Kate Gosselin’s Already Milking Her Millionaire Boyfriend

“I’m so getting knocked up to spite her.”
“Why couldn’t she have eaten me in the womb?”

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It’s time for another round of ‘How Big Of A Bitch Is Kate Gosselin?’, because even though this is a rumor about who she’s dating, we’re going to end up just talking about what a giant bowl of bitch stew she is, right? I know how you guys like it. Via Us Weekly:

Kate Gosselin might not have raised any money during her first challenge on season 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice, but now she’s sitting pretty! The mom of eight is dating millionaire Jeff Prescott, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

There’s got to be something else here…they wouldn’t just do a dumb story about her dati–OHHEREWEGO!!

Prescott, who is also president of the Deaf Children’s Foundation, Octagon Sports Nutrition and the Nature’s Youth Fit Kids Foundation, still has to get the seal of approval from Gosselin’s eight kids. Another source tells Us that he has yet to meet the clan, but that he did “get them Christmas gifts.”

THAT BITCH!! THAT BITCH MADE HER MILLIONAIRE BOYFRIEND BUY HER EIGHT GODDAMN KIDS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND HE HASN’T EVEN MET THEM! OH MY GOD, IF THERE WAS A MOUNT BITCHMORE HER FACE WOULD BE ALL FOUR!! Oh man, that was good. *lights cigarette* Was that good for you? *passes* That was good for you, right? *rolls over snoring*

[Fun Fact: I had to Google Mount Rushmore to see how many faces were on it. Stay in school, kids.]

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