Kat Von D and Bam Margera had weird sex

April 9th, 2010 // 96 Comments

Kat Von D and a married Bam Margera were spotted “canoodling” at Trousdale Wednesday night and the two have gone into overdrive denying anything was going on:

So annoyed! Contrary to silly rumors, Bam Margera and I are NOT dating. I’m currently in a relationship w Nikki. Hope that clears things up.

Clearly they hooked up because there’s only two things that happen when you leave a bar holding a girl’s hand:

1. You fuck.


2. You puke on her cat before failing to get in her pants by saying you “Write the Internet.” Wait, can I start over?


  1. THIS IS BULLSHIT. We know Bam, and he slipped up one night while he was drunk. He has fucked her on multi occasions. LOL

  2. dude!

    Am I first? Ugly biotches

  3. Who and who?

  4. PunkA

    Fish, I vote for #3.

    They fucked, then he puked on her pussy….

  5. JD

    In Bam’s defense, it couldn’t possibly be all that hard to get her to fuck. I mean, what’s he supposed to do?

  6. Deacon Jones

    Nikki who? Sixx??

    She looks like she’s wearing a mask anymore when she talks shes had so many injections

  7. xylus

    Raggedy Ann has not aged well…

  8. yawn

    he looks like a faggot lovesick puppy..

  9. Gavin S.

    Could someone, maybe someone with a terminal illness with nothing to lose, please just kill these fuckheads?

  10. Munky

    They both look TERRIBLE. Although, I guess they never looked “good” to begin with.

  11. Crabby Old Guy

    So exactly when did it become a “style” for fat girls to wear low-riders and crop tops? Looks like the efing Pillsburry Dough Boy!

  12. mootles

    (s)he’s a man

  13. Gweb

    Nice muffintop!

  14. shankyouverymuch

    Since Jesse & Bombshell & the rest of his tattooed freak circus sideshow sluts hit the net, it looks like every other attention seeking tattooed mental case is crawling to the surface for any photo op available.

    Fortunately for us, Kat Von DIPSHIT & Bam-Bam Flintstone just doesn’t have the staying power gravitas of the old JesseJames/SandraBullock/MichelleBombshell trifecta.

    Hopefully this will be the first & LAST Dipshit sightings we have to look at for a LONG while!!!

  15. Sadie

    She NEEDS to buy some fucking pants that fit. And die. That too.

  16. markonius maximus

    Heroin much?

    Stick to skating Bam.

    Kat go take a dirt nap.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  17. Kat = Cher (2010)

    Kat Von D is the modern equivalent of Cher. She needs to marry this Nikki whoever he is and start a variety show with him. At least that seems like the most obvious choice for her career.

  18. Beeotch

    Is it me or does anyone else find her features are very pointy?

  19. hateyoufornoreason

    Those pants are horrible on her. Horrible.

  20. Kim

    Those aren’t pants, those are leggings. She’s not fat shes just soft and squishy. That being said she needs to put on some damn pants that fit and wear a shirt that covers her doughy belly.

  21. Kid-Nap

    She looks like someone let her babysit a bunch of caffeine riddled kids while she took a heroin nap and they doodled all over her fleshy-white paper skin.
    Those aren’t tattoos.

  22. PooPooCachoo

    From the looks of her, I would say she laid the pipe to him!

  23. pimp

    who sucked who’s dick?

  24. Sebastien

    I thought Nikki Sixx dumped this chick last year?

  25. Jen


  26. Confused

    I thought he was married. Did I miss the party where he wasn’t?

  27. Ewwww

    anyone else think she looks like Cher in these photos? she is not attractive whatsoever

  28. TekMoney

    This broad was never attractive to me… but she had interesting facial features. But then she fucked up whatever she had going for her by butchering up her face something serious. Now she just looks like a tranny.

  29. LOL!

    These two are made for each other, although Bam’s penis might be very tiny, he’s a weirdo just like her.

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  30. Hey, it’s Cher with red hair and awful tattoos (I know, redundant).

    Nice job, Kunt von D.

  31. Dank

    Am i the only one or does #2 make no fucking sense what so ever? Jesus Fish do you read this shit before you post it?

  32. Nick

    Pic # 5 a dead ringer for Cher.

  33. Lenny

    For the love of God, why would anyone put all those crazy tats on your body. They don’t look good, she looks like a person who’s been of death row for about 20 years.

  34. Alex

    Perhaps its cause of her huge platform shoes. Whenever I wear shoes like that, if there’s cobblestones or something on the ground…I have to hold someone’s hand or I’m gonna fall on my face.

  35. small asian penis

    His stepfather confirm that he slept around on his wife (typical NJ yenta) with Jessica Simpson , this wouldn’t be a big surprise.

  36. kikk

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  37. NEXT.....

    Never heard of them…….

  38. Nichole

    OMG someone get her a tampon her head is having its monthly’s!!!!

  39. captain america

    he invated his “Faggot-Friends” to join them for a cup of tea?

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  41. Dread not

    Bam Margera went from scammin’ on thirteen your old girls, to hookin’ up with Kat Von Skeeze. Sounds like a natural progression. Still not convinced she was born a chick, though. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still, Kat Von Skeeze. And Bam Margera’s Dad, Phil, should have given him five across the eyes years ago, instead of indulging every one of his spoiled little brat whims.

  42. hil

    Why would she wanna have sex with this FAS-looking, stumpy-legged creature?

  43. kw

    She’s been a tattoo artist since she was 14. Of course she has some tats she’s probably not that fond of. Either way she’s a damn good artist and I personally think she’s hot (although liked her hair better when it was black).

    So yeah I’d hit that FAS-looking, stumpy-legged creature. You can have all the cookie cutter barbie sluts that wouldn’t have a personality if you spelled it out for them with coke and glitter.

  44. Prazzie

    They’re friends, she’s in high heels and they’re surrounded by flash photographers. Holding hands in this situation seems completely innocent to me.

    I’ve always thought she’s strikingly pretty and he’s kind of cute, too. There is no excuse for the pants and the hair is ridiculous, but sometimes a girl experiments and it turns out badly. Not a big deal.

  45. She looks like she’s wearing a mask anymore when she talks shes had so many injection

  46. OMG someone get her a tampon her head is having its monthly’s!!!!

  47. Perhaps its cause of her huge platform shoes. Whenever I wear shoes like that, if there’s cobblestones or something on the ground…I have to hold someone’s hand or I’m gonna fall on my face.

  48. Holy Crap. WTF is going on here?

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