Kate Beckinsale’s Still In A Bikini

August 23rd, 2013 // 17 Comments

So remember earlier when I was like, “Here’s this space dude that’ll go next to the Rocket Raccoon thing which is going to be way better than Ben Affleck trying to be a 1986 comic book?” What I meant was Kate Beckinale‘s ass in a bikini. I think the keys got stuck on my keyboard or something, and no, not because of Peter Dinklage hula hooping. I know how to aim.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News


  1. In related news my penis is still erect.

  2. CptCreep

    The day they make realistic sex robots that look like her is the moment humanity ends…

  3. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
    Frank Burns
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    This is all I’m going to think about, all day long.

  4. What can I say, she still got it :)

  5. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Heaven is an ass on earth.

  6. I’m happy to sail all up in there.

  7. Sweet merciful heaven. Her and Maria Menounos together, I think about that a lot.

  8. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Kate Beckinsale is like 38 or something like that. She must have sold her soul to the Devil.

    It was a very good decision.

  9. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
    Don Draper's Dad
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    Not sure how Big Pharma hasn’t murdered her yet because I am pretty sure that cures cancer, right there.

  10. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    The look of the guy behind says it all

  11. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    it looks like he is sharing her drink

  12. D Wolfe

    …that woman is still fine…incredibly body, amazing ass….yep, I’m in love….

  13. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    Can we all chip in and buy this guy a better camera or lessons on how to focus?

  14. Kate Beckinsale Bikini
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    I simply must get a hat like that.

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