Kate Gosselin and LeAnn Rimes Have The Same Tattoo

After the Kate Gosselin tattoo post yesterday, many of you were freakishly quick to notice LeAnn Rimes has the same exact one, also above the vagina. While my initial reaction was, “The Mark of the Fake Tit Illuminati!” I quickly realized something that will blow people’s mind:

Kate and LeAnn have never been photographed together. BOOOOSHHH.

Think about it: A little prosthetic skin, maybe some silly puddy, rent a couple of Asian kids which is literally the only way I know how to make toast anymore, and BAM! Perfect disguise. Was that really Kate Gosselin in Alaska with Sarah Palin, or LeAnn Rimes: Mistress of Deception? Hide your husbands!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News