Kate Gosselin Has a Tattoo. Guess Where.

Kate Gosselin was spotted in a bikini this morning in Australia, and apparently she has a tattoo. Leading to her vagina. I don’t know if it’s always been there, or if it’s part of her metamorphosis into believing she’s some sort of sexpot now, but I do know this: Kate Gosselin has a built-in fanny pack. No, really, look at that thing. I’m amazed there’s not a tube of sunscreen and Matchbox cars falling out it. That’s gotta be convenient.

KID: Mom, I want a soda.
KATE: Well, reach into my pouch, honey. I’m sure I’ve got some quarters in there.
KID: *rummages around* Nope, but I found Joel.
KATE: Ohthankgod.

Photos: Pacific Coast News