Kate Gosselin & Sarah Palin Are Going Camping. No, Really.

July 23rd, 2010 // 71 Comments

When I first heard Sarah Palin was taking Kate Gosselin camping in Alaska, my immediate reaction was, “That’s impossible. The seas haven’t run red with blood yet.” Cut to me seeing pics of Kate and the kids in Anchorage this morning (above) while attempting not to shit pure fear. Popeater reports:

Gosselin and her eight kids have made the trip to Alaska and will be meeting up with Palin for a camping trip. Palin’s dad, a retired science teacher, and her brother, a third-grade teacher, will do a hands-on natural history lesson for the kids, 9-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 6-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Alexis.
A source tells In Touch Palin is excited for the visit and camping trip. “She’s excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!” the source said.

In fairness, filming a control freak and an idiot who both think birthing children gives them evangelical superpowers that make them always right is just good television. The chance of them arguing over who chose life the hardest while the kids get eaten by a bear is almost virtually guaranteed.

KATE: I declined selective reduction!
SARAH: I pretended to birth my daughter’s Down Syndrome baby!
BEAR: I’m having Chinese! Nom nom nom.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Rush

    the bear would be having korean, not chinese.
    and first, i do believe.

    • Booya

      whatever, lol.

    • Romeo Rodreguz

      wow fish, you are spot on with your humor today!

      It’s a freakin’ masterpiece of humor: “…filming a control freak and an idiot who both think birthing children gives them evangelical superpowers that make them always right is just good television…”

      Well said fish, well said.

  2. Rush

    and sarah palin had trig. get over it. you’re not andrew sullivan, but speaking of bears….

    • Foxhunter

      Nice Sully reference. This would be an absolute trifecta of epic proportions if only Carrie Prejean would show.

      • Romeo Rodreguz

        I was thinking they should invite Dick Cheney and his trusty shotgun.

      • Rush

        yeah, you see, andrew sullivan, like Fish, also believes sarah palin’s daughter had trig, the baby with down syndrome, even though sarah palin was pregnant, and her daughter was not. he pushed the issue so far he lost credibility, again, and i say ‘again’ because andrew sullivan got caught soliciting ‘bareback’ fucking with dudes on a ‘bear’ website. problem is, andrew sullivan is hiv positive, and although i general enjoy his atlantic blog, that shit’s uncouth.
        so while sarah palin may be unelectable, and clearly moronic at points, comments about her children are, unlike andrew sullivan’s problems, unsolicited.

      • cc

        Foxhunter, that was brilliant

    • dude

      shut the fuck up rush.

  3. once upon a time

    Why not teach a bear not to avoid this two super-stupid women?

  4. “arguing over who chose life the hardest while the kids get eaten by a bear ”
    Good, very good.
    But why do the bears start with the little ones?
    I’m hoping the grizzlies go right for the adults…..but Republicans supposedly don’t taste so good.

  5. Harry Doyle

    FoxNews, Bush, FoxNews, Bush… AHH!!!!!! You are so left it’s sad.

  6. Internet

    “shit pure fear” not bad. Guess you’re not that shitty compared to the old writer. Oh what — the writer never changed? Gonna ban me again? Fag.

  7. hey hey boo boo, 2-piece mee-avericks and 8 piece nuggets

  8. Girl

    “I can see Russia from Kate’s labia!”
    The expansive, dark and musty closet of Kate’s labia, which opens to reveal a world not unlike Narnia. Which is why Palin has taken her camping. She wants to ask the lion about Jesus.

    • Yeah, I said it

      Is that a reference to the near-certain lesbian encounter these two will have? Because that will be awesome. I hope they film that! I’d pony up $9.95 plus shipping and handling to see Palin and Gosslin get it on.

      • It all makes sense now.
        I hope a grizzly bear also gets involved in an epic 3 way. That would be worth $29.99 at least.

      • Peter

        >>>>I’d pony up $9.95 plus shipping and handling to see Palin and Gosslin get it on.

        I’d pony up considerably more NOT to see it…you realize you’ve ruined my threesome fantasy forever, right?

  9. schnib

    “Sigh, you aren’t doing it right.” *eye roll* I just imagine that would be Kate while you are boning her.

  10. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    those kids look REALLY dark, im glad my kids look like me and my wife.

  11. burton

    i find it rather amusing some of you make fun of kates labia, CONSIDERING SHE HAD A C SECTION YOU MORONS.

    • Foxhunter

      What the f*ck do C sections have to do with labia…and their relation or ‘un-relation’ to Narnia? I hereby request that you REFUDIATE that statement.

  12. mike


    how many c-sections did she have? did they just put a zipper in there?

  13. BlighMe!

    Shouldn’t the word camping be in quotes? I seriously doubt they’d spend even one hour in the wilderness without electricity and running water. Their idea of “roughing it” involves two days in a 5000 sq ft “cabin” with a spa and a full time nanny for the kids.

  14. Girl

    You are absolutely right. She did have C sections. My apologies to Kate’s labia.
    I am obviously not as big a fan of the show as you. Remember on season 3 where the one kid had the problem with this thing and then Kate said some stuff in a shrill and grating tone that made you wanna take a cheese grater to your cerebral cortex? I am only guessing here as I have life and sex and I have never watched this show. So, Burton, you’ll have to fill me in on all the wonderful, life-changing stuff I have missed.

  15. ZigZagZoey

    Why am I envisioning hundreds of thousands of animals thundering out of the forest?

    • Foxhunter

      Said animals won’t get very far as #shakespalin will be hovering above in a helicopter blasting them with a plasma ray gun. Zoobie darts, also too.

  16. Crowbar McGee

    Palin’s dad is a retired science teacher? Did he teach bible science?

  17. dude!

    Give the Palin thing a rest. . While you are at it, give the Kate Goslin thing a rest too. Kind of getting old. Focus on sluts in bikinis. That seems to be your safe zone.

  18. Randal(l)

    and to think, that retard was this close to being the most powerful person in the world. I’m glad she lost the election for her running mate. I’m so glad I voted for that Black Guy…Ocho Cinco


  19. Sunidaze

    Awesome! If Kate is a Republican it would be one of her only redeeming qualities.


  20. Rfm

    Palin should join her show. They could call it Kate plus H8.

  21. Chupacabra

    “That’s impossible. The seas haven’t run red with blood yet.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all week. Fish is ON today.

  22. McFeely Smackup

    It kind of makes sense, they do have something significant in common. Both think dropping as many children out of their vaginas as possible makes them relevant in some way.

    What the fuck is it with women? Why do they think having babies is such a fucking wonderful, fantastic thing, and the whole world should fall at their feet and thank them.

    It’s not like stray dogs don’t do the same damn thing. Congratulations Kate and Sarah, you both reached the level of unspayed stray dogs. You’re officially a public nuisance. Where’s Bob Barker when you need him.

    • Chupacabra

      where I’m from you call people like the Palins, “free breeders.”

    • Rush

      …and again, as discussed ad nauseum in the comments above yours, kate gosselin had fucking c-sections, which is not vaginal birth.

      i’m just glad you don’t want to procreate.

      • McFeely Smackup

        I don’t give a rat if kate had cesarean birth, or shat them out her ass.

        Her need-to-breed is a fucking psychological disorder that obviously goes hand in hand with being a raging bitch.

  23. jasmine

    I feel sick Kate needs to disappear and get a real job

  24. WhittierLil

    Im surprised these two whackos hadn’t met up before… gonna be fun to see which one gets the upper hand…. where they meet? Oh yeah… had to be at a whacko tea party convention… where else?

    • Bill Nulty

      Did they change their name from “tea baggers” ? Aww… that was the best part of the “movement”.

  25. Randy Jackson from American Idol

    Fuck this dumb white bitch

  26. See Alice

    Palin Rocks ! Dont be afraid of her !
    The other one looks like a tired Joy Turner .

  27. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    I have a crush on this woman. There. I said it.

  28. captain america

    going to “The Last Frontier” with kids is really FUN!!

  29. cc

    The two biggest famewhores on the planet in one place? The stupidity vortex might create some sort of black hole.

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  31. Okay, let’s get serious for just a second. WHO would havew been a better VP, JP who is apparently hell bent to break all of Ted’s drinking and speaking trists or SP who has a lovely rack and a “I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed face”. My Vote is for SP and KG having a great time in Alaska with their children. You leftist morons can simmer until you evaporate! BTW that includes our superficial crew :)

  32. Anonymous

    That is one manly mustache that Kate is working on.

  33. Hmmmmm

    Scissor Kickin’ and Finger Lickin’

  34. Elle

    Two pea heads in a pod;)

  35. urmom

    anyone else notice Kate’s wearing shoes that r waaaaay too big in theses pics??
    check it out:

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