Kate Gosselin is Dying

September 21st, 2010 // 135 Comments

Here’s a just-released shot from Kate Gosselin‘s romantic trip to Cabo with her bodyguard last week and either People magazine lied to me, or Kate’s body is sloughing off at an alarming rate. But more than likely, the paparazzi just missed Kuato popping out to warn her Jon’s emptying the joint account again. “Open your mind to me… He’s buying a scooter.”

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  1. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    And there it is. We all knew you were still fugly, Kate. You should try that Botox in a Jar eye cream on your belly. Yikes, and this is the ‘after’ photo. No wonder Jon was outta there

  2. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Dr D
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    Looks like it’s time for another tuck. Don’t blame me. I didn’t do the first one….lol.

  3. chelsea

    When it comes to these pictures I always just laugh at the comments. Because of guys failure at judging breast size cups. LOL. She’s a size C if anything. I’m a size B and are not that big. LOL

    And for the record, her body is amazing. She’s had EIGHT kids. and SIX were all at ONE time. And both times she was pregnant they were MULTIPLES.

    • And I look amazing for a fat, out-of-shape, peg-legged network admin. Where’s my ‘shopped People cover?

    • Turd Ferguson

      You are living in a fucking fantasy world. She has fake tits, a fake tummy, fake teeth, fake hair, fake nails and you still want to brag about how great she looks?

      Reality check.
      Any dumpy chick on here with all that work would look ‘great.’

  4. josh

    People are so stupid they believe in photoshopped magazine pictures. Paparazzi are doing a helpful job showing the naked truth.

  5. Anonymous

    Why does she dress like a slotty whore when she is with her children. On all pics, her boobs are hanging loose – yuck – and they are so fake for g’s sake! I remember when she had her first tummy tuck, she asked for bigger and better boobs and the SANE doctor refused – just told her to wear a good bra – but she thinks she knows better and needs those breasts to advertise and look for some poor sucker who might want to be with her. That body guard of hers sure is having a good time and earning enough money for his other family.

  6. emily

    She’s got 2 nine year olds, 6 six year olds, and 2 vaginas. Mr. Right called and cancelled your date; he needs to have his LASIK reversed.

  7. Gary B

    This pic is a good reason to never get married or have kids. Kate had the 8 kids because she is a pro-life skank. Basically she is GOD’S CELL BLOCK BITCH. He has really blessed her, with a failed marriage, ruined body next 10 years of torment having to raise 10 kids will will all grow up with severe mental issues because she took the “Righteous Path”

    Do God’s will, be stuck raising 8 brats in s smoldering ruins of a failed marriage.

    Sell you soul to Satan, be a Rock Star.

    Which sound like the better deal?

  8. Schnib

    I’d say put a paper bag over it and go to town, but that might be difficult

  9. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    Looks photoshopped. Just sayin.

  10. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks photoshopped. Just sayin.

  11. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why people with excessive belly skin wear bikinis. What are they trying to prove? It’s called a one-piece. And your jubblies will look just as lovely. Just because they MAKE bikinis that will fit you, doesn’t mean you should WEAR one. Ever. Not even at home.

  12. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    she did have 8 damn kids…

  13. Tim

    Oh shit, no photoshop to fix her double-wide ass!!!

  14. kingofbeer

    looks like someone shopped the old belly over the new one.

    not that I am defending this annoying bitch…

  15. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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  16. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    chuck d
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    what the fuck is this?

  17. frankiestage

    Now that’s what you expect on the body of someone who’s had fifty-’leven kids.

  18. karen gallucci

    kate i wish you would just go away!! we are sick and tired of hearing about you the kids are no longer cute like they were when they were small so knock it off and get a job.

  19. dr.jimmy

    While it’s no shocking for someone who gave birth to sextuplets (I cannot imagine how big her belly must have been) to look like this, it’s shocking that she’s a pathetic liar. If you don’t have a body to show, don’t flaunt it airbrushed

  20. dr.jimmy

    however, still, I saw her bikini pictures from last summer (2009) and she looked OK, so it’s curious

  21. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    i hated her then and i hate her even more now she fake she has no love for them kids anymore it shows…all she cares about is kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate there her 8 thats all she cares about is herself …..please someone pull the plug ….she sicking too look at…and matty just like her …..

    • Mary

      She’s fucking repulsive. All she cares about is plastic surgery, DWTS, traveling, guest spots on the view and ET…. Look after your kids, you fame hungry slut.

  22. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    my oh my !
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    Now thats just plain ugly….This woman will do anything, even pimp out her kids for attention. Now she wants to be a bikini model…lol…how pathetic!
    She needs mental health treatment, fast!!

  23. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Rick's Daddy
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  24. mike

    ONLY a Hattori Hanzo sword will cut through that flab

  25. Bow Down Assholes

    I call bullshit. We have all seen plenty of bikini pics of this harpy, and survived. If she had THAT much excess skin, it would have showed up when she was running in a bikini, or even walking. Sure, she popped out eight kids and looked like shit afterwords, but then got fixed by the best docs around. I think a pap got a little over-creative with the photoshop.

    • dr.jimmy

      Could be, in her photos from last summer she looked perfect. It might be the same situation with (in)famous Cindy Crawford stretch marks present only in one photo set of her.

  26. oliver laurel

    Gives her body guard something to chew on or wipe his face with when he’s done his duty.

  27. Bill

    Kate DID have a tummy tuck about 2 years ago on the show. It was a “freebie” from some surgeon’s wife “who cared.”

  28. yoplait

    This “scrunching” of the skin tends to indicate overuse of liposuction where the skin has not had a chance to adjust.

    Opinions welcome.

  29. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    lol, you people are fcuked in the head. i’m sure the majority of you have sh!t bodies, and it makes you feel good to rag on a woman who had EIGHT FCUKING KIDS. now don’t get me wrong, i despise kate gosselin, she’s a cold hearted b!tch…but yeah, people on here take the cheapest shots because they have luxury of hiding behind the internet. her stomach is gross, but the rest of her looks good. fcking chill.

  30. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
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    I have no opinion on Kate, I dont’ know her…but I think she likely has lost too much weight since her tummy tuck…losing or gaining more than 20lbs after this type of surgery will damage the end result.

  31. sarah s

    All i`d like to know is ,when the dickens is she going to quit “playing” the “we hate papparazzi” crap to all and sundry…(including the kids….Quote from last weeks repeat shown here in the uk….”well kids ,we had a good day ,didn`t we?(THey were ALL at school btw!LOL)…”And we sure fooled the papparazzi”!!!
    For someone who proclaims they want to avoid them at all costs ,WHY does she constantly talk about them ,espec to the kids ,who must be SICK of hearing “Mommie dearest” drone on and on and……..Seriously guys ,she HAS to have made enough dosh by now to get them thru colege ,and buy them a house each!! KAte ,just PLEASE GO HOME….LOOK AFTER YOUR KIDS…AND YOU`ll be AMAZED How quick the paps turn to someone else for their sales!!!!
    I think it`s sad ,that what once was a two part tv documentary about a mum and dad of 8 kids ,has now turned into something of a free for all for mamma kate..who finds it neccessary to feed her greed ,and need for publicity!
    Sad ,and poor kids!!!

  32. NYgirl

    Give her a break people. Looks like some extra skin and a weird position. She looks great after all those babies!

  33. cp

    if she doesn’t want to be critiqued, she should not dress like a slut. put it out there and folks are gonna talk.

  34. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    whitey Tom
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    white bitches?? look at Serenna Williams, she’s an ugly fat black bitch with a “few bucks”. See what KFC does

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