Kate Gosselin and LeAnn Rimes Have The Same Tattoo

January 6th, 2011 // 57 Comments

After the Kate Gosselin tattoo post yesterday, many of you were freakishly quick to notice LeAnn Rimes has the same exact one, also above the vagina. While my initial reaction was, “The Mark of the Fake Tit Illuminati!” I quickly realized something that will blow people’s mind:

Kate and LeAnn have never been photographed together. BOOOOSHHH.

Think about it: A little prosthetic skin, maybe some silly puddy, rent a couple of Asian kids which is literally the only way I know how to make toast anymore, and BAM! Perfect disguise. Was that really Kate Gosselin in Alaska with Sarah Palin, or LeAnn Rimes: Mistress of Deception? Hide your husbands!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


  1. mcfeely smackup

    Oh good, yet another reason to look at the washboard abs of Leanne Rimes and Kate Gosselin’s tiger stripe stretch mark version.

  2. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    If you look close enough they both read “we love to ruin families”….

    • BanDit82Baby

      Ha!!! Its the brand you get after being excepted into the League of Unexceptional Sluts.

      • What makes Kate Gosselin a slut?

      • BarneyFrank

        She is a slut because the media says so. Now march off mindlessly and repeat over and over in a zombie out of body sort of way, Kate Gosselin is a slut, Kate Gosselin is a slut, Kate Gosselin is a slut,………

  3. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    Similar tattoos, same botched up boob job

  4. Vito

    Are there any pictures of said ink available for perusal?

    And while we’re at it, let’s do away with Tupperwear Tits. I don’t know anyone who says, “Oh man, I just love implants! Fuck those natural boobs…I don’t care how beautiful they look. They’re the pits.”

    “Hey, dude, look at that hottie with the basketballs on her chest. Is that fucking cool, or what?”

  5. Maplewood

    It’s no different than two other pieces of redneck trash with a Dale Earnhardt “3″ on their rear windshields. Or tatooed above their vaginas.

  6. Anyone care to wager on who is going to get theirs changed first?

  7. Cock Dr

    The blogger has been drinking again. That’s why we get these late day weird posts.

  8. If I was on a desert island with these two bitches, I would see them as nothing more than a source of food. I would rather hump my hat.

    • Come on….they’re not that bad. Blondes not fat under 50!
      Lotsa problems for sure, but most men would hit it if it was offered.

      • A. I have it under good authority that awful people taste great.
        B. You haven’t seen my hat, it’s pretty nice, and
        C. If I ever exclaim “Blondes not fat under 50″ in a positive way, I want you to punch me in the dick. Seriously Frank, what happened to your self esteem? Raise the bar a bit buddy, you’re worth it.

      • My esteem is just fine thanks for asking.
        Not interested in either of them myself. Yuck.
        Just a comment that for MOST MEN these 2 gal’s superficial appearances aren’t that terrible. They are doable.
        I won’t get into their characters. That’s a whole different discussion.
        Post a photo of your hat & we’ll all make snarky comments about how fat it is.

      • David

        Blonds don’t get fat before 50? I have never in my life heard of this, I have heard that blonds are dumb airheads but this is news to me because I have seen tons (pun intended) of young fat blond people. Just watch Maury Povich if you need further evidence.

    • “Post a photo of your hat & we’ll all make snarky comments about how fat it is”…nice!

  9. lightdragon

    last i checked Avril Lavigne and her current boy toy have matching tattoos. could this be another LiLo and Sam relationship???

  10. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    at least the tattoo distracts from the lypo scars and whatnot all of kates ragges out mid section.

  11. SuperDuperFicial

    Not the same tattoo. Just same location….

  12. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    I hate that you made me look Soup…my penis is so confused, poor little fella.

  13. ohpeople

    its a sad state that i know this, but seriously kates isnt news. its been on like 3 different episodes. hers was a sparrow or something that got hacked in half when she had her tummy tuck. the vine part is like whats left of it

  14. Hugh Gentry

    my mind has been blown!

  15. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    they may have the same tattoo, but rimes looks a bit better with hers…

  16. Slow news day, is it?

    What the hell. It’s not the same tattoo, is it? Just tattoos in the same location. Not newsworthy at all. “WOW!!! Celeb A has tattoo on ankle SAME AS celeb B”…whatever…there’s only so many places one can GET a tattoo, you know…in this universe, at least…maybe on Tatooine (ha. get it?) one can get a tattoo floating 4 inches above one’s head or something…

  17. Is this the new tramp stamp?

  18. Leeann’s curves just ain’t working for me. Something weird there…not “girly” enough!

  19. The freak sisters and there upper vaginal brands.

  20. wim

    but kate’s lever was removed because she was an alcoholic.

  21. Jaded

    Dunno what it is but both of them are yuck, stay outta the bikinis ladies .. there are so many who do it better than you

  22. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    Whats that weird pimple growth near Kate’s tattoo?

  23. Galtacticus

    Damn! Really?! This is an important discovery! Call the White House!

  24. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
    Daryl G.
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    They’re not quite exactly the same.

  25. Rhialto

    Since a hour i’m having a hidden tattoo as well. It’s disguised as a bump on the back of my head (thank you slippery weather).

  26. Stan

    and/or Ka-KOW!

  27. Sassy

    Post tummy tuck tattoo

  28. Girr

    Skanks of a feather get tattooed together?

  29. Nup

    No doubt it’s to cover the scar from the incision on their bellies where the fake tits got stuck in (yeah, they can do it from down there you know?!).

  30. See Alice

    LeAnn looks tight . With Kate it would be like swinging a baseball bat in a hallway .

  31. They’re both members of the League of Extraordinary Bitches.

  32. Rotten Eggs

    appendectomy scar?

  33. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    Divorce Stamp?

  34. Dude

    Gosh, Rimes looks like a dude with those fucking plastic tits and nonexistent hips. She used to be pretty now she is just a cunting skank.

  35. Salvia

    Kate’s says ” INSERT TENT POLE – A- HERE ” , thanks to Sarah Palin for filling us in on that deciphering.

  36. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    It says “Mattel”.

  37. youcandieNOW

    It’s the mark of the hose beast!

  38. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    actually kate’s tattoo use to be a rose until she got a tummy tuck and it had to be chopped up… this was noted in one of her episodes awhile back. so this is def not the same tattoo

  39. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    Eww my God, does Kate have nasty zits or what? Hurrrlll

  40. LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
    truly julie
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    Ok, this chick is looking emaciated. God help her.

  41. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    hell, I’d hit either one!!!!!

  42. Kate Gosselin Tattoo
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    I am 24 and i still pop a chub with this crazy bitch. This pic though is so good. Seriously sex with her would be a blast. just pump and fill her up, nothin to worry about!

  43. Kate Gosselin Tattoo
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    Out of all the girls on this site i keep coming back to kate. I would love to cum deep in her pussy. No need to worry about anything.

  44. Kate Gosselin LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    Except i would pork Kate wayyy before leann

  45. LeAnn Rimes Tattoo
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    I think Leann Rimes looks awesome! She has an athletic body..lean and has muscle…very toned.

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