Kate Gosselin Apologizes To All You Mediocre People Out There

September 13th, 2011 // 113 Comments

“Holding this purse is starting to feel like work…”

Yesterday while defending herself on The Today Show after Jon suggested she get a normal career and focus on the kids, Kate Gosselin called working a regular job to support her family “mediocre” which is basically how 99% of her audiences live their day-to-day. She’s since tried to walk back the comment on Twitter mostly by digging herself deeper in a hole. Via HollyBaby:

“2clarify re ‘mediocre’ – I meant this job is not a career acc 2 jon but tv is 4 me & is hard but will prov best opps 4 my kids vs nursing!” Kate wrote on Twitter, attempting to backtrack
“So, because my husband and I aren’t on tv constantly like @Kateplusmy8 , we’re only providing a “mediocre” life for our daughter?” A Twitter follower tweeted at Kate, who replied with, “That’s not wut I said @all. Was responding 2jons comment only re ME getting a ‘normal’ job–which would not work$ bc I hav 8!”

So really when Kate said mediocre, she just meant living like the rest of you is horseshit because she’s special and been on TV which is a career albeit with completely unreliable income for a mother of eight, but that’s where child exploitation comes into play and then it’s all free, fancy vacations and money for new stomachs. God, what’s so hard about that to understand? I bet it’s because you’re mediocre.

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  1. it had to be said

    I don’t know why she’s bothering. She could use puppy corpses to beat baby seals to death and many people wouldn’t hate her any more than they do today. She should just move on. To hell. Where she belongs.

  2. sell that fucking mansion and fancy car, let go of your bodyguard, cooks, nannies, etc, and you can afford to pay ur bills on a nursing salary. trust me.

    • She knows she can do that. The problem is, she doesn’t want to give up her current lifestyle and is using her kids “welfare” to pretend like she “needs” to be on TV.

      • Jack Ketch

        I wonder if she even has a clue about how much people hate her. Even the Kartrashians don’t look so bad beside her, and that’s sayin’ somethin’. You know what ? I doubt she even LIKES kids; she’s just a selfish famewhore.

  3. Like it!

    I don’t care if she’s psycho…I would still toss that salad.

  4. XFX

    I think you need to be able to write in something vaguely approaching English to be a nurse in the US. That’s probably the real reason.

  5. wtf bruh

    Despite all the drama, Kate looks super-f*ckable lately.

  6. Her teen text typing hurts my brain.

    And @ wtf bruh – Money will do that. Read : She wouldn’t have to bitch about being broke if she’s stop spending all of her money on her appearance.

    Just saying.

  7. Cock Dr

    Do a porno. It would make her a bundle and the kids can’t be any more humiliated by their parents than they already are.
    Kate should take those money shots right in the face while contemplating just how extra special she really is.

  8. hmna

    If my choices are mediocre and Kate Gosselin, I’ll take mediocre. It’s a no-brainer.

  9. Tristyn

    STFU !!!!!! Kate , the “mediocre” people of America really do not like you and are
    Fucking over you and the delusional grandeur attitude of we the “mediocre ” people of America owe you something !!!’ PLEASE GO THE FUCK AWAY CUNTY KATE !!!!!!!!!

  10. tlmck

    She should just marry Justin Bieber. That would solve everybody’s problem.

  11. Fletch

    Another bitch, another punchbag! Please somebody give her a Coldcock Malt Liquor!

  12. Bob

    I dunno why all the kate-hatin’.
    She’s not all bad; bet she even likes hydrangas, and she’s cuter than Justin Bieber with a better fashion sense, she’s even very fuckable (albeit the thought of having Jon’s sloppy seconds makes me shudder)
    Kate, call me! I do windows and I can touch my elbows with my tongue (not both at the same time though – I’m good, but I’m not that good… colour me mediocre)

  13. MILF

    Maybe she can give vagina clown car rides?

  14. Kelce

    I’m starting to think Kate Gosselin is Dina Lohan’s long lost sister.

  15. Pippy Longcockings

    She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut unless a cock is going into it.

  16. Freebie

    Couldn’t afford those hair extensions on a nurse’s salary.

  17. rhett catoe

    She’d look a lot purtier with my dick in her ear.


  18. “I meant this job is not a career acc 2 jon but tv is 4 me & is hard but will prov best opps 4 my kids vs nursing!”

    What the fuck did she just say? Because I don’t speak “bitch.”

  19. she’d have to climb up a few notches just to hit mediocre.

  20. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    bitch i will never tolerate a mediocre career for myself..now get off the set, we’re shooting for the Sears fall catalog

  21. Frank Burns

    I wonder if she sends the kids to a gymnastics class so they can quickly form a human shield to protect her from bullets and knives the same way she uses them to shield herself from personal responsibility.

  22. I don’t know why she’s talking down ‘mediocre’, when clearly she’s got the look for it.

  23. argleblargle

    I can pretty much guarantee someone from every hospital in the US has seen this bitch’s bedside manner on tv with her own kids. How comforting of a nurse could she actually be? I doubt anyone would actually hire her as a nurse. This BS about the welfare of her children is just to cover up all the job rejection letters.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      That’s the difficult part. The cunt needs to just work and support her kids, but who in the hell wants to have her as their nurse? I can imagine people saying, “Fuck it, just let the cancer take me.”

  24. I’m pretty sure her unintelligible gibberish is meant to distract us from the fact that she’s still saying the exact same thing.

  25. Mark

    people are just trying to twist what she said around…she has 8 kids, nursing will not cut it…i get what she is sayin, im nto offended by her comment at all…but then i have one child..not 8.

    • TomFrank

      Bullshit, no one’s twisting anything. There are lots of families with 8 kids in the world, and none of the others HAS to have a Mom on TV to get by. Very few of those other families live on a million-dollar estate with a full-time staff, either.

      • Help

        A friend of my sister’s has 10 kids, they managed to put all 10 kids through private schools. The dad is a lawyer I believe and the mom is a nurse. If they can do it, Kate can do it once she gets her head out of the clouds.

  26. Hey Hey Hey

    Newsflash: Lots of people i the world have large families and don’t have to pimp their kids out on tv to feed them.

  27. yeah, you know

    Two words:

    Bitch. Please.

    Two more words:

    Pre-op tranny.

  28. anon

    Piece of work. She assumes no body has it as bad as her because of the 8 kids she chose to have and a public uh, ‘career’, she chose. There are many in the U.S. and around the word who have just as many or more kids to provide for. Some are grandparents, and extended family who generously and unselfishly (a word she knows nothing about) took kids in when they themselves were struggling to avoid the street or foster care. Some are parents of blended families. Ive never seen and still dont see why TLC chooses to invest millions in her…she’s not overly attractive, she has NO charisma or on air talent. So why? Who the hell is she sleeping with?? They probably still have a multi-million dollar, multi-year, contract with her so they have to keep selling her to protect thier investment. I wouldnt be surprised if they orchestrate some on-air reunion with her and Jon for $$$ and plead innocent…because the public is just THAT gullible and wouldnt figure it out. Oyyyy. Hope the kids have good therapists.

    • BrandiLye

      It’s someone for you to hate and feel superior to and thus-entertainment. Negative attention helps get people paid, too. Its indifference that is a career-killer.

      As far as charisma goes, I’m sure she has some self-awareness waaaay in the back of her head somewhere. Its just not her natural state… and would be boring if it was.

  29. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    I wish this stupid cunt would just go away already.

  30. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    This Bitch is more plastic then a Barbie Doll

  31. Polk

    She acts like 8 kids makes her “special”. She ever met a Mormon? A old-fashioned irish catholic? A fundamentalist wacko type a-la Michelle Bachman?

  32. It takes an awful lot for somebody to look like an idiot during a fawning Matt Lauer interview.

  33. spek

    she looks pretty good. if i didn’t know her vag has the elasticity and coloring of a roast beef $5 foot long, i would so hit that.

  34. CptCreep

    I got my bucket out filled with wet, cold toilet paper (Kate Fleshlight) and while I was successful in reaching climax yesterday; I just couldn’t get there today.

  35. Molly

    I have a Masters in Nursing. I have 6 children. My husband is in the military. I guess my life is “Mediocre” compared to this tricks. If you call mediocre that 1-I do not work 12 hours days 7 days a week. 2-Our children go to public school and have excelled in both academics and sports. 3- I am a single mother when my husband deploys which at sometimes over his 20 year career has been more than a year-meaning birthdays, trips, holidays are all on me and they go great. Guess that she could not handle the fact that the “mediocre” are the ones that stopped watching her show when her true self came to the surface.. Kate is a control freak that has taken advantage of her children, her church and her community that helped her family out.
    TLC and other entertainment companies realized that she is a sinking ship and needed to get the hell out while they could,. Good luck with trying to make a living in TV. I, along with the other “mediocre” Americans will not be watching what you are on or buying what you are selling.

    • Katie

      WELL SAID!!!! But being mediocre I guess its the best you can do right??
      She makes my blood BOIL she is such a hateful bitch. How many other families out there with 8 or MORE kids make it and do it WELL with the kids having a great life? She is white trash who grew up in a trailer park who knows not what she says. Even her best friend ( oops only friend ) said Kate thinks she is Angelina Jolie. That says it all.

  36. I’d rather have Kevorkian for a doctor than her for a nurse.

  37. Vanteal

    I’m sorry…But Kate gosselin is the most disgusting human being on the planet!..

  38. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    This bimbo got famous for spewing out a bunch of kids she couldn’t afford. Typical trash that is looked down on by the majority of the “mediocre” society. If she really needs money then she should do porn like any other hard-working “actress” that can’t find work. How about lesbo porn with octo-mom.

  39. Connie Lingus

    She might have a glacial “cave”

  40. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Reuben Steubing
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she is so hot. I’d run my tongue up and down her like a postage stamp.

  41. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Reuben Steubing
    Commented on this photo:

    So sexy. I hope she does Hustler Mag; screw Playboy, let’s just cut to the chase

  42. karlito

    that’s the problem with reality(fake) TV is these people actually see themselves as movie stars and celebrities. people recognise them on the street, they get stuff for free and they’re asked for autographs. they get swollen heads and think they deserve this life style every day for the rest of their lives. oh yeah…and the money is pretty good too.

  43. Kate Gosselin Apology
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face is scaring me. Did she get work done or something? Eye lift maybe? I’m not good at this game. Either way, that is not natural.

  44. rican

    I wonder if she swallows.

  45. rican

    I wonder if she swallows.

  46. Mickey0123

    So as a resident of Pennsylvania I wonder how long it will be before my tax dollars are supporting this big mouth broad and her gaggle of kids. Getting her off of television is a good start thought.

  47. Dude of Dudes

    If by not mediocre she means constant porn…..BRING ME H.R!

  48. Mickey0123

    Then again there is always Vivid video. They wanted to film a porn with Octomom. The good always do a title like Kate Handles 8.

  49. Mickey0123

    How about this Vivid title; Kate Does 8, as in at one time.

  50. Noe

    I wish she’d do away. Her time is up.

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