Kat Von D sans tattoos

August 12th, 2009 // 259 Comments

Considering some of you would rather stab yourself in the eye than look at Megan Fox’s tattoos because you’re 90 and/or love men, I figured I’d post this pic of an ink-free Kat Von D demonstrating her new tattoo concealer for Sephora. Personally, I’m cool with her either way. Unless a woman’s tattoo tries to bite my penis off, who cares? Also, I hope my open-mindedness will be returned when they realize I have the Bat-symbol on my chest – in finger paint. That’s right, ladies, witty and an artist.

UPDATE: Reader Elena sent in a non-airbrushed pic of Kat with the concealer on, and uh, wow, that looks like an amazing product. If you like eczema.

Photos: Sephora

  1. meh

    I bet it looks great when it start to melt off. Who cares about her, just looks at that great wallpaper, I’ve got the same wallpaper in my house.

  2. meh

    I bet it looks great when it start to melt off.

    Who cares about her, just looks at that great wallpaper, I’ve got the same wallpaper in my house.

  3. Ad

    Her tatted up body looks like a Billboard.

  4. TattedOne

    I would rather nail her WITH the tats…

  5. cherry

    wow seriously I’m sick of all women being fucking airbrushed ALL THE TIME kat is not a skinny little twig it’s disgusting what they’ve done to her

  6. ImwatchingU

    Wow! Where do I go to buy the Sephora Photoshop plugin?

  7. n

    tats or no tats her show sucks with all the “i’m cooler than you” bitches on it…she’s overhyped and played out.

  8. TempleLuvr

    If she is so into tattoos and promotes them, makes her living by them, and spits out all that garbage about being proud of her tattoos and the tattoo lifestyle, then why is she creating a product to hide tattoos? Just asking!!!

  9. Floodo1

    Who the fuck cares what she looks like, she’s a FUCKING GREAT TATOO ARTIST. Watch the show and check out her potraits…

    plus the new guy on the show is FUCKING AWESOME at full color potraits :)

  10. titsonsnack

    STFU #11, I watched the episode too, and she looked like she had plaster of paris smeared on her body and you could still see the tattoos beneath it. Also, LOL @ you, because now there’s also an updated picture of her without the digital editing.

    BTW I thought it was about perfume, not some Sephora tattoo concealer crap.

  11. Jailhouse tat

    #59 She is a mediocre tattoo artist. She’s done some pretty good portraits, but any decent tattoo artist in any shop in any city could do the same if not better. In fact, the stupid hand-heart tattoo she did on that woman’s back was one of the worst tattoos I’ve seen, it was pretty terrible.

  12. elena

    hey i sent that in :)
    but anyways, it was for an ad for perfume called sinner and saint.
    and the one where theres no tattoos is for the saint one, get it?

  13. Emily

    It’s funny because she’s totally lame with or without the tattoos.

  14. marrr

    The parts in the ‘unairbrushed’ one that are red are the only parts of her body that don’t have tattoos on them. For the real photos, i’m sure they covered up those spots as well. Therefore, it’s really not an ‘unairbrushed’ pic, but just a picture taken before the look was complete. Those spots just look so awk because she has tattoos everywhere, therefore concealer everywhere. I’m sure if you just had a couple small tattoos it wouldn’t look as awk because you could blend it out and not need it so heavy everywhere. I think it’s a good product if it works as well as the photos show.

  15. Venom

    Such a hot woman without the trashy tattoos.

  16. JoJo

    I really want to see Kat without any make-up on her face or body or made-up hair, just like you would see any normal woman the next morning after a good and long, hard fuck.

  17. tunaman

    “Why have tattoos if you are going to conceal them?”

    Because she was doing an ad for some perfume company, and the two types of perfume are “Heaven” and “Hell” (or something like that). She wore her tats for the “Hell” shoot, but had them put concealer on for the “Heaven” shoot.

    And yes, as others have said, this whole thing was on an episode of her show (the only one I’ve ever seen, actually). Certainly there’s Photoshopping going on, but the tats were covered with makeup.

  18. Pretty sure I would NOT buy this shitty product. She looks like a burn victim. She’s totally hot though!

  19. dan

    she looks…..ashy

  20. Cindy

    omg…she looks like she has some skin disease…..ew…..

  21. Beastman AIDS

    wtf i’m sure i commented on this a couple hours ago…

  22. the last pic reminds me of the silent hill nurse! their skin looked like that,

    also seems like no male on here (for the most part) likes tattooed females….

    makes me no longer want to even consider a tat, they do have a point.

  23. hannah montana is a freak

    hah.. umm i love how gross she looks when not photoshopped. she looks like white trash regardless of whether she has tattoos or not. and her voice sounds like a pigeon trapped in a cave whos been smoking cigarettes for 500 generations.

    that concealer really is shitty

  24. Jake

    Tattoos, piercings and extreme fashion are desperate attempts to make oneself seem unique without any actual accomplishment.

  25. L

    The concealer actually doesn’t look *that* bad, she’s just bright red and sweaty for whatever reason so the makeup stands out.

  26. So basically it only works if you walk around with a bunch of graphic designers touching you and/or a team of wizards blowing people’s minds with magic? i’ll pass.


  27. Hey Jake #75. Remind me when anyone with a tattoo ever said anything about wanting to be different? It’s a fucking fashion trend. No better or worse than a pair or pants or a specific style of t shirt. You fucking square pussy. Get a tattoo you mary.


  28. clpierced

    i met her about a year ago, she is very cool. her voice is fing annoying, but she is down to earth. plus she appears average weight on the show and in pictures, but she is pretty skinny in real life. and she can tattoo like no other!

  29. K

    It’s not that it’s unphotoshopped- it’s that they haven’t finished applying the concealor. Her un-covered skin looks red compared to the areas that have been madeup.

  30. she is so much hotter without the tats

  31. she is so hot without the tats

  32. elena

    i sent it that picture :)

  33. Dr Truth

    She might as well just get it over with and tattoo “I have emotional problems” on her forehead

  34. Oceane

    She looks so much younger without all the make-up on her face. I don’t see how this concealer works considering how many different skin tones there are around. I don’t mind tats but hers are very nice ones.

  35. Zee Brat

    Her product isn’t really to cover yourself with all the time and hang out in a bikini. It’s to cover up tattoos that show outside of business clothing. Seems like it does the job.

  36. shift

    Yeah, those red spots are just the areas where she doesn’t have tattoos. Although, I love how everyone just loves to jump on the bandwagon and sling criticism without thinking for themselves first.

  37. devilsrain

    Yea no shit they had to photoshop her, that lousy cover up makeup wasnt going to do the trick. She looks so much better without tattoos. I wonder if she was beaten as a child, obviously somewhere someone fucked up

  38. eherh

    uhh, idiots, that last picture is mid-process. they weren’t done applying the product.

  39. Captain Untouchable

    #88 – yeah, I spotted that. Looks like the concealer actually does a pretty good job of concealing the tattoos themselves… she just needs to take a bath in the stuff to make sure it all blends together.

    Its kinda amusing to see how little of her body isn’t covered in tattoos, though…

  40. I’ve xrayed women in their 70s and 80s with tats all over their bodies– stretched, blue, dismorphed, unintelligible, tacky–over a kyphotic pale trembling old paper-skinned body.. and there’s ZERO about it that’s cool. It’s embarrassing and sad. Tats are cool in your 20s, 30s, MAYBE 40s (stretching it), but after that you look like a poor trannygranny from the trailer park. It’s a hot trend that’s leading to a bazillion old people looking like trailer trash. Seriously. Try working in Xray for a while and xraying poor old people in their 80s with dementia sitting in diapers mumbling to themselves with “supercool art” (stretched and vague) all over their bodies. NOT COOL

  41. What an ugly chick. I feel bad for her like I’ve felt bad for not so attractive girlfriends. You know type…genetic disasters who never understood why all the guys didn’t go for her. Everyone has or had a girlfriend like this. My latest one is named S.

  42. Kate Gosselin has a tat! It’s SOOOOOO HAWT! Now she has the option of covering it with shabby looking CORPSE PAINT! Then when you wash it off and you can date Nikki Sixx again!

    I wonder how much of that sludge scrubs off on clothing and sheets.

    I think Kat is cute in pictures, but when she slouches and drunkenly slurs out word like grunts and shambles around like an orangutan, it’s a serious turnoff.

    @ 78 – Yeah, it’s a fashion trend like fluorescent pink parachute pants YOU HAVE TO WEAR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE even when they’re threadbare and stained and falling apart.

  43. k.lucy61

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  44. Nikky Raney

    Wow, the leaked non-airbrushed photo is going to bring sales down.

  45. Nikky Raney


    Still, do you really want to look that chalky?

  46. Linda

    the areas which are red are her very own skin without any concealer! probably it was very hot in the studio so that her skin got red.

  47. yep

    Many of the hollywood stars are now paying big money to have their tats removed

  48. SANS FAT

    More like Kat Von D, sans fat, and sans big bones. This chick is huge.

    I don’t understand how it’s even legal to advertise PRODUCTS when you are going to airbrush and digitally change the appearance of what you are BUYING THEM TO DO. Bullshit.

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