1. aera

    Why the hell does she think this is a nice body? So she’s not obese, but she has fat all over her and is totally shapeless and doughy looking. Sad considering it has also been photoshopped.

  2. juck

    Id crush it

  3. juck

    I’d crush it again

  4. chuck d

    you can smell bullshit from a mile away, this hag does not look like this
    they didn’t airbrush they used a f-ing mop to cover this woman

  5. Sport

    Disgusting SKANK – inside AND out.

  6. toopier

    Damn. Someone put about 30 hours in for that photoshop job. Couldnt they give Liam Neeson, like 3 minutes?

  7. lois collins

    So Kate thinks she had a great body. That’s is the funniest thing I have read in a
    long time. She looks like a man with breast implants. Her waist and hips
    are the same size.(big) She looks so stupid running aroung in 5 inch heals
    and her beast flopping out. On a boat fishing in 5 inch heels. ha I though the
    show was supposed to be about the kids but its only Kate showing off what
    she thinks she has but doesn’t. The older girls hate it and the little ones will
    soon. Take her off the air and magazines. I do change the channels when she is on and will not buy a magazine with her in it.

  8. Ji Brazil

    Photoshoped… Her tummy tuck scar is not there, and it sits high on her abdomen!

  9. HonestAbe

    Plastic surgery or not, I’d tongue bunch that butthole anyday!!

  10. Zac

    I wouldn’t touch her with a million foot pole!

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