Kate Bosworth: ‘Alexander Skarsgard is an Incredible Rapist’

September 2nd, 2011 // 27 Comments

Photo Boy linked this yesterday and I completely missed it, so in case you did as well, here’s Kate Bosworth gushing over Alexander Skarsgard in Black Book magazine and basically revealing that their relationship was borne from his uncanny ability to terrify the shit out of her via simulated rape in Straw Dogs. No, really:

When, for example, Bosworth describes the scene in which Skarsgård’s Charlie, an aggressive farmhand and Amy’s high school sweetheart, rapes her, she says, “I told Alex not to worry about me, to just go for it. I said, I need you to lose yourself in this moment. And it was actually violent. He’s a huge guy. When he was ripping off my clothes in front of a room filled with men, even though I knew it was make-believe, it was still incredibly violating and terrifying. The panic you see flooding me in that rape scene is real.” Marsden remembers how tense things became leading up to that moment. “They’d definitely marked it on their calendars,” he says. “Earlier that week, they both kind of dropped off the map. They had vacant expressions on their faces—not in their scenes but socially. You could tell it was looming over them.” And afterward? Laughing, he says, “Afterward it was beers again.”
Even though they filmed the scene well before becoming a real-life couple—at that point she and Skarsgård, along with the rest of the cast, were still getting acquainted over drinks at the Stray Cat, a Shreveport dive they frequented—Bosworth felt comfortable enough in the arms of her on-screen assailant to endure the two days that were required to capture the simulated rape. “Alex is so kind and so dedicated and so incredibly professional,” she says. “He’s got this rare, wonderful control and stillness that you notice in a lot of old movie stars. He looks you in the eye. I feel incredibly lucky to have had that type of man on this movie.”

For all the ladies who fainted after reading, “He’s a huge guy,” basically Kate Bosworth got paid money to tell Alexander Skarsgard to forcibly hump her – and stare her directly in the eyes while doing it – for two days and then be her boyfriend. So let me the first to agree that, yes, she does look fat, and I don’t know where she gets off either, but I bet it’s Hussy Mountain.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. hugitout

    It’s probably the only time in her life where she will feel sexually desired by a man.

    • Julie Turner

      HAHAH!!!!!! Oh c’mon, give the girl a break. She has to compete against two hotties in her newest movie, ‘Straw Dogs’.

  2. jeff

    With her anorexic body the scene probably sounded like he was rolling around on a sheet of bubble wrap.

  3. “Let’s meet bachelorette number two. She tells us her turn-ons include blue eyes, a great sense of humor and simulated rape.”

  4. hey

    Wow, Fish, it’s like you read my MIND. Except in my mind, it was Whoreville, USA. DO NOT TAKE MY VIKING FROM ME YOU SKINNY CUNT!

  5. Carla

    His father in his prime way hotter. Just check out the original Swedish Insomnia. But would ride Juniors Viking cock til it broke off MMM!

  6. It all reminds me of the time Alexander Skarsgard first raped me. It was tender, special. He looked me in the eyes affectionately the whole time, calling me his “Sweet Viking Cornhole.”

  7. That Bastard Tony

    I’m not making light of rape since I believe anyone that commits this act needs to be set on fire twice, but I do remember hearing/reading somewhere that some women actually fantasize about being raped (which basically translates into being into forced, rough sex where they are the submissive). I just think people need to understand that women that think like this want to be raped by George Clooney, Brad Pitt in his prime (think Fight Club) or Justin Beiber, not the overweight 3rd shift mail room clerk at their place of work.

    As for men, well I won’t lie when I say Paulina Poriskova’s scene in Thursday was hot.

  8. Adam Frawley

    It’s harder to be a great rapist than people think. Try it sometime and report back.

  9. jaime

    TSW, you are in love with that man. SERIOUSLY, how many articles have you posted about him? I think you’re turning bi for him.

  10. fawnaiwanna

    Goddamn it, thanks for the fucking spoiler.

    Dreg … you spelled “cockhole” wrong …

  11. Who dat

    What. Ever. I do not get the appeal of this assbag. He looks like Niles Crane on Steroids. Fail.

    I’ve said it before and I shall say it again, GALE HAROLD. The end.

    • browny

      He is beautiful. And I am loving that insoucient hair he has going on in these pics, not to mention the faded t shirt…

      A big, beautiful, blond, VIKING… Fantasy, thy name is Alex Skarsgard.

      Keep em coming, Fish.

    • sue

      …and what is wrong with Miles Crane? Found him adorable.

    • wanda coy

      ohmigod. I really do have crazy fantasies about Gale Harold…which is odd because I fell in love with him while he was busy banging all kindsa’ dudes in Queer as Folk and I’m a chick.
      The heart wants what the vagina wants

  12. forrest gump

    but don’t forget: HE’S A PAEDOPHILE, folks!!

  13. thespiral

    Alexander Skarsgard is Ready to Rape the East Coast Now

  14. Kate Bosworth Alexander Skarsgard Rapist Straw Dogs
    mel gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    i want to make rape babies with her

  15. Mara

    Hussy Mountain was brilliant.

    Straw Dogs was an awful film, as everyone expected.

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