Kat Von D sans tattoos

August 12th, 2009 // 259 Comments

Considering some of you would rather stab yourself in the eye than look at Megan Fox’s tattoos because you’re 90 and/or love men, I figured I’d post this pic of an ink-free Kat Von D demonstrating her new tattoo concealer for Sephora. Personally, I’m cool with her either way. Unless a woman’s tattoo tries to bite my penis off, who cares? Also, I hope my open-mindedness will be returned when they realize I have the Bat-symbol on my chest – in finger paint. That’s right, ladies, witty and an artist.

UPDATE: Reader Elena sent in a non-airbrushed pic of Kat with the concealer on, and uh, wow, that looks like an amazing product. If you like eczema.

Photos: Sephora

  1. @11

    YOU are the idiot. You can ‘photoshop’ video. That’s how 100% of hollywood films are made. Don’t you remember the britney spears video where her legs morphed smaller? You are telling me that you don’t realise they can change skin tone on video? When they can make entire people disappear and entire fake cities appear? Okay.. LOL…

  2. indian

    come and challenge me on indianropeman.mybrute.com

  3. Rancid

    Men are hunters. When you hunt, you want something fresh and unspoiled, not something that is wrecked and show obvious signs of previous (and frequent) use.

    These dumb broads who wreck their beautiful skin with ugly blotches of ink are pretty much advertising “I’ve been around the block – many, many times!” Some are even stupid enough to have their boyfriends/pimps names stenciled on them.

    And in a decade or so, the tattoo-removal business is going to be extremely lucrative, when some of these ditzes finally grow up and realize how stupid they look.

  4. Honesty

    why is everybody saying “why do you want to look that chalky all over”?

    is your body 75% covered with ink that you need/want covered? because unless you’re done up like her, you’re only going to have small patch of skin covered, and if you’re already going that far, you PROBABLY know how to apply make up so you can smooth out the color to match your skin.

    the product looks awesome, and Kat’s tattoos are spectacular. she’s a pretty girl with and without them.

  5. I don’t mind tats… especially on the back… it gives me something to read when I’m stuffing her like a Thanksgiving turkey…

  6. lynne

    some people like tattoes, some doesnt…
    obv. theres a star/hollywood trend of getting tattoes,
    but kat von d isnt one of them.. for those who doesnt
    jump on the trend, there is actually community for people
    who are into art on the body.. one can express yourself
    through them..bodymodification isnt about a trend..
    its a lifestyle… its goes beyond tattoes and piercing..
    its stretching, scarification, suspension, etc

    i have tattooes, and i dont slam people who doesnt have them..

    i think kat is beautiful

  7. D

    Actually, considering how much ink she has, the unretouched photo is pretty impressive. The product may actually be convincing for covering up smaller tattoos.

  8. Skinnybitch

    She will be looked at as a loser the rest of her life because of the extreme tats. It’s somewhat “cool” now, in her 20′s, but when she’s 40…trailor park.

  9. Deacon Jones

    @106 Uhhh…sure.

    This product has disaster written all over it.

    I say one month from now some video hits youtube of some trailer trash skank on the dance floor of her wedding. Uncle Charlie slaps her back to reveal a monster handprint of Guns n Roses, as he staggers back in disgust with her “skin” dripping off his hand.

  10. awesome

    Tattoo artists don’t typically grow to regret bodies covered in ink, especially famous tattoo artists. Is it just because Kat’s a girl that people say she’s going to regret it and/or look like trailer trash? She’s not promoting the concealer for people who regret pieces. This stuff would be great for work and interviews. I can’t wait to get some for my arms and my leg piece. And if you don’t like girls covered in ink, that’s just the few of you. Suicide girls is booming and girls are the fastest growing market for tattoos and piercing.

  11. Pat

    I’m not in the least bit against self expression in the form of body ink, but man she looks 110% better without all the tats.

  12. Rancid

    #107 RPG:

    Dude, you are really on to something.

    Maybe these skanks should have a sportspage tattooed on their backs so whoever’s buggering them won’t be totally bored. The updates would be a bitch, though.

  13. Does this stuff cover up tits and ass also?
    Take the cake that has been baked on her face off and you have just regular ole crackers – Mortisha style.
    Her ink is way overrated anyway.

  14. Christine

    Tattoos or no tattoos she is absolutely gorgeous.

  15. Just wonderin

    Do you think she smells like one of those old mimeograph machines? I used to LOVE that smell, when the teacher would pass out a “still wet” sheet.

    I bet that Kat smells like that…

  16. Christine

    Tattoos or no tattoos she is absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Christine

    Tattoos or no tattoos she is absolutely gorgeous.

  18. She’s overrated!

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  19. Area Man

    #100 – big bones?

    No such thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a fat skeleton.

  20. kylie

    FYI … I purchased the product when it first came out. I returned it almost immediately. it did not work. At all. Her tattoos are not concealed due to this “wonder” product.

  21. Anu Patel

    I’ve banged enough strippers to spot “daddy issues” a mile away.

  22. Zee Brat

    Come on Fish. Get to work.

  23. fearsarewishes

    Anyone who refers to a bunch of tattoos as a “piece”, other than a “piece of shit”, is a moron.

    That goes for you backwards-baseball-cap-wearing, post-college frat fuckers, too.

    Yeah, that’s right, you stupid sissy cunts. I’m talking to you. You fuckers sit down to pee.

  24. I think chix who suffers from vitiligo are totally hot @ pic 3…

  25. spinal

    @ 92 -

    Do you really think those 70-80 year olds, nearing death and with their entire bodies deteriorated, are that concerned about whether their tattoos look ‘cool’ anymore? It sounds like you’re the only one who’s bothered by them.

    Some of you people sound like Ward and June Cleaver. “Tattoos make you look like trailer trash”? “You’re going to regret it when you’re old”? STFU. They’ve found Stone Age mummies with tattoos, were they “trailer trash”? People have tattooed for thousands of years, mostly for sacred and religious purposes. Your assumptions about WHY people get tattoos (“just to look cool!”) are ignorant and limited by your own tiny worldview. If you don’t find them attractive, DON’T GET ONE. But calling people trailer trash, or implying they were abused as kids, because of a personal freaking choice they made for reasons they (shockingly!) chose not to share with you, just makes you sound like a bigoted asshole who leads a boring life.

    And if my biggest regret in old age is some faded ink on my skin, I will consider myself DAMN fortunate.

  26. meg

    Pretty sure the ad is for her perfume, not tattoo cover-up…..

  27. kev

    -shouldn’t the container be the size of a gallon paint can or in her case a 55 gallon drum

  28. @ 105 – Maybe she’s attracting hyenas. They pick the sickly ones, don’t they?

  29. kd

    soooooo much better without the tattoos.

  30. gamben0

    Kat is an absolute skank.

    I bet her vag smells like a dead animal.

    Also, watch La Ink, they did an episode about this you photoshop crying faggots.

  31. This product will be a big flop, I think. Concealer can look hideous if applied all over the body.


  32. Ragnar X

    The redness is her own su burned skin that skin colored stuff is the concealed. Did you guys think she has a chest tattoo a belly tattoo and nothing on her arms? The consealer looks pretty damn effective if you’re not sun damaged.

  33. Great! let’s stain everything u touch biege

  34. Alex

    It actually looks like the red patches are where she -doesn’t- have tattoos… meaning the concealer kinda works awesomely.

  35. As an Adobe shareholder, I thank you.

  36. @121, not surprisingly a man

    “No such thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a fat skeleton.”

    I said she was fat too. I am not blaming all of her hugeness on big bones. Though it does not surprise me that you have NEVER HEARD OF such things. Fact is it does exist. There are small, medium and large body frames (aka bones) and you can measure it by measuring the bone on your wrist usually. That is why me and my sister look different sizes at the same height and weight. One of us has bigger ‘bones’.

  37. Me

    Whoever said that are morons. wow.
    I bet you a pimple faced douche bag who’s never seen a naked woman.
    Either that or you have taken so many money shots in yours eyes that you are half blind.
    dumb f*cks

  38. what a hottie. she has such natural beauty too many tats kat srry to say but you should have gone with natural skin

  39. Brick

    I killed a man.
    I stabbed a man in the heart with a trident.

  40. Mal

    If you had bothered to do any research, you would know that the product that is being advertised here is the PERFUME, not the makeup.

  41. Tattoos are sad

    she looks much prettier without. every girl i know who has tattoos does it because they are insecure and need attention. and i know at least a 100. thank the gods i stopped at a bunch of take-out-able piercings when i was at that stage and never got covered in this crap. if you have one well done, meaningful tattoo that’s cool. but anyone who covers themselves head to toe, especially women, are just trying to cover up how much they hate their looks and go for that “see how much i dont care about being pretty” thing. then all you get is trashy guys who abuse you and a shitty life.

  42. Sue Benedico

    So much prettier without the tats, to bad they can’t be just sprayed on!

  43. Sue Benedico

    So much prettier without the tats, to bad they can’t be just sprayed on!

  44. Sue Benedico

    So much prettier without the tats, to bad they can’t be just sprayed on!

  45. ctyler

    This aught to be sent to Failblog.com

  46. me

    Funny how her left arm is much thinner than her right arm in the first pic. To say she wasn’t photoshopped is an idiocracy!

  47. Dread not

    107. RichPort’s Ghost – August 13, 2009 8:09 AM

    I don’t mind tats… especially on the back… it gives me something to read when I’m stuffing her like a Thanksgiving turkey…

    That’s a fucking lie, right there. Oh, yeah, I meant the “stuffing her” part, too. But I was specifically talking about the “gives me something to read” part. Don’t you mean you have Deacon read it to you? He would be right over your shoulder, wouldn’t he?

    Kat looks better with out the tats.

  48. thrash n' roll

    Cheers bud. You said it all. I will also consider myself damn lucky if my biggest regret at 70 is my faded ink.

    My tattoos may be visible to others, but that doesn’t mean they are not personal and for attention. Every one means something about who I am, where I’ve been and what I’ve done in my life. For those who can’t understand thats fine, but get your head out of your ass and at least agree to respect other peoples decisions to be their own person.

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