No One Wants To Hire Kate Gosselin

September 28th, 2011 // 80 Comments

“I want you to answer this honestly: Is porn mediocre?”

This may come as a shock, but the TV offers haven’t rolled in at all for Kate Gosselin which is weird considering America’s shortage of shrill, white Christian women who will never admit they’re wrong. She’s practically an endangered species. HuffPost Celebrity reports:

“She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old network, TLC, but so far no one has said yes,” an insider tells me. “She assumed that given her fame, producers and networks would be knocking her over with job offers and is, to say the least, very surprised that she hasn’t received a single one.”

And let’s just slap a little icing on this cake:

Like many reality stars Kate is in a very difficult position,” a reality show casting director tells me. “Who wants to go back to a real day job after being paid to work three or four months a year. Everyone I have ever met on a reality show thinks it will never end. They quit their day jobs and assume they will become rich and famous. They do become infamous [but] — with the exception of Bethenny Frankel — they never become rich. Plus, who is going to hire them for a real job after they have made a fool out of themselves on TV?

CUSTOMER: Tall caramel macchiato, please.
KATE: I have eight kids. How dare you ask me to make that?!
MANAGER: Kate? Can I speak to you for a minute?
KATE: *walks into back room*
MANAGER: I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just gonna say it. You don’t work here, so I need you to stop going behind the counter and putting on the headsets.
KATE: But you hired me the other day.
MANAGER: No, I hired you, but then you asked if we could pretend I didn’t and just let you stand around looking like a customer which I used as an opportunity to inform you rubbing my testicles with your foot is considered assault and asked you to leave.
KATE: Nope, no, I distinctly remember you agreeing to pay me money to feed my eight children.
MANAGER: Then I’m telling TMZ you’re an employee here.
KATE: I’ll be good! I’ll be good! This is me leaving.

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  1. SarahK

    With the way she treated everybody on her show, gee I can’t imagine why no one would hire her. She’s is a blistering bitch–and a delusional one.

    • MIKE

      they dont show her in all day…the show is 22 minutes long…22 minutes of of 24 hours and they of course show the worst parts of her…lets have a camera follow you around and only show the parts where you are in a pissy mood or something…

    • Weirdo

      I’d pay her minimum wage to scrub my kitchen floor on all fours with my cock up her ass and then tell her she did a shitty job so she had to do it all over again!

    • Ace Rockola

      You all (women included) would pound that until your balls hurt.

    • louie

      Really is that the way it is? Does she NOT know the camerass are there would you not act like a bitch so much if you were her?

  2. Like it!

    I would hire her to be my cum dumpster in a sec.

    • EricLr

      I’m not letting her anywhere near my sperm. She can turn even a spoonful into 20 kids.

      • TomFrank

        ♫ A spoonful of semen and then 20 kids come out
        Then 20 kids come ou-out, 20 kids come out
        Just a spoonful of semen and then 20 kids come out
        In the most caesarean way ♫

  3. Inmate 12236969

    I’d pay her five bucks to suck my dick.

  4. Ben Dover


  5. V

    BITCH you’re not angelina jolie! why the fuck did you need two nannies, an assistant and a bodyguard/driver for? what’s left for you to do? what a fucking retard. these people amaze me. do they really think they don’t have an expiration date?

    I can’t believe how stupid she is. 8 fucking kids, 9 counting her special needs ex-husband and zero job. I bet if we look at her bank account there isn’t much left, especially to support her “new money” lifestyle.

    you’re supposed to SAVE your fucking money. gaaah she pisses me off.

  6. direchef

    Crazy troll; no bridge would have her.

  7. General Disarray

    Ohhhhh snap, didn’t see that one coming. And I don’t want to see this bitch in porn either. I’d rather fap to the anti-piracy screen than watch this mega-cunt take her clothes off.

  8. Jay

    I’m loving this. Absolutely loving watching her crash and burn.

  9. Jersey Torch

    This mean bitch is a piece of work. She got implants, plastic surgery to correct her abs, $2000 worth of hair extensions, a mansion, cars, new clothes, nannies, security, and vacations. And she exploited her kids to do it. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her?

  10. Jay

    I’m just thinking. Any takers the papers she is holding are overdue notices? Anyone want to start a over/under?

    • Richard McBeef

      If you zoom in on those papers you can see it says, VIVID ENTERTAINMENT at the top of the page. I dunno, must be some sort of reality TV production company or something. Maybe she’s working out the deal for a new show.

  11. I agree, karma is catching up to Kate from the way she treated everyone on her show. With the amount of money she made from Kate Plus 8, she should be able to never work again. That is, if she didn’t waste her money on herself.

    • Rooster

      I went to your link but didn’t see where the hardcore videos were? Do you have to be a member or something? I couldn’t figure out where to enter my credit card info.

  12. Even a new series, “We Hate Kate,” wouldn’t do the trick. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….do not hire this ho!!!!!

  13. I will be the first to say that I love how this is happening to her and I saw it coming, but I am also a realist and understand the sadness that is the society we live in. She will get another show. It will not be some million dollar deal on a main network but someone will pick her up for the simple fact that she is a train wreck and people like to see that.
    They will pay her a minimum amount and she will take it because she is an egotistical bitch and a narcissistic twat. She cannot live without a camera on her making her believe that she is special. Even though we are all singing “ding dong the witch is dead” I believe 100% that we will have to endure this slag for years to come.

    • TomFrank

      Coming to Bravo in 2013: Kate Hits Bottom.

    • Jay

      You know I thought about what you wrote. I think she really is screwed. I think she is gonna have to get a real job like the rest of us…………

      • Snack pack

        Nah, I still think politics is the next logical step for her, unfortunately. Look how low is the bar to enter and be successful in that world. Makes me less proud to be an American.

    • Funny, I ready “train wreck” and “people like to see that” and immediately thought “MTV!”

  14. Kate Gosselin
    chris breezy boxing academy
    Commented on this photo:

    even all that toilet paper isn’t enough for a twat that big

  15. Kate Gosselin
    elaine benes
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t look at me you fucking mediocre people!

  16. Kate Plus 8 Black Penises

  17. Paulie

    Kate is not intelligent, but she is smart and cunning like a fox. She’s crying poor me and my EIGHT children all the while she hasn’t downsized any of her 3 cars, including new Audi toy she bought herself – to save gas. HA, she’s not commuting to a job daily, admit it Kate, it’s your toy. She’s bragging about spending $700 on groceries this week, sending her kids with a school lunch full of sugar, salt and no protein. She is most likely sitting with a few million in hidden accounts. She wants an easy job handed to her, like a talk show. She’s basically illiterate on current events, does nothing to improve her speaking skills. She’s all about KATE.

  18. just here for laughs

    She needs to pop a squat in front of her mansion with a sign that says “Will Bitch for attention”. Yep, that’ll have them coming in droves.

  19. it had to be said

    “Yeah. On my way to get groceries. I know, it’s just SUCH a relief to get a few minutes away from the kids. And the nannies. And the driver. And the body guard. You know how it is: a mother’s work is never done . . .”

  20. STFUP

    Like Jon said.
    Stop chasing fame & get a real job, b**ch!

  21. STFUP

    She’ll never work in reality TV again after her quote about the rest of us ‘little people’.
    She thinks she’s such hot s**t, and now she’s learning she’s yesterday’s news.
    Stop chasing fame & go get a REAL job, b**ch!

  22. Tuppy

    She has no talent, none. All she did was spit out kids like so many watermelon seeds. Maybe she could get on a Kardashian show?

  23. Hugh Gentry

    I’d pay her to wash my cock, balls, and asshole every morning.

  24. it had to be said

    It’s going to be awesome when the kids realize how much money she pissed away and sue her.

  25. Z

    “She assumed that given her fame…”

    Best line of the entire article.

  26. Bob

    This is indeed a black day for anyone of Kate’s celebrity status.

    I mean to not even be able to represent dirt, dust or mud in one of those Swiffer ads… it’s a cruel world.
    Jez, Journey hasn’t even called for the poor woman.

    Oh well, at the very least I hope she has a happy period.

  27. Cock Dr

    Why would anyone outside of the porn industry hire this talentless raging cunt?

  28. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the worst dresser of all time. She dresses like a 14 year old trailer park girl from Florida.

  29. drunk again

    I would hire her to lick my balls and asshole .. would love to pour my man juice on her tits and in her ass.

  30. Ghost

    From what I’ve seen of her, she is a really unpleasant person. Not someone most of us care to watch for very long. But she also isn’t as interesting as she seems to think she is. She won the lottery when she got the tv shows. She should have saved the money and invested it.

  31. Urbanspaceman

    I love caramel macchiato but I usually get a Grande.

  32. EricLr

    Well, I’ll give her $40 to clean out my gutters.

  33. At least she didn’t go LL’s route and invest too heavily in cocaine futures.

  34. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    With a frown, Kate realizes those heady days spent buying paper towels and toilet paper at Saks are over.

  35. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    “Kate takes 8, right up the ass” – coming to DVD.

  36. Lil

    Well she deserves it…..

  37. Inside my Ball Sack

    I’d like to give her a dirty sanchez. Then I’d bitch slap her with my cock and tell her it was organic.

  38. Persistent Cat

    Nice trailer park trash look. Super short denim skirt and bleach blond hair. Classy!

  39. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it because she’s insufferable? It’s because she’s insufferable, right?

  40. Venom

    As they say, zero fucks were given this day….

    i will giver her $100 for a bj, she can take it or leave it.

  41. I wonder which collection agency it is that’s calling.

  42. forrest gump

    I just can’t believe it: AMERICANS SEE THINGS CLEAR?

  43. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    Thought this was a shot of Shauna Sand, but then saw the heels were too low and not made of lucite.

  44. AtomicMug

    Ok, here’s the show pitch:

    January & Kate PLUS Nine Whom They Can’t Handle Without a Staff and Hate Men Especially the Guys They Had Sex With Who They Blame for All of Their Problems

    It’s reality TV GOLD!

    We can fly Kate and her brood out to LA, and shack her up in a mansion with January and her kid. Sparks’ll fly with Kate going off on her Starbucks/prescription fueled RAGES! And January can sit there with that postpartum depression and passive/aggressive pout on her face.

    We can send them on dates where all they talk about at dinner what bums their ex-husbands/sex partners are, and they constantly complain about the service!

    (Their “dates” and restaurant staff will have to be actors, because nobody would put up with either of these broads for more than 5 or 10 minutes. In fact, we’ll just B-roll their dates and staff and splice them in in post – you know, for insurance reasons.)

    I’m waiting to hear from you, VH1!

  45. magicboop

    Damn you dudes are cold!

  46. Cletus Longshanks

    I’d keep a close eye on those kids if I was CPS. That bitch is likely to drive them off into a lake or something to get attention.

  47. Kate Gosselin
    Commented on this photo:

    “Maybe if I get a new box, ah hell, I’d better get two.”

  48. 4realdoh

    Kate is the only person that thinks she should be back on tv. No one else likes the bitch or gives a damn. I guess she thinks she’s too good to get a regular job like most of us. I never understood why she needed a bodyguard. She’s such a waste of space.

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