Kate Gosselin is Dying

September 21st, 2010 // 135 Comments

Here’s a just-released shot from Kate Gosselin‘s romantic trip to Cabo with her bodyguard last week and either People magazine lied to me, or Kate’s body is sloughing off at an alarming rate. But more than likely, the paparazzi just missed Kuato popping out to warn her Jon’s emptying the joint account again. “Open your mind to me… He’s buying a scooter.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. Hugh Gentry

    Holy fuck, that is scary…great tits though.

  2. rm

    oh my god.

    • mar

      she had a fucking battalion of kids in that tummy. give her a break. shes a middle aged woman. she looks good considering… but that kuato shit was funny as fuck. i keep seeing his creepy free arm moving her shirt over after they get to the hideout lol

      • LA

        I know- I think she looks great. Just having one large baby will make your skin do that, and she’s had eight. She looks sooo much better than you would ever expect, even with surgery. I don’t see the point in wearing a bikini, though. Most people don’t look good in them, even if they are thin and young. She looks better than most people that I see in them, though.

  3. Lady Blah Blah

    I suppose it’s just a matter of time before someone who is nearly blind but doesn’t realize it and/or is more desperate than a prison lifer who’d be happy to make someone who looks like John Madden his “bitch” posts, “I’d hit that.”

  4. Sizzle

    Hello breakfast. Nice to see you again.

  5. dufresne

    I would not get too close to that.

  6. Captain_Insano

    Thats what happens when you pop out a kid. Or eight. The lesson is, don’t procreate.

  7. Sledman

    She always looks so happy :-/

  8. Shame on you People magazine. Giving all these young girls out there hopes of having 8 babies and still being able to look good in a bikini. I thank the paparazzi for setting the story straight.

    Oh yeah, and… GROSS!

  9. buongu

    holy shit!! instead of buying new implants, get yourself some proper plastic for your belly!!!!!!!!!!!
    the horror… the horror…

  10. Gene

    Oh she’s going to hate THAT one going public!


  11. TAB

    Godd, she is a cunt. Lets move on now..

  12. Tonee

    Look how round that right breast is, can there be any doubt that she has implants? I mean she had cameras along with her the first time she enquired about having them done. Or perhaps she’s the only woman in history who loses weight and her cans get bigger.

  13. TAB

    Duh! I meant GOOD..see what happens when you want to move at lightening speed from this bitch?!

  14. freebie

    This photo has to be photoshopped, or they put her head shot on another body, because she sure doesn’t look like that on the cover of People.

  15. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  16. Drundel

    Real boobs, ha!

  17. why is nobody commenting on the Kuato singing “Chocolate Rain.” I find that much more horrific.

  18. Dearest kate see previous post–dr pratt can give u a new tummy tuck.

  19. Fondue

    I’m sorry but after having eight kids, six at one time, one would hope you would look that good.

    Plastic surgery helps, though. I’m sure abs are next on the list.

  20. If the school systems would only show a couple shots like this during sex education class the teen birth rate would go down.
    Ladies it must be very hard to get that girlish figure back after a pregnancy.
    If you think to cheat & get the fat sucked out by a (hopefully) certified medical professional you can see that that is not the perfect solution either.
    This woman can jog 10 miles & do 1,000 crunches every damn day but that belly will stay loose as a goose forever.

    • Jimbo Shaloplop

      that belly ain’t the only thing loose as a goose on this skank after 8 spawn…. Nudge nudge wink wink

      • Rush

        memo to jimbo, you don’t have 6 kids by vaginal birth, nudge nudge wink wink

      • Jimbo Shaloplop

        I meant her pooper. Of course I knew her vajeeener was spared the agony of a natural birth. For some reason, I just picture her as having a really sloppy sphincter….

    • GIGI

      Actually the younger you have kids the more easily your skin bounces back so showing that in sex ed classes could backfire. pop out a kid at 17 you have your old body back in no time

  21. Sport

    One hideous, angry Manatee.

  22. ..looks like her stomach is trying to eat itself..

  23. Love something to grab onto. Looks like she has plenty.

  24. Sid

    Fry it up and serve it on an open face sandwich with gravy.

  25. Turd Ferguson

    PLEASE – someone put her out of our misery.
    That is the most pathetic, nasty bitch ever – and I am just talking about the person on the inside. Dont even get me going on the fake, plastic HAG on the outside…

  26. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Kates Man
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s HOT! I keep thinking about how tight that kitty must be. She had her kids via c-section and you know Jon’s tiny Asian peter didn’t do any damage.She must be as tight as an 18 year old virgin. Yee-Haw!!!

  27. Natalie

    My god..people. Try having babies and see what happens to your stomach. It is real life. Not everyone looks like a super model!

    • Sheena

      Not everyone gives birth to a litter and then goes on the cover of People rag to brag about their new body. There’s the difference.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Exactly Sheena. Natalie – it’s true that not everyone looks like a supermodel. Therefore, not everyone should pose in a bikini for magazine covers.

    • I think the point Natalie is that she bullshitted everyone into thinking that she was perfect and had every grovery line mom feeling bad about herself that she didn’t look like that. The magazine cover was horseshit and eventually pics like this would come out to show it.

    • Katie

      She had a tummy tuck AGES ago. And a shitty one at that. Thats why her belly button is right below her fake boobs.

  28. Gando

    I forgot my reading glasses but her inflatable swim ring could need some more air.

  29. Cock Dr

    So which body does she really “deserve”?
    The People magazine PhotoShop fantasy cover…….. or this?

  30. McFeely Smackup

    and this is AFTER the best plastic surgery money can buy.

    There’s a lesson for young girls everywhere. You do something ludicrously stupid like have 6 kids at once, your body will NEVER be attractive again. No amount of exercise, no amount of plastic surgery can undo that nightmare.

  31. Rhialto

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with this picture?! People are different,some tuck the shirt inside the pants and some wear it outside the pants.

  32. Lady Blah Blah

    There are nude beaches. This photo makes me realize that there should also be mandatory fully clothed beaches. I don’t care if you’re a guy with a gross body or a gal, I don’t want to see it, especially if I should happen to go to the beach when I’m peaking on LSD.

  33. Jim

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  34. Greg H.

    god help us

  35. OneAdamTwelve

    That’s revolting to behold, especially while I’m eating lunch. I should know by now not to look at the superficial while masticating.

  36. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    I am a little P.O.’d here. I thought she really was dying. Maybe of Gout or VD of the mouth or exploded up bowels syndrome. She’s not dying, she’s freakin killing my sex drive. Murderer !!!

    • CommonSense

      I know, I know….. it pisses me off too. Realistically though we are all dieing, hopefully she’s just dieing faster, that’s a better way to look at it. The sooner for her the better for everyone!

  37. jay

    I know she looks really really bad but it cant be worse than snooki rite? I mean nothing is worse than snooki….NOTHING.

  38. me

    Okay, did anyone else watch the Chocolate Rain video? It totally took my mind off the photoshopped pics of Kate. That was funny, still laughing. Totatlly awesome Fish. So this is what inspires Arnold? This explains so much.

  39. me

    What happens when chocolate rain creates a double rainbow? OMG x’s infinity.

  40. White Rain

    Okay, for every shithead on here with a nasty comment about her appearance… Lets put each and every one of your mothers on here, sitting in the same position, wearing the same bikini. OMG thats just amazing… they all have loose stretched skin from birthing your worthless asses. Okay, now lets count how many of you shitheads have never had sex, touched a real woman or experienced the birth of a child. I’m guess the count will be pretty low, unless we include masturbating with a Xbox controller.

    • Like a G-6

      Right White Rain? I wanna hate this bitch but she’s funny! I can understand being a total idiot and falling for a douche like john goss. but at least she treated him like total shit for our amusement! Lets not forget about her contributions peeps. Also, I’m smokin hot, had 1 baby, gained 25 lbs from it, lost it overnight breastfeeding happily and eating perfectly, exercising moderately, sex and playing a lot and now I’m a size 4 -6 years after birthing an 8 lb precious cutie pie. If I bend or lean over like her here, my stomach does that too! It’s what all ladies have to some extent from having their stomach skin stretched for months to capacity. It’s our dirty little secret and why you’ll see smart moms with excellent posture so this never happens. grow up.

    • (Applause ………) WOW, you told us !

    • wow, that’s very thought provoking.

      I mean nobody has ever had negative comments about a fugly chick met with accusations of never seeing a “real” naked woman before. I mean, damn…that is some insightful shit.

      It’s funny how you can tell the kind of body a woman has by what makes her angry.

      • LEB

        Bull. I’m offended by insulting comments about women’s bodies after birth, and I have never given birth nor been anywhere close to overweight in my life. Defending another human being against childish and ignorant insults does NOT make a person a gross fat slob in real life, as much as your small mind would love to pretend that it does.

        BTW, I think I’ll assume that you have a very small penis and couldn’t properly eat a woman out to save your life.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      There is a difference between someone who puts their scantily clothed body on public display to be admired (they hope) and someone who does not put their scantily clothed body on public display (such as the mothers of each “shithead on hear with a nasty comment about [Kate Gosselin's] appearance”). Those in the former category take the risk that their bodies will be judged rather than admired. Those who hope to only have Photoshopped images of their bodies put on display are no doubt disappointed when non-Photoshopped images of their bodies are publicly displayed. Why defend those who seek to deceive others about how their bodies really look? KG asks for nasty comments by behaving like an utterly superficial fame whore. What kind of person is motivated to defend someone like KG? Are you her mother?

    • Lady Blah Blah hits the nail on the head here. People magazine came out with a photoshopped picture of Kate Gosselin with flat stomach and 6 pack abs. She deceived the public with that picture and now has been caught with her real body, stretchmarks, extra skin and all. The only way to get rid of that extra skin is through surgery. Kate claims she didn’t have surgery to remove the excess skin that you see above, when interviewed by People. She claimed working out, diet, etc etc etc did it.

      So not only did the idiot lie about her picture, she also lied about how she got that perfect body on the cover of People. I love women. I’ve dated many women and have ahd intimate encounters with many many women, face to face, no cash or credit exchanged for services rendered. I don’t have a problem with a real woman who has a real body. I, along with I am sure several posters who have commented on this picture, do have a problem with deception. That is the POINT.

      • You’ve clearly never seen a real woman naked and only know what boobies look like because of porno fake titties and your penis is small and how dare you she just wants to be left alone..

        there, I got it all out of the way…shouldn’t’ be any need for any of you angry fat chicks to tear into him now.

    • Turd Ferguson

      thanks for posting on here, kHate.

      • I think NEVER BE PHOTOGRAPHED SITTING DOWN is the lesson here. She admitted to having a tummy tuck. She got it for free, just like all the other perks the family has gotten over the years. I *happened* upon an episode of her show last night where she’s in a bikini, with the kids, at the beach and her body did not look like a sharpei’s.

  41. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    chuck d
    Commented on this photo:

    all right now that’s the kate we have all come to know and hate

  42. How could it be forbidden if it's rough?

    This reminds me the time I got caught in a land slide in South America…

    Wonder how long Kevin Cocksner going to be nice about this….

  43. WTF, People Magazine ? How did the guy in the airbrush room keep from puking as he was working on that one? That’s as bad as the Kendra Wilkinson post-baby bikini photo. I’d love to get my hands on the raw pics of that photo shoot.

    • Read yesterday they want to put an end to airbrushing, morphing, etc in ads in britain. Hopefully theres an exception for shopping buck teeth

    • Specially trained blind Tibetan Photoshop monks. Rumor has it, though, that they had a hard time with this one because of the aura of attention-whoring and douchebaggery coming off the photos.

  44. LuciLou

    Kate just always looks so awkward in photos! I don’t know if its because her mouth is always open or her shoulders are so hunched. I agree with those who think she’s a terrible role model for young women… girls who have watched her show, fawn all over her and think having multiples makes you rich and famous. Unfortuately, there are girls out there thinking just that!

  45. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Turd Ferguson
    Commented on this photo:

    Now worthless on the OUTSIDE as well!

  46. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s just fucking gross.

  47. chelsea

    Now let’s imagine what she would look like WITHOUT all that plastic surgery. Vom train.

  48. Mangin

    I think her stomach looked into the Ark of the Covenant.

  49. Kate Gosselin in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    he has a point…

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