Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin Didn’t Get Along? Impossible.

When I was in college there was one phenomena I consistently noticed, female roommates always hated each other. Always. Granted, most of the arguments I saw revolved around me being passed out naked in their bathroom at 4 a.m., I don’t see how that’s relevant. Anyway, my point is that it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin didn’t get along while filming an episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska and not just because that’s exactly what I predicted would happen. Us Weekly reports:

A Gosselin source tells the new Us Weekly that the reality mom, 35, had “zero chemistry” with the former governor, 46, while taping a buzzed-about episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska in July.
“They didn’t speak off camera,” the insider adds. “She said the food and accommodations were terrible, and it was the worst trip she’d ever been on.”
Although Gosselin’s eight kids loved fishing and looking for firewood with Palin and Palin’s children, Gosselin “had a meltdown” in the 53-degree weather and left the campground before sundown, the source reveals. “She just couldn’t cope.”

In Sarah Palin’s defense – Did I just type that? – what did Kate Gosselin expect when she agreed to a camping trip in Alaska, the coldest goddamn state in the U.S.? Sure, everyone’s aware by now that Sarah Palin is entirely smoke and mirrors, that doesn’t mean she’s going to magically whip a Best Western out of her ass in the middle of the woods. Her clown-car uterus, maybe. But not in front of a camera crew. Let’s be realistic and/or have the decency to pack our own. Kate.

Photos: INFdaily