Kate Gosselin Has a Tattoo. Guess Where.

January 5th, 2011 // 103 Comments

Kate Gosselin was spotted in a bikini this morning in Australia, and apparently she has a tattoo. Leading to her vagina. I don’t know if it’s always been there, or if it’s part of her metamorphosis into believing she’s some sort of sexpot now, but I do know this: Kate Gosselin has a built-in fanny pack. No, really, look at that thing. I’m amazed there’s not a tube of sunscreen and Matchbox cars falling out it. That’s gotta be convenient.

KID: Mom, I want a soda.
KATE: Well, reach into my pouch, honey. I’m sure I’ve got some quarters in there.
KID: *rummages around* Nope, but I found Joel.
KATE: Ohthankgod.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Cardinal Ximenez

    WAIT WAIT WAIT… WTF!!! That’s the same tattoo LeAnn Rimes has…


  2. kanyeisgay

    TAT says ” Insert tent pole A here “, Sarah P.

  3. Salad Face

    Regardless of how long she has had this tattoo, once the survey came out that Kate G. was more hated than Mel Gibson- the tattoo is clearly trying to make a run for it. I dare say that thing gets picked up before T.O. in the spring. Good stride, indeed!

  4. “If you cant stop in time, wave as you go under”

  5. Ashley

    All this talk about a mangled vaj… She had a C-section. The vaj itself is probably fine, especially considering John is Asian.

  6. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    fn flat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    You know “The Nothing” in The NeverEnding Story”? That’s it.

  8. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    I think Tara Reid just melted on Kate’s stomach.

  9. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    poor kids …

  10. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Everyone can comment on “how great she looks for giving birth to a basketball team” but you all need to realize that she had a tummy tuck courtesy of TLC after she had her brood.

  11. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Nancy Cuntlosi
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    Not a good suit for her. Something a little more cheek covering would do her well.

  12. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Turd Ferguson
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  13. Jan

    She looks like a FOOL in that bathing suit. OH, she is a fool. LOL Her show should be over soon.

  14. JoJo

    Why is everyone insinuating that her hatchet wound is wore out? She had a c-section when she birthed her clan, and there’s no way that Jon’s little asian pecker stretched that thing out. I’ll bet that kitty is as tight as a teenage (18, of course) virgin.

  15. Agwings

    A lifesized inked tuba?

  16. FruitLoop

    “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”

  17. timmy the dying boy

    Even Ke$ha has a better ass than that. Maybe the liposuction was on too high.

  18. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    she should really stop trying to look good,
    #1. it’s not working
    #2. no man, not even the father of these kids, wants a woman with 8 children.
    #3. it’s not working ( ie. what is up with her ass???)

  19. Well, you can’t make 8 omelets without busting the F*@& out of that egg.

  20. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    it’s a cover-up tattoo, that’s actually where her vag starts now.

  21. Kae

    If she was a neighborhood mom (which technically is all she is), she’d be considered smokin’.

    However, she keeps thinking she’s a celeb and people give a $hit – she’s gonna have to take the hate.

    And I agree that her vag is likely pristine – the sextuplets were c-section and invitro to begin with. After watching the show and the crap Jon put up with, I’m sure that pussy hasn’t had action in years.

  22. slapkatyperry

    Euthanasia and I’m not talking about Chinese school children.

  23. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    She used to have a Winnie the Pooh Tattoo on her ankle…. Obviously she realized that it was gayer than her husband and got it removed with all that money she’s been making

  24. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Thanks for all the “sinkhole vagina” jokes back on the main page. Funny stuff.
    She must be quite the bitch to attract such animosity.

  25. wangmichelle

    She so easy to let a person thinking wildly, right?

  26. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Audrey Jo
    Commented on this photo:

    What I do see is: she’s totally pulling it out. She has never looked so great and I wish I had hose legs. I was not like that not even in my 20′s. In real world, getting that nice is hard.

  27. amy chicken sandwich

    I didn’t know clown cars had tattoos.

  28. WOWW

    I don’t have anything against her… my only question would be, why is she important enough to gossip about? I have no clue why she is considered a legit celebrity.

    • I think she’s less of a “real celebrity” (read: a person who is famous on account of some actual talent) and falls more into the “freakshow/trainwreck” category. Really, the state of North America’s so-called entertainment industry is very, very sad.

  29. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    um… maybe you should look back on old footage. she had that before the kids were born. there’s discussion of it at length in the TLC plastic surgery special that preceded “John and Kate plus 8″. she begs the plastic surgeon to save it during her tummy tuck, John tells them to give it the axe.
    looks like she got her wish, a brood full of kids and a tacky tattoo.

  30. Lovemypussyhairthick

    Wonder if she shaves her pussy?

  31. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Even her vaginal warts are disgusted by her vagina and are running up the side of her stomach.

  32. Anonymous

    She’s one miserable woman…I’d hate to be one of her kids. God help any man who gets involved with her…she’s a c*nt personified!!

  33. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Word on the street is it’s not even a tattoo, but rather the trigger for the t-shirt cannon that is her vagina.

  34. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Its what left of the arrow from her “Highway to Hell” tattoo.

  35. aine

    Nice lipo scars.

  36. Ash Bones

    I would bakaki on her right in front of her kids, then wipe the tip of my dong off with her butthole.

  37. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    Come one guys, you all know you would giver her one if given the opportunity…

  38. Veronica

    It was a one-piece when she put it on.

    The tat says:

    Tunnel closed for maintenance, please use detour.

    Caution Biohazaed: Toxic emissions in tunnel, proceed with caution.

    8-laned tunnel ahead

    Gosslein Gorge:
    Don’t Jump: call the suicide hotline.

  39. Veronica

    *quote*where are you going to get the $ to put your kids through college? What are you doing going to AUSTRALIA for a vacation? */quote*

    She didn’t pay for a ticket. She slipped through a mysterious wormhole which transported her there.

  40. wim

    she hates to show her scarf of eliminating her lever because she was an alcoholic, folks!!

  41. wim

    she was an alc*holic so her lever was removed.

  42. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    What an ugly women :-(
    Her feet are neandertalian !

  43. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Shouldn’t that platoon of rugrats be back in school???

    Oh……wait………probably home schooled by her/his undeservedly deep pockets

  44. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Did anyone notice that it looks like she has a tattoo over her left ankle as well.(picture 8)

  45. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    Is it bad that I saw her kid and thought it was her Asian pool-helper?

  46. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
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    I don’t give a damn about Kate Gosselin, usually. But now I sort of want to beat her up and steal that bikini. That thing is cute as hell.

  47. Tigerh8r

    Is it the same as this tatoo? Maybe she’s becoming a stalker…

  48. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    Kate in a bikini and has a tattoo. Big deal, go to the beach or public pool and you will see this all over the world.

  49. jim b

    its a tat of a 4 X 4 that says “bring your own”…

  50. Kate Gosselin Bikini Australia
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s had since before her slew of children. Half of it was removed when she got a tummy tuck.

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