Kat Von D Pulls a Paris Hilton, Walks Out of ‘Good Day LA’ Interview

Kat Von D was scheduled to appear on Good Day LA this morning, but instead decided to storm out after they mentioned her breakup with Jesse James even though she approved it in advance along with the clip of her getting his face tattooed on her back (Read: Her new season premieres Thursday so, of course, she announced her break-up on Twitter Monday morning and now pulled this stunt.) TMZ reports:

During the introduction, “Good Day” aired a clip from Kat’s show “L.A. Ink” — showing Kat getting a tattoo of Jesse James on her side — and anchor Jeff Michael mentioned she got the tattoo before she and Jesse called it quits.
According to sources, Kat was pissed Michael even brought up her relationship with Jesse … and stormed out of the building.
We’re told Kat approved the Jesse James tattoo clip from her show — and even got a heads up from “Good Day” producers that she would be asked about the breakup during the interview.

Kat has since taken to Twitter to feign indignation and start shit with Jillian Barbarie:

- Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissapoint me.
– @askjillian I didn’t walk out because you used the clip we sent you- I walked out because of your disrespectful intro you guys “snuck” in.
@askjillian ps. Publicly disrespecting people for the sake of better ratings isn’t something a person of compassion does. Good day..

Yeah, how dare they not respect the privacy of a reality star who airs her dirty laundry on TV for money? Bunch of compassionless pricks over there. Can’t you see she’s trying to grieve in a perfectly coordinated fashion for maximum publicity?! Gawd! Just no compassion.

Photo: WENN