Kate Bosworth Has Heterochromia, A Very Groovy Mutation, and Other News

September 16th, 2011 // 34 Comments

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- Here are 20 Hot Photos of Kate Bosworth where she doesn’t look like she’s about to mentally invade your psyche. [Heavy]

- If this isn’t just Blake Lively‘s breasts on a graphic tee, someone’s missed a huge opportunity. [Huffington Post]

- Clint Eastwood: “Stop being such a pussy about fags and dykes getting hitched.” [Dlisted]

- TIFF Fashion Wrap-Up [Lainey Gossip]

- The new Muppets trailer will give Jason Segel an inappropriate fear boner. [FilmDrunk]

- Paula LaBaredas molesting a cup of frozen yogurt is the only way to describe this. [Hollywood Tuna]

- And even more hot chicks doing strange things with food and other usually non-sexual props. [Bleacher Report]

- Mel B could feed a whole village with these things. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- Friday Photobombs: Its been a while but this one has Encino Man and dying Gwyneth Paltrow. [theCHIVE]

- Jessica Rafalowski won some competition so now you get to look at her in a bikini. Whee! [Popoholic]

- Ashlee Simpson went to the premiere of Boardwalk Empire with that dude Pete Wentz fantasizes about killing. [TooFab]

- Michael Moore saying Osama Bin Laden should have had a trial has nothing to do with him promoting a new book. Nothing at all. [BuzzFeed]

- Ice-T thinks the rap game needs to be filled with real murderers and drug dealers again. You know, to regain its credibility. [Bosisp]

- Yoga and surfing are killing Gerard Butler. [Just Jared]

- Brad Pitt apologized for implying his marriage to Jennifer Aniston sent him into a deep depression. In reality it was just all that fabulous wealth and fame that pushed him over the edge. [Popsugar]

- Hometown Hotties Hall of Fame Pics [Maxim]

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  1. chaz's tampon string


  2. hottieMcNottie

    Wow those cheek bones. But those ears need some pinning back

    • Bee Bee

      Her ears are fine…. So what if they stick out a little? It makes her more unique then the generic barbie dolls plaguing Hollywood.

  3. adolf hitler

    evolution. right? took us from single celled organisms to the most dominant species on the planet! WHO GOT GAME? i gots game.

  4. so what?

    She’s still hot. Plus it doesn’t matter when you’ve creamed her eyes shut anyway.

  5. One brown eye and one blue eye is pretty hot! Two black eyes means she just doesn’t listen.

  6. I wonder if her right nipple is rainbow colored?

  7. God is Black

    Major Tom to ground control, one eye grey ,the other brown? Other than that I would fuck her hard! :)

  8. Kate Bosworth Different Colored Eyes Straw Dogs
    Commented on this photo:

    the lovely miss Mila Kunis has this same condition. boner-inducing eyes

  9. TomFrank

    I think this happened after Skarsgård left her:

    ♫ I’ll be fine when you’re gone
    I’ll just cry all night long
    Say it isn’t true
    And don’t it make my brown eye blue…♫

  10. Awesome!

    I have heterochromia too! The top half of my left eye is brownish green, and my right eye and bottom of my left is blue :)

  11. Roughliness is next to Godliness. Its true

    “Mel B could feed a whole village with these things”

    She needs to donate plasma blood at her local red-cross. As a matter of fact, everyone should. It’s time to take action enough with the jokes…

  12. Vespesian

    She actually has sectoral heterochromia which is far rarer than just plain old heterochromia. She is very lucky not to have the genetic defects that can come with it.

  13. Andie

    I have the exact same thing, Awesome. Except the brown is this bright brown- like honey brown, and the lower half of my left eye and my right are green. It IS a pretty groovy mutation.

  14. nikki

    heterochromia? no way, bitch just used too much latisse!

  15. Andie

    *panic* What genetic mutations? That’s what I have, sectoral heterochromia!

  16. the rest of America

    If Michael Moore doesn’t like America all that much, maybe he should do himself and everyone else a favor and JUST MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE U.S. I’m sure the UK would have him, they took Madonna.

  17. Kate Bosworth Different Colored Eyes Straw Dogs
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought it meant she has elf ears.

  18. Kate Bosworth Different Colored Eyes Straw Dogs
    Commented on this photo:

    Hate to be whoring myself out here but I have heterochromia as well. http://i.imgur.com/M5tBC.jpg

  19. Kate Bosworth Different Colored Eyes Straw Dogs
    Commented on this photo:

    my dog has the exact same eyes. but that doesn’t make me want to fuck him.

  20. Didn’t Michael Hutchence and David Carradine die of Autoerotic heterochromia?

  21. jakepryan

    No seriously, she has probably used that eyelash growing medication – latisse. If you get it in your eyes and are light eyed, it can turn them brown. And it doesn’t go away.

  22. Kate Bosworth Different Colored Eyes Straw Dogs
    Commented on this photo:

    If I was dating her I probably would have noticed about 3 months in, because I’d be staring at her amazing ass too hard.

  23. forrest gump

    she is more of the rough sex, folks.
    you know: WITH WHIPS & CHAINS!!

  24. Prolapsed Liver

    She was so incredibly hot in that surfing movie. She’s lost too much weight. I’d still throw it in her brown eye.

  25. k333ly

    Her eyes have always been like that. It wasn’t from Latisse. lol

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