Kate Hudson Is Banging Nick Jonas

NASA found water on Mars hinting heavily at the existence of alien life except none of that life has a Jonas Brothers’ penis in it, yet, so it might as well not even exist as far as these damn kids and their Internet’s concerned. — Just kidding, Real Housewives of Atlanta is beating everything. Wait for me, Mars water! TMZ reports:

Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas say they’re not dating … but does hooking up count?
The 2 were all over the place — together — this weekend, first at Disney World in Orlando and the next day at brunch in Miami.

In fairness, the last person Kate Hudson was supposedly banging was Chris Martin, so this is a lateral? Maybe? I’m not good with football terms. Nickel defense? (True story, this is exactly what it’s like to play Madden with me.) Cowboy slot slant?

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