Kate Gosselin’s Bodyguard Isn’t Wearing His Wedding Ring

September 13th, 2010 // 34 Comments

So he really has been banging her this whole time. — Neat?

What you’re looking at is Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard/perpetually rumored lover Steve Neild vacationing in Cabo today where apparently children and wedding bands are optional. (So basically Heaven.) Somehow this is going to end with her birthing another litter of Asian kids, isn’t it? No, no, don’t try and soften the blow with genetic gobbledy gook. More Asian kids. I’m calling it.

Photos: Splash News


  1. Chagall

    No comments yet? :o

  2. Because nobody cares about Kate Gosselin. Well, except James J. Lee…

  3. oh i know

    i never understood WHY she needs a “bodyguard” in the first place….

  4. shandrika

    Kate has a second house in Maryland near Discovery HQ where she shacks up with Steve when not whoring out her childjuns.

  5. Diane

    She is a cheating whore. I don’t know that Jon was necessarily the worst person in the world (I never watched their show), but I don’t understand how she ever got to be the “good guy” in this relationship/whoring of their children.

    Sooo.. where’s the bodyguard’s wife? Wasn’t/isn’t he married? I think the paps need to find her and have a talk.

  6. Rough, stole dead friend's personality

    I knew that dude was tapping that ass the first time he was featured on this blog…I think I referred to him as Kevin Cocksner, not sure…

  7. Emmanuel

    Hi from MExico She a Hoe no doubt about it But The Man is so damn Hot and sexy any husband must feel Threatened witch such a Hunk i wanna give myself in to Him
    Make me a Boy

  8. Randal(l)

    Dear the Superficial,

    Go fuck yourself with a rusty hammer.

    How dare you follow pictures of the ass on that broad who was harassed by the Jets with a picture of Kate Gosselin’s ass without proper warning. If I ever get my vision back I will see to it you get a swift kick square in the pussy (I’m assuming you have a vagina as I believe that in addition to blindness, these pictures cause penises to melt)

  9. The Man

    I would give her a cream pie but given the laxity of her vagina, it would probably leave me messy!

  10. leslie

    mwahaha…I see what you did there, “gobbledy ‘gook’”

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  12. captain america

    he was evicted from his home.
    (thanks to his wife)

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    very beautiful

  14. Marcus

    Who’s paying for all of this? Does she have the kids in slave labor supporting her ??

  15. darwin

    you said ‘gook’

  16. Oldfool

    Pretty soon she will have enough for a Nike factory.

  17. Rex Seven

    Did you say GOOK?! LMAO.

  18. TAB


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  20. someKorean

    didnt think i would come here for racism. thanks.

  21. asasdasd

    The first question that comes up to my mind is, why would someone like Kate Gosselin need a bodyguard???

  22. Turd Ferguson

    Worthless Bitch.

  23. wednesday

    Because it’s impossible to flip a photo right?

    • TheDuuuuuude

      Look at the photo my friend… His shirt pocket is correctly on the left side as is his watch. It’s not flipped…

      TheDuuuuuude believes that this prick is storing his seed in Kate’s magical, clown car uterus and keeping his tool in her box…

  24. Jessica

    I’m not defending Kate at all, but Steve Neild has never worn a wedding ring. INF has photos of him when Kate and Jon were still together, and he’s not wearing a ring. Not saying they’re not having an affair, but the absence of a ring isn’t anything new.


  25. It seems it’s impossible to throw a single woman and a married man in the same confines for any period over a week together without some fucking going on. Chicks are just like that. Initially they’re all, “No way, you’re married” and bullshit but have them start sharing something “emotional” and that pussy is open for business. Yeah they’ll be all “I thought we had something” possibly later on but who gives a fuck at that point. If I was him I would have done the same thing. I would have to hear her fuckin bitch the whole time but hey, every easy road has a toll to pay !

  26. mama san #1

    no more Asian litter, this time it will be Latino as this is the In thing. But needs 7 to beat the already birthed Latino sextuplets. Now those children I would be happy to see on TV

  27. mama san #1

    BTW sextuplets weren’t birthed they were Cesarean sectioned.

  28. hotmama`

    You people need to learn some respect, get over your jelousy issues, and get a life! You are disgusting.

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