Kate Beckinsale in a Bikini is Not a ‘Jersey Shore’ Swamp Cow

September 7th, 2010 // 58 Comments

After receiving several complaints/suicide notes about leaving Deena Cortese, the latest Jersey Shore manbearpig, on the top of the page for the long weekend, I realized I should probably make things right as soon as possible. Granted, that thought occurred to me Saturday morning, the important thing is I got around to it when it was convenient to me. So here’s Kate Beckinsale in Mexico on Sunday where you’ll notice her body isn’t making you bleed from the eyes because it’s not a greased vessel of divine wrath. See? All better.

Photos: Flynet


  1. Kate Beckinsale
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  2. EffU

    I don’t care if I’m first

  3. Kate Beckinsale
    Commented on this photo:

    She is such a gorgeous and classy lady! Looks really good for her age, too.

  4. a REAL man

    Not that great! NEXT!

  5. qwerty

    Platforms on the beach,sure.

  6. B

    Oh, that’s a divine vessel alright.

  7. Kate Beckinsale
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh God………I want to fuck her in half !!

  8. One of the most beautiful late-30s women in the world.

  9. Kate Beckinsale
    Tom Stock
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    Hot stuff. To the fags on this site who don’t like the women, go check out Zac Efron on another site.

  10. Blech


    Beckinsale is NOT a Jersey Shore Swamp Cow.

    And all the fat, jealous, lazy-ass people on this thread only wish they could look like Beckinsale at her age.

  11. josh

    Not a swamp cow but an airhead all the same.

  12. Kate Beckinsale
    Star Droppings
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    The man with her realizes he hasn’t won her over with his awesome bathing suit and proceeds to Plan B: Building a kick-ass sandcastle.

  13. Kate Beckinsale
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    see, i can make a mold of my cock from this indent…

  14. Kate Beckinsale
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    H A W T

  15. Poondock

    I bet her pussy smells like the swamp of sorrows

  16. Person

    Fish is the laziest celebrity writer in the world, he publishes a story roughly once every 3-4 days. Perez didn’t stop writing for ‘Labour Day Weekend’! It’s not that difficult to read a press junket and knock together a paragraph story, it takes half an hour tops.

  17. Kate Beckinsale
    Any Guy
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    THAT is what a REAL WOMAN looks like. Take note, fatties of the world.

  18. Lovemypubichairthick

    What the hell were thinking leaving a picture up of a cow on steroids?

  19. captain america

    …………like 94.7 percent of all the americans in california.


  20. jumpin_j

    No, no she is not. :-) WANT!

  21. Jessesgirl

    Kate’s an underrated beauty.

  22. Kate Beckinsale
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    I guess I never realized just how wide she is in the rear. Not bad tho.

  23. Bigtit

    Who Was that wookie looking creature anyway??

  24. OneAdamTwelve

    I’d like to fuck her in the ass. Using my tongue.

  25. Kate Beckinsale
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    damn she got me hard fast

  26. hott like.. pepper pepper pepper

  27. Kate Beckinsale
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    Ew @ any guy…yeah she’s gorgeous but who are u to criticize the fatties? Mo cushin fo duh pushin.

  28. Kate Beckinsale
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    is it weird that big, floppy hats like that on a girl really turns me on for some reason?


  29. Kate Beckinsale
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  30. Kate Beckinsale
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    why is this chick wearing high heals on sand. what a douche.

  31. just_bitchin

    why is this chick wearing high heals in the sand. short legged douche.

  32. Blondie

    Not impressed.

  33. Kate Beckinsale
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    why is she wearing high heel on the beach? Very strange. Unless she is on a photoshoot or something.

  34. Kate Beckinsale
    El Dude
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  35. drinkalot

    Kate not happy :(

  36. Kate Beckinsale
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    Kate is definitely hot for a 37 yo MILF, her smile and laughter is engaging, she hot in dark street clothes with high heels, she pampers herself in with hair and nail salons and doesn’t eat the shit that most women throw down their throats. The end result are bikini photos that hide no flaws at all. The combination of discipline and genetics is perfection. I guess smoking works for some people.

  37. Kate Beckinsale
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    When hot meets classy, erections are spiritual. It says so in the Bible.

  38. Kate Beckinsale
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    I’d lick her turd cutter all day long.

  39. Kate Beckinsale
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    she’s awesome!

  40. Bored with life

    I’d like to get in her ‘Underworld’ alright…

  41. cc

    Not quite as good as that Coke commercial but…I won’t complain when I see her later tonight.

  42. Rick's Daddy


  43. Kate Beckinsale
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    Is there a hotter woman on Earth? Maybe, but I haven’t seen her. I’d love to give her the worst three minutes of her life.

  44. Kate Beckinsale
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    Kate beckinsale is so hot for a non-plastic hollywood woman.

  45. Kate Beckinsale
    i loled
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    ew fat legs lol

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