Kate Gosselin Apologizes To All You Mediocre People Out There

September 13th, 2011 // 113 Comments

“Holding this purse is starting to feel like work…”

Yesterday while defending herself on The Today Show after Jon suggested she get a normal career and focus on the kids, Kate Gosselin called working a regular job to support her family “mediocre” which is basically how 99% of her audiences live their day-to-day. She’s since tried to walk back the comment on Twitter mostly by digging herself deeper in a hole. Via HollyBaby:

“2clarify re ‘mediocre’ – I meant this job is not a career acc 2 jon but tv is 4 me & is hard but will prov best opps 4 my kids vs nursing!” Kate wrote on Twitter, attempting to backtrack
“So, because my husband and I aren’t on tv constantly like @Kateplusmy8 , we’re only providing a “mediocre” life for our daughter?” A Twitter follower tweeted at Kate, who replied with, “That’s not wut I said @all. Was responding 2jons comment only re ME getting a ‘normal’ job–which would not work$ bc I hav 8!”

So really when Kate said mediocre, she just meant living like the rest of you is horseshit because she’s special and been on TV which is a career albeit with completely unreliable income for a mother of eight, but that’s where child exploitation comes into play and then it’s all free, fancy vacations and money for new stomachs. God, what’s so hard about that to understand? I bet it’s because you’re mediocre.

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  1. BigWillie

    I would LOVE to meet her in a dark alley one day. She needs a good beating. She RUNS her mouth SO much and has NO idea what she is saying. Every single time she goes on the TODAY show or any other she slams JON. What is insane is that HE actually turned out to be the DECENT of the two.

  2. TMB

    The woman has entitlement issues bad. You do not deserve to be on tv just because you had 8 kids. Her lack of money is her fault for not planning ahead. TV shows do not last forever dummy. And if she didn’t have a bodyguard and housing staff she could live just fine on a nurses salary.

  3. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Will someone just punch her in the face already! On camera though, please. I’d like to see her get punched in the face just like that beast Snooki!

  4. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    yeah, but a Barbie Doll is pretty and has a soul.

  5. Ghost

    I know people who raised more kids on a hell of a lot less than she was getting for the shows. It must be the lifestyle she doesn’t want to give up. She might have to get rid of the nannies. Can you imagine her having to raise her own kids? The horror.

  6. Chris

    The things kids need most don’t cost a thing. It doesn’t matter how much that sorry excuse for a mother makes. She can’t give those kids what they need… Love and happiness-she is too busy promoting herself to do that. She is as fake and empty as her look. If she really cared about those kids it wod have Never gone as far as it did with or without Jon.

  7. Embarassing

    Looks like she was drunk tweeting when writing that blabble

  8. skilroy

    Ugh everyone fucking hates you ya moron thats why your not getting jobs. So your only bet for not being “mediocre” is porn bitch. Kate swallows ate lol i get the first shot ready for ya

  9. dee cee

    She could bring out tea and serve the ladies on the View while they rage and chew pieces off her cranky hide..

  10. kellilee

    Dear Cunt:
    You are not the first or the last to raise eight children. My grandparents raised eight daughters. My grandfather ran a gas station and my grandmother stayed at home.
    I also work in the medical field. I know what a nurse’s income averages. Believe me, you could make that work if you laid off the expensive trips, hair weaves and titty jobs.
    Why do you just admit it? You’re too “special” to go back to being a lowly nurse because your stretched out twat pushed out a litter of children. Big fucking whoop, you cow.
    I can’t stand this worthless piece of shit. She makes her stupid ex-husband look halfway likeable.

  11. Satan

    Never date a woman with kids. It’s extra baggage that you really don’t want to have to care for. There are plenty of single women out there that don’t have kids.

    Why should you pay for someone else’s mistakes? Right? lol.

  12. forrest gump

    she can pay for a good shrink?

  13. forrest gump

    being a cleaning woman is hard work too……

  14. a reagan

    what would save her ass?

  15. skye

    hey kate ya dumb bitch, my grandparents had 8. they weren’t on tv. we grew up fine. counter that whore!

  16. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t stand this woman, but in all fairness to her, eight kids are a lot to take care of on a nurse’s salary even if they live minimally.

  17. whooptydooo

    fuck you cunt!

  18. Phill Aasheeo

    I vote for a mass grudge – fuck from the mediocrity . That ought to be several million men fucking the shit out of her . Impregnation the old- fashioned way!

  19. right

    The good news i doubt she will be seen or heard from much. Except when her kids begin getting arrested for having F’d up parents.

  20. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    I almost NEVER see Kate with her children not even one!!! How about stop worrying about a dying tv career and worry about giving you kids love and teach them all the things that a mother should teach their kids.

  21. Chimaera

    There’s NO way this frumpy looking hag is broke. Her surgeries, hair, clothing and trips are all comped or paid for by sponsors, by the networks on which she makes “guest appearances”, by the people who sign her to promote her bullshit books and by TLC. Even if that wasn’t the case (which it is) and she had to pay for at most 50% of her expenses; this abominable shrew has published 2-3 books which have for whatever insane reason been Bestsellers, so there’s income from advances and sales. She’s been under contract with TLC for years and is paid per episode, as have her 8 slaves, so there’s income from that, not to mention the residuals she and her litter receive and will continue to receive everytime any of her “Jon & Kate + 8″, “Kate + 8″‘ or any specials air. The bottom line is that she is a fame whoring sociopath who cannot fathom no longer being on TV, on magazine covers or gossip blogs. She’s repeatedly shown that she doesn’t give a shit about her kids at ALL, let alone about giving them “the very best”. Let’s not forget that everything that those brats have, from clothing to toys, from cribs to high chairs and car seats, has been given to them by companies as “Product Placement” in their TV show. I would LOVE to be as broke as this insufferable cow, minus the homely brats and her loathsome face/body. This is coming from a 5 ft, 98 lb, un-tannable, ultra pale nerdy chick with glasses, who’d otherwise KILL to be tall & tanned.

  22. Chris

    I never thought I would say it but Jon is a better human being than this nasty whore. She took fertility drugs to spawn a bunch of children so she could become a Hollywood star. She is a mean crazy ass bitch. A man would be sick to have anything to do with that thing.

  23. Heisenberg

    Everyone hates on Kate, and most of the hate is deserved. Although,wanting to beat her up is a bit much. She is pretty hot though and I definitely would do her. One day all this will come crashing down on her. Then she will learn.

  24. Cam

    Will this psycho please understand if no one wants to look at a shitty show she is on then there will be NO SHOW! She is using those kids because she feel like veiwers will tune in to look at a bunch of kids. I will never watch a show with her on.

  25. Phill Aasheeo

    She has an ice cave , just like Jennifer Aniston

  26. Carlos Cornhole

    Boys , That’s as good as it’s ever gonna get , and she’s a screaming shrew !
    I would grudge fuck her and take some camera shots of her while do so . Every time she would appear on TV , I’d leak a photo of her sucking me off or taking it up the corn chute

  27. aja

    She looks alot better with longer hair, wow.

  28. Gerbil in my Butt

    C. U. N. T.

  29. MOM OF 4


  30. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    I feel sorry for her kids. Really. Think about how demanding she’ll be when they grow up.

    “YOU OWE ME!!”

  31. moe

    I actually can’t understand anything her tweets say.

  32. Barb

    Interesting that there isn’t a single comment in support of Kate Gosselin. Could her deluded fans finally have seen the light (maybe they realized that when she was talking about mediocre, she meant THEM?)

  33. lynn

    karma is so sweet.

  34. Satis

    Check her grammer out… I don’t think someone that incredibly stupid could score or hold a “mediocre” job if she tried. lol

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