Kate Gosselin Denies Getting A Facelift

November 28th, 2011 // 75 Comments
Kate Gosselin
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“And these are the ‘magic hands’ I use to make my kids disappear.
Ha! I’m kidding. There’s a .45 in my purse.”

Kate Gosselin has barely been at CouponCabin.com long enough to hang pictures of her mug all over the place, but she’s already using her new blogging “job” (I’m still in pajama pants and will be for the next three-four hours.) to shoot down Internet rumors that she got a facelift:

With all of the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!). But, I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!

While my first reaction is to insult Kate for signing each of her posts with “K8,” I actually have to compliment her for learning the first rule of blogging: “Always be lying your ass off.” For example, Courtney Stodden isn’t even real. I made all those pics using Photoshop and a Barbie doll filled with Fix-A-Flat. Ha! A 16-year-old with fake tits. You should’ve seen your faces.

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  1. JC

    I don’t actually believe she got a facelift. But I would believe that she spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a plethora of non-mediocre dermatology treatments.

  2. Are those the before and after pictures?

  3. Deacon Jones

    Hey, the trannies in Brazil have “pump parties” where they inject Fix-A-Flat into their butts. Im not even joking!

    You should do a before/after shot, you wont even recognize that soul sucking hen.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    No facelift huh. How about a pearl necklace then?

  5. your mom

    She thinks we know shit about botox.

  6. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    Tummy tuck, check. Breast implants, can’t deny that. Facelift…OMG how could you suggest such a thing! I’m only 36!!!

    Anyone else think “jesus fucking christ, she’s only 36???”

    I’m glad she put those nasty facelift rumors to rest so now she can get back to the important and lucrative work of coupon blogging. Two words I didn’t know could be used together before now.

  7. stratacat

    are those french acrylics? what is this? 2003?

  8. EricLr

    Well, maybe Mommy wouldn’t have *had* to get a facelift if you lazy kids had worked harder and not gotten cancelled.

    • CranAppleSnapple


    • Artofwar

      ….My thoughts exactly—-hell don’t they have a family dog?— Put his lazy ass to work too.

      The Bravo Network and E Channel and some of the other reality television networks have shows about a bunch of Rednecks going trout fishing using nothing but their cocks—I’m sure theres room for an unemployed pouch in there somewhere….Artofwar


    I would love to suck on those toes. Her pudgy piggys could really use a tongue bath.

  10. Jack Ketch

    I agree with JC, absolutely she has. That’s what she needs the fucking money for … not her kids, but her lavish, selfish-cunt lifestyle. Is there even an intellect there ? Imagine having to spend thousands on your face and body at (and before) age 36. What a useless cooze … an ANNOYING, useless cooze. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t fix a nasty, vapid personality.

  11. Tristyn

    Get a fcuking job you useless C**t !!!

  12. drunk again

    I would love to lather my tongue in her warm pussy juices ..

  13. Bianca

    I doubt she got a facelift (too much down time), but she looks like she got a shit load of fillers and did something to her eyebrows. There’s a pic of her holding a koala and her wonky eyebrows make her look like a blonde, older, uglier version of Jayde Nicole.

    • Jack Ketch

      Yikes … uglier than Jade Nicole ? I was sooo disappointed when Playboy chose her for the PMOY, and with that dumb-assed “Respect” tattoo, gah.

  14. V

    That does look more like botox.

    Botox can actually look good if you do it only once a year. Twice, tops. All the women that look awful with botox, like Nicole Kidman, do it every couple of months. That is insane. And very dangerous.

  15. Venom

    I wish I could charter a plane and put her, the Kardashians, the Jersey Shore cast, Spencer and Heidi, Paris Hilton and Ryan Seacrest on it and then crash it into the Alps.

    If that won’t get me a seat in heaven at the right hand of God I don’t know what will.

  16. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    Look at that dipshit’s picture behind her. “Hey look at me I’m charming and funny, ha ha!”

    Well, fuck you!

  17. Carl Spackler

    She uses a frisbee for a diaphragm

  18. Chico Rodriguez

    I have used a trash bag as a condom with her , as it is easy to fall in

    • Russel Brand

      I find using a painting tarp works quite well . When I’m done , I just bring the corners together and fold carefully. I follow the paints spots out of the “cave” when I become lost .

  19. Chico Rodriguez

    Skunt or slunt ? Skut?

    • Dirk Diggler

      I have used a complete rock – climbing harness as I was very afraid of falling in and ….

      • Maurice St Claire

        I too have gone “spelunking” inside Kate . I’ve found lots of household items , including a recliner

  20. Frank Burns

    This is the second photo of her at work where she has failed to have the name or even a logo of Coupon Cabin in the shot. She’s really treating them like family.

  21. Kate is getting so desperate for cash after TLC axed her show that four of her kids are already working for Nike sweatshops.

  22. Rico Jones

    She didn’t have a facelift. Those photos are airbrushed. It is very obvious the photos were taken by a professional photographer. Professional photos shot in a candid style. Her face is photoshopped.

  23. Donald Trump

    I would still love to squat over this bitch’s face and take a dump.

  24. Karl Mandelbrot

    Find some hobo’s at a truck stop or railyard . With their diet , something unusual will likely spill out

  25. cc

    Pffft, this women’s been overhauled from head to foot. If she has a factory original skeleton, I’d be surprised.

  26. Archies_Leach

    Who is she?

    Is she a celebrity?

    If so why?

  27. MalcolmSex

    I would bang her brains out, something about her turns me on.

    • Rashad Washington

      That would be one or two thrusts . You may want to bang something else out of her , like bitchiness. You would be at that all night and the next day

      • Travis Bickel

        I could grudge – fuck her for at least 40 – 50 minutes , then pull out and treat her to a protein slurry

  28. Todd Hockney

    Tried to bang the bitchiness out of her. I went three days constantly , with no end ( of her bitchiness) in sight. Mr. Happy was all worn out , however

    • Travis Bickel

      Sure you weren’t fucking my ex – wife ?
      I could not fuck the bitchiness out her even after nearly 11 years . My conclusion was that it wasn’t possible to fuck her out of her permanent bitch state . I wish the next guys all the luck in the world , but between you and me , she has herpes and genital warts , so douse her with kerosene prior , during and after .

  29. I’d giver her a facelift… with a rope around her neck.

  30. Danara

    She didn’t get A facelift;. She got MULTIPLE. Duh.

  31. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    LMAO.. no one fkn cares!

  32. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She doesn’t even look like the same person. I agree Danara, she got several facelifts, none of them good. She must of gone to a strip mall in LaHaska.

  33. Sandusky

    I will watch her boys for her .. No Charge ….

  34. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    But I didn’t have a facelift! I just had 10 other procedures that look like the equivalent of a facelift!

  35. lolz

    Well damn. She doesn’t look half bad for having had a Chinese firedrill in her uterus.

  36. SFRowGuy

    She didn’t get a facelift, she just had everything else lowered.

  37. Barbie D-trtlsgrl

    Kate may deny having a face lift, but it is obvious that she has had quite a bit a plastic surgery done…hell, she doesn’t even look the same!!! cracks me up when people have work done then can’t admit to it!!

  38. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    Taking her picture down on the way out.

  39. Kate Gosselin Facelift
    Commented on this photo:

    they used for publicity, I never heard of this company before they hired her. losers.

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