Kat Von D sans tattoos

August 12th, 2009 // 259 Comments

Considering some of you would rather stab yourself in the eye than look at Megan Fox’s tattoos because you’re 90 and/or love men, I figured I’d post this pic of an ink-free Kat Von D demonstrating her new tattoo concealer for Sephora. Personally, I’m cool with her either way. Unless a woman’s tattoo tries to bite my penis off, who cares? Also, I hope my open-mindedness will be returned when they realize I have the Bat-symbol on my chest – in finger paint. That’s right, ladies, witty and an artist.

UPDATE: Reader Elena sent in a non-airbrushed pic of Kat with the concealer on, and uh, wow, that looks like an amazing product. If you like eczema.

Photos: Sephora

  1. your stupid
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    she looks amazing no matter what. you can suck a dick if you don’t think that. yall can say whatever you want about her but shes a good person with a good personality and you don’t even know her so shut the hell up. the only person with bad personalities and are bad people are people like you who would judge her by what this picture looks like even though she looks great and you don’t know her so you cant talk like you know her

  2. Ratatunga
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    Errrr, dare I say the P word????

    PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!!!! and a damm good job too

  3. john
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  4. notanidiot

    Too bad that “unphotoshopped” photo of her is fake.

  5. The Picture Blog


  6. cabron

    kat is a trash bitch

  7. Moonshine Bonanza
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    LOL the concealer just isn’t blended. You have to blend concealer or it looks dumb and blotchy. Do dudes write all of these articles? Because I would expect a girl to know that fun fact about makeup.

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