Kate Gosselin Just Needs a Drink

While some of you might point out that this is just a woman in a liquor store, might I counter with, is there anything more strikingly beautiful? Logic puzzles aside, this is mother of eight Kate Gosselin doing the most natural and non-scripted thing I’ve ever seen her do: Retreat to the child-muting embrace of delicious alcohol. It’s truly a testament to her ability to hire complete strangers to raise her kids willpower that she doesn’t just smash the bottle open on the counter and pour it into her man-belittling piehole of hate. Although, we probably shouldn’t rule out chewing it open in the parking lot.

“Fucking Jon. *crunch crunch crunch* Goddamn fertility pills. *crunch crunch* TLC. *crunch* Oh, there’s mama sauce. Make it all go away. *glug glug* That’s right, put those kids back up in there. *glug glug glug glug glug glug glug* Now (hic) who wansa steal Chrizmes? I’m stealin’ Chrizmes. Steal all that shit.”

Photos: INFdaily