Kat Von D promotes literacy – in my pants

March 8th, 2009 // 105 Comments

Here’s L.A. Ink star Kat Von D signing copies of her book “High Voltage Tattoo” at a Philadelphia Borders Saturday. I think it says something about me that here’s a woman whose body is almost completely covered in art, and the first thing I notice is her cleavage. (Read: I have superpowers.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. oscar

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  2. Milo


  3. Monkey's Bone

    That chick’s {{C R E E P Y }}

  4. SB

    her face is gross.

  5. Zee Brat

    I LOVE Kat Von D. She’s an amazing artist.

  6. JagedNS

    she looks stupid with all that random shit over her. I’m not against ink but she looks all kinds o’fucked up.

    And damn, how hot is it there…she’s sweating like crazy. :)

  7. Lowlands

    Who’s this girl and what’s she doing here? Who’s responsible!?

  8. Sauron

    My wifey has only one tattoo.And that’s my real name on her butt cheek:)

  9. phoring

    I don’t have to see your stupid Kardawhores anymore because, I got new ad blocking tech. The K family have whore written in their genes.

    This chick has whore written all over her. I would probably still do her with lots of protection.

  10. kagrez

    so hot. :)

  11. gross

    those tattoos are disgusting.

  12. Sauron

    Who’s that guy on the many photos??

  13. AirMail

    Replusive and capativing at the same time… like a bloody car wreck.

  14. Dan

    Wow, tattoos sure don’t make you interesting or even slightly different than anyone anywhere ever.

  15. Holyfuck

    That’s one hot-ass Mexican. About a million times more interesting and talented than Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears combined. I would rather see her here everyday and never see those other dumb bitches ever again.

  16. crabby old guy

    “Lydia, oh Lydia, Lydia, oh Lydia. Lydia the Tattooed Lady…

    you could learn A LOT from Lydia.” (channeing Groucho)

    Like to NOT getting an efing tattoo to start with. Key-rist, she looks like the side of a Chicago-Northwestern box car!

  17. Mongo

    Circus freak. That’s just nasty. She must really have low self esteem.

  18. Justinlove

    yes! she’s awesome, I mean, at her age, she’s still attractive to many people! you don’t know how h ot models and sex y folks on ___Tallmingle Co m___ go cr azy about her act!! she’s like kinda role model to many people there!!

  19. Sauron

    Good night folks! Big,wet kiss for my sweetie!

  20. humpinfrog

    This is Katie Perry in two years, with tats, and still slightly better looking. It’s her or/and Brittany? I now have a major limp-on. Thanks.

  21. Groucho

    #14, these days I think it’s more unique NOT to have a tattoo than to have one. I just can’t imagine why someone like her would want random shit written all over her. “Hey’, let’s put a band logo on my finger! Sure, why not?” At least when I did that with magic marker in 4th grade, I could wash it away later and avoid the embarrassment. This chick has to live with the idiocy.

  22. Jessie

    Kat Von D is an amazing artist. She is beautiful inside and out and doesn’t care what people think about her. For her age she is so successful, so unique and so talented. thanks for putting her on superficial.com

  23. CMS2004

    Here’s my problem with tattoos: sure, they look great NOW, when she’s young and hot.


    Fast forward 10, 20, 30 years. How’s all that ink looking now? You really wanna be in the old age home, with stars tattooed on your face? That’s why I’ll never get a tattoo: what’s cute butterfly on your hip when you’re 21 winds up being an effing albatross when you’re 40.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Kat von D (from what I’ve seen of her on TV of course). I’m sure she’d be a blast to hang out with. But come ON…. back away from the ink gun, already!

  24. ekki_skila

    the ‘in forty years argument’ is tired.

    You’ll look bad anyway, why do you care so much? I dont have tattoos, dont want any, but am not arrogant enough to think my idea of what is pleasing aesthetically is THA ONLEE WAY 1 CAN B HOTT, OMG!!11!!

    Luckily there’s so many places and people who dont give a shit about stuff like this and can look past it. Those are the kinds of people I want to know.

    You know, because tanning, bleaching, plastic surgery, isnt a form of insecurity or modification that can be extreme or very unatractive.

  25. cam

    Nothing better than a building covered in graffiti.
    Must have been some severe abuse going on in that life.

  26. yoyokimi

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  27. Courtyardpigeon

    In photo 6 she looks like a spray-painted Michael Jackson. What is going on with that makeup? I think all of those tattoos take away her sex appeal. What is this chick going to look like in 20 years? Like her trailer got robbed and she needs money for a 40. That’s what. Tattoos are a cliche.

  28. cool.

    i like tattoos. i wish i could get them. i think shes an awesome artist, but as a person, i don’t know how great she is.

  29. aaaaaaaah

    MY EYES!

  30. Kat Von D promotes literacy - in my pants: a hint perhaps?

    “Kat Von D promotes literacy – in my pants” . . . Fish, are you trying to tell us that Kat Von D has tattooed something on your penis?

  31. Raych

    I love Kat! She’s so sexy and badass! Not only is she HOT but she’s super intelligent and plays classical piano!

  32. Cartman

    She looks like a goddamn chola. Or vampire. Not that there’s any difference.

  33. Taylor L.

    Why is she so greasy looking?
    Her face is totally about to melt.

    I can’t imagine her putting on an evening dress and looking decent. She’s quite a sloppy woman…which is a real shame.


  34. Richard McBeef

    megan fox was a lot hotter a few days ago. she is looking pretty gross today.

  35. lola

    It looks like she has had of work done

  36. SlumDog

    Why no tats on the teeth? Plenty room there.

  37. sin

    She is a great artist and she does great work. But, she looks like a graffiti wall.

  38. Pryss

    her face and neck has a different color from her torso…too much whitening face products?
    love her talents..she’s really gifted in her crafts,but seriously..i cant imagine those tatoos 20 years from now..look at donatella versace..geez…

    and why is her armpit so dark?..

  39. .

    I really don’t like the stars on her temple. They look like a weird rash. And SW please chill out about boobs, its getting so tired.

  40. Holly

    Sorry folks, tats end up looking trash. It’s uber cool when you’re 18 and hot but have you EVER seen a 50-year-old with a “cool tat?” NO. Because it’s still trash.

    No one wants to take a woman out that has blue shit all down her arm and on her face. Nasty. I don’t care that so many people have tats now and it’s all the hot rage… still looks trashy.

    Marilyn Monroe with a big tat on her right arm? TRASH! No way. She knew better. A LADY doesn’t do that. Classless. Nasty. Aging. Gross.

    How tired. When will women ever learn that you can’t improve on perfect smooth soft female flesh???

  41. be honest: SHE STILL HAS A PROBLEM, folks?

  42. Sauron

    Any problem here? Just dial my number:) Goodmorning babe!

  43. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    That all looks so ugly and trashy,, YUCK.

  44. Futchina

    I think she’s gorgeous regardless of the insecurities she may or may not have. every piece of art on her body represents a state of mind she was once in, be it a band logo or a pinup. i’m really upset that i missed her book signing in louisiana.

  45. fee

    # 41 Probably doesnt know anyone with major body mods.

    Your opinion isnt fact. Get over yourself.

  46. not tattooed

    #24 I agree

    The negativity doesnt mean much. It shows the state of mind of the person.

    i.e. small

  47. she’s got the boddy of a goddess and the attitude of a stripper.. i LOVE it!

  48. I usually like pictures of her, but if she moves around or talks too much, that doesn’t seem to work so well.

    @ 14 & 21 – Yeah. People just pick some fool ass shit of the wall of a tattoo shop and get scarred with it forever. Everybody in the universe has those generic barb wire tattoos.
    It’s like you bought parachute pants that never go away, unless you get some expensive laser scarring.

  49. Hugh Neffner

    Oh I know her! Her real name is Graciela, she cleans my house twice a week.

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