Kate Hudson, Also Pregnant

January 12th, 2011 // 32 Comments

This shouldn’t make Owen Wilson try to kill himself again. Us Magazine reports:

A source confirms exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, that Kate Hudson, 31, is 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy’s baby.
“It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it,” the source reveals to Us.

In case you haven’t figured out it yet, pregnancy is this winter’s adopted black kid, so congratulations to Sandra Bullock who gets to explain to PR Baby why he’s the old iPhone now and has to go on Craigslist. That’s always a special time.

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  1. DKNY

    Hopefully pregnancy will make her grow some normal sized tits.

  2. She might as well put a loaded gun against Owen’s head. Break out the smack and begin the suicide watch.

    • Susie Q

      Seriously – While Owen has his accidentally knocked-up baby-mama nobody stashed in his pool house, not-so-eagerly anticipating an eighteen-year ball and chain being clamped around his ankle any day now, the TRUE love of his life announces to the world (in effect) – “Fuck you, Owen. You weren’t good enough to fill my uterus but this ugly dude? Oh, yeah. Sucks, doesn’t it? Coulda been yours, dickface, coulda been yours.”

      • Like she *chose* this guy. An accident baby (how long after she & Owen broke up?) doesn’t exactly scream “you weren’t good enough”. It actually screams “you and I knew how to use birth control!”

        And please, have you seen Chris Robinson? It’s not like she has taste in hot dudes. Lyle Lovett could be daddy # 3.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Well, she’s offically jumped the shark. This was the knockout blow to her career.

    I see 1, maybe 2 romantic comedy bombs in her future before she decides to “focus on raising her family”.

  4. RoboZombie

    Oh great..another annoying idiot who’s decided to propagate….

  5. Joey

    She is a beautiful girl with major daddy issues.

    • Esol Esek

      She doesnt bang daddies. She bangs musicians, specifically singers. I’d say she’s much more of a predator than anyone thought. What do you expect? She hasn’t really worked for anything her whole life. At least by having kids, she’ll have something to do, because the country is done with her. It’s one thing to be a slut, it’s another to have kids by two different daddies, and the guy in Muse is an idiot for picking this woman for his partner. She’s on a good long slide into oblivion.

  6. Rough moves the crowd in unison

    In light of yesterday

  7. hmna

    Hey, Fish, if you were worried about a baby ruining Natalie Portman’s ass, then there’s still hope:


  8. Rough moves the crowd in unison

    In light of yesterday’s post (Owen Wilsons a dad/Seymour’s gay son) and to fulfill “Snacks”, “Balls”, and “the royal we’s emphatic demands. Effective immediately, I will resign from commenting on the Superficial because they represent pillars of laughter and virtue.

    *choke back tears*

  9. HeyNow

    Wish I could’ve taken a shot at that.

  10. Rainey4Pres

    Well no wonder God’s killing off the animals. Gotta make room for all these new, more important people.

  11. Rough moves the crowd in unison

    You won’t have rough to kick around anymore.

    All this suppose to be in one post.

    I’m so switching to the I phone next month.

    Ruin my master piece.

  12. mupps

    Wait…Matt Bellamy of the band MUSE?….that’s fucked up.

  13. gogo

    “It was not planned?” what does that stand for?? the condom broke?

    anyways ,don’t think that’s sth to let your unwanted child find out..

  14. First, I thought the *real* news was gonna be that she was pregnant with Owen’s baby but they were playing the media game & not telling anyone until it was born. Then I thought you called Sandra’s baby a PBR Baby which would be ironic to hipsters who, be definition, are ironic, thus cancelling the whole thing out. Math rulez!!

  15. Nihilist

    He looks like a rodent but can shred.

  16. WTF?!?

    Owen doesn’t love that chick he knocked up!

    He wouldn’t even let his rep call her his “girlfriend” in the baby announcement!!

    Owen loves THIS chick, and she’s knocked up by some ugly British dude SHE probably doesn’t love!!

    It ain’t right, I tells ya!!!

  17. But did you know her step-mother was “Shirley” from “Laverne & Shirley” BAM! This story just got ten times more interesting…which still aint much.

  18. !!!!!!!

    “In case you haven’t figured out it yet, pregnancy is this winter’s adopted black kid, so congratulations to Sandra Bullock who gets to explain to PR Baby why he’s the old iPhone now and has to go on Craigslist. ” — Hysterical

  19. Kate Hudson Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Strange pose.

  20. hoebag hudson

    Hoebag Hudson will have Matt around long enough for maybe the delivery, but then that guy’s going to run for the hills. She’ll be screwing someone one month after the brat’s born. she’s like mama whore goldie.

  21. gigi

    whew! I’ve been out of the loop on this big time! I didn’t know she was even dating Matt…. :(((( well, obviously her womb is now holy ground– hope she realizes this… lucky b* I have to think tho, her hoo-ha must be magical! people attempting suicide over her, successfully stealing people’s husbands, landing a god… wow, I think scientists need to study Kate Hudson. Well, at least she can’t keep them, and sometimes the body language looks a little forced… so I’m hoping Matt *does* get out of dodge

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