The Kat Dennings’ Cleavage Is A Stripper Super Bowl Commercial That I Missed

February 5th, 2013 // 32 Comments
Kat Dennings Stripper Super Bowl
WATCH: Kat Dennings' Cleavage (Do I Need To Write More?)

As a blogger of celebrity breasts, it’s my job to make sure I bring you the very best in famous mammaries, and sometimes in that pursuit, boobs fall through the crack. In this case, Kat Dennings‘s which are huge and awesome, so there’s absolutely no excuse but I have been taking a lot of klonopin lately. Fortunately, I’m man enough to admit my mistakes, so here’s her 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl spot which should make you immediately forget everything I’m talking about right now. Because remember that part when Kat Dennings’ breasts were huge and awesome up? Why would you even think about anything else? Your kid will find his way home from school. He’s 5, they’re resourceful.


  1. Good lord, that girl is hot. Show sucks, but she’s hot.

  2. I would happily watch Kat Dennings read the phonebook on TV.

    Shit, I’d watch reruns of Kat Dennings reading the phonebook.

  3. mel

    they both look like wax figurines in that pic! and while her tits are truly marvelous, she suffers from having WAY too little space between her nose and upper lip. same syndrome as penelope cruz.

    • You mean big titty syndrome? That’s all they’re suffering from.
      Way too little space would be if her shirt wasn’t unbuttoned enough.

  4. Mammaries, pressed around the pages of my mind
    Mammaries, sweetened by low-cut tops just like wine
    Bodacious breasts bounce to and fro
    And settle softly on the pole
    Like golden globes upon my face
    I touched them and they heaved with haste, those sweet mammaries
    Sweet mammaries

  5. Mario Starr

    I’d tag team both of these hookers any day of the week! Hot!

  6. skunk

    i like the old lady

  7. Drew

    Even her impressive cleavage doesn’t make up for the fact that the show is beyond terrible. Then again, that seems to be par for the course when it comes to anything Whitney Cummings is behind.

  8. KC Res

    “but I have been taking a lot of klonopin lately.”

    Well played, Sir.

  9. Kat is so fucking sexy. I love everything about her. She even makes that show watchable.

  10. ben dover

    Oh God she is so annoying how can anyone think she is sexy?, the show is awful, when Kat says her lines she gets this shit eating grin on her face like she is waiting for you to laugh yuk!

    • Apparently someone likes what she’s got to offer, ‘cuz no one else seems to be good enough to keep that show going!

      I think she’s hotter than McDonald’s coffee.

  11. rantatonne

    the show needs to take a lead from this commercial and drop the laugh track then i will watch it

  12. anonymous

    Stifler’s mom still looks bangable.

  13. I don’t know much about makeup, but the blonde is CAKED with it and looks like hell.

  14. Indeed

    I remember before everyone realized she has a great rack she was generally ranked a boring actress with a nearing fug face , oh how tities sway the general populace .

  15. Kat Dennings’s breasts are nothing short of incredible, stunning, stupendous, beautiful, and yummy. Oh, wait. I almost forgot BIG! She definitely fucked up her lips. Too bad. She used to have a very cute face.

    I have always liked Christina Hendricks, but Kat makes her look homely.

  16. j-sin

    No one caught the dig at Brendon from WWTDD?? HILarious!

  17. Ruby

    The blonde is wearing so much hideous eye makeup she looks like she has down syndrome.

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