Kate Bosworth is Topless

April 11th, 2011 // 74 Comments

“Say I was the worst Lois Lane, willya? Take that ocean! Pew pew pew!”

Because I feel bad about those Kathy Griffin pics (I don’t.), here’s Kate Bosworth going for a topless swim in Mexico yesterday where she surprisingly produced breasts despite looking like this in August. I just assumed a slight breeze carried her into some power lines by now. Or Alexander Skarsgard sneezed. “WAH-CHOO! — Kate? Kate? Goddammit. *picks up phone* Hello, Holocaust museum? Blonde Thunder again. Gonna need another body…”

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  2. Cock Dr

    Seems like everybody’s on a tropical beach vacation.

  3. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    worst photographer ever. Bad shutter timing

  4. Puddin' Taine


  5. Rocking body but she is gonna have a wicked burn…

  6. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    wow she is rocking..

  7. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    wow. she is rocking.

  8. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Deacon Jones
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    hmm, still keeping a nice shape to the bottom half there…

  9. suddenly, I have a craving for gumdrops. With nipples.

  10. Bubba

    How did the photographer manage to take 8 photos….NONE of which actually show her teets without her arms blocking them? Side boobs do nothing for me, man.

  11. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    Worst Photographer Ever.

  12. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    I’d do her, but only if she leaves that sexy hat on.

  13. Kate Bosworth Topless
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  14. My Name Peggy

    Great…now I’m going to get caught masturbating at work again.

  15. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    These are staged! Pure BS, her arms are covering what little titty she actually has.

  16. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    The convenient arm placement leads me to believe her nipples are different colors, too.

  17. J.E.B.

    I look at these photos of beautiful Kate Bosworth, and the tune, “Turn Around, Look At Me” by The Vogues comes to mind. I wish she would!

  18. Kate Bosworth Topless
    That Guy
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    Walking around on a beach topless and not one good picture of her tits?

  19. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    nice boobies, small and perky and REAL…i am tired of seeing basketball halves shoved into breast pockets, please put pics of more women with REAL and hopefully small/medium boobies :0 love it!

  20. Clarence Beeks

    she looks like she gained a little weight, and looks good. She was a walking skeleton for a while.

    • Bringbackbabalu

      Bah she wasn’t a walking skeleton. She was quasi-buff and athletic, wasn’t she a professional athlete aka equestrian before? Either way, she is perfect enough.

  21. Rough's pick

    I think I have similar taste to the Sultan of Brunei but mine seems to be evolving constantly,though…

  22. Marceelf

    How can you mention Alexander Skarsgard without showing him topless? What a tease.

  23. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    this must be the world’s dumbest and worst papparazzo ever, topless???? Wtf there’s no nipple whatsoever, I mean it looks like he waited for her to cover her tits up, the first papparazzo with morals haha what an ass, keep up the good work!!!

  24. frankw

    My question is, how did the photog manage to NOT get a better shot of her chest?…

  25. Kate Bosworth Topless
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  26. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:


  27. they oughta lock her up and throw away the key

    That bitch is a filthy whore. You cant even see her nips in any of these pics! FUCK! BARELY! TO FUCKING BLURRY!

  28. Cardinal Fang

    Photographer fail.

  29. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes, she is topless = not much at the bottom and even less at the top. :P

  30. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    I feel like the US is getting the raw end of the deal in our immigration exchanges.

  31. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    who’s her fat friend?

  32. So paparazzi staked her out swimming topless, and all they could get was a couple of sideboob shots?

    Something smells fishy. wait? this was in mexico? ok, that explains the smell.

  33. Cpm

    How can you tell that’s not a guy?

  34. jojo

    I think community standards demand a nipple before it can be considered topless.

  35. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    What a lousy photographer!!

  36. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    Not much to see, no boobies and flat assed.

  37. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    Those are not breasts. There is a mosquito problem in Mexico.

  38. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    Nothing more beautiful than real breasts! What a refreshing change! She’s looking good.

  39. the captain

    hate it to say but americans must masturbate on these pictures because pornographic material like “Hustler” is forbidden by the goverment?

  40. Doc Schweinstrudel

    some few people look better wiith no clothes, no shoes on AT ALL

  41. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She has wonderful delicate skin, nice earlobes, neck – wow what a body

  42. Kate Bosworth Topless
    Double D
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    Max Hodges works hard at TMZ. He deserves this vacation.

  43. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    I’m gonna go look at those kathie griffin pictures.

  44. Kate Bosworth Topless
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    It should have read: Kate Bosworth Is Topless, (And No One Can Tell The Difference!)

  45. kiddo body, just an heterochromia eyed blondie… not in my top

  46. dramkit

    She’s always rubbed me the wrong way. Like a chick always going on about how independent she is and then ending up marrying an orthodox muslim and having to run across borders with the help of some silent male.

    Seriously, Bosho, just marry the next rich guy you see and start pushing out them kids.

  47. Ed

    How many boob shots do you have to miss before you’re fired?

    Def, makes me think it’s staged. Which makes me not want to see the movie. So now beccause of some lousy boob photos I’m skipping whatever movie that was.

    But if they were good pics I would’ve skipped it anyway because I already saw her boobs . . . bit of a Catch-22

  48. FameMonster

    What a pathetic, desperate, skanky famewh*re. She’ll do anything for attention since Skarsgard won’t let her juice him for publicity anymore. I guess the ‘leaked” sex tape will be next.

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