Kat Von D is Going Bald

As further proof that God continues to wreak His vengeance upon reality television (As evidenced here, here and here.), Kat Von D is reportedly going bald, according to RadarOnline:

According to a source close to the 29-year-old, breaking-up and then getting back together with fiancé Jesse James, along with her TLC show being canceled, have all attributed to the stress that’s causing her to bald at such a young age.
“Kat totally has bald spots and it’s from stress,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “It’s worse than anyone her age should have.
“The combination of all the treatments she does to her hair and stress have finally caught up with her. She’s started ordering wigs along with the hair pieces and extensions she already uses.”

Right, “stress.” Stress is causing Kat Von D’s hair to come out. Not Jesse James having unprotected sex with a tattooed Nazi webcam-stripper/prostitute. Purely coincidental just like the other day when Kat got genital warts from leaving the milk out. Isn’t life funny?

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