo:

    Its a shame they couldn’t make each other wear acceptable footwear. WTF?

  23. Well, if Kate can date the Elephant Man, I guess we all stand a chance with her.

  24. forrest gump

    can’t help it.
    the nicknames of both are: ASSHOLES!!

  25. gigi

    omg, he hasn’t dumped her yet??? ugh…. and for all you f*ers who are glibly professing how you don’t know who Matt Bellamy is, try google and/or youtube… and if you don’t like Muse’s style– good! more for the rest of us who actually know what music is and celebrate his genius. This succubus should count her lucky stars that he chose her

  26. gigi

    …and he’s hot… acknowledge & embrace…

    • Oh Hell No

      Why the FUCK would we want to Google this wanker douce bag for? Seems to me you’ve embraced a few too many Guinness’….. you English tart with no sense of who a musical genius is.

  27. all you people should really look up who the fuck your talking about. muse is such a great band and hes such a great singer ,yeah he isnt the best looking ill give you that but people like you guys shouldnt open their mouths if you dont know anything about a person. oh and hes stuck with this chick because she was a one night stand and got her knocked up.. it was a surprise to both of them

  28. nameless

    you guys obviously know nothing about this man. He likes being scandalous and eccentric. And to all wondering who he is, he is the lead singer of the band Muse. The band is known for being incredible live and is called the best band in the world by some. He is a fighter for human rights. get to know the man first thank you, bye.

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