Beth Behrs Grabbed Kat Dennings’ Breast

January 8th, 2014 // 20 Comments
Kat Dennings Breasts Beth Behrs Grab
WATCH: Beth Behrs Grab Kat Dennings' Breast

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs probably have some sort of acting thing together, but that’s not important enough for me to Google, because here’s a clip of Beth accidentally grabbing Kat’s breast on Conan last night. And to then untrained mortal eye it looks like everyone shared a laugh and moved along, but what few realize is that what was a blink in the eye to us was actually 20 years of Beth Behrs being transported to a mystical realm where magic and mammaries are king. She left behind a loving husband and three boob-children, each as nip-dorable as the next. You know what? I probably shouldn’t bring this up. She gets pretty emotional about it.


  1. Hugh G. Rection

    Now I’m going to have to start watching their stupid show again.

  2. Slow news day, eh Fish?

  3. cc

    That’s not grabbing…I’ll show her fucking grabbing.

  4. Don Zaloog

    Ok now I’m dying to stick my chote in that ample cleavage – the part in Conan’s hair, that is

  5. bob

    This is hardly worth making a post about, especially when I saw it on already saw it on two different sites, yesterday.

  6. it’s awesome that women can do that and everyone laughs and moves on.

  7. bigB

    I’m not sure “grabbed” means what you think it means. “Barely even brushed with three fingers” is more like it. Boring. And holy crap could Beth Behrs be more annoying?

  8. CrashHell

    ROLL IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I had to skip ahead and skip ahead and skip ahead. Those two are fundamentally obnoxious.

  10. Nobody laughs when I grab a woman’s tit. Well maybe when the cops show up.

  11. Noes

    Please add in the link for the rest of the world(someone running the coco youtube channel hates the world, so you have to see it on their website if you’re not an american….):

  12. Beer Baron

    Put bags on their heads and gags in their mouths. Two annoying voiced JAPPYs. Big Boobs McGee was horrid in Thor 2.

  13. anonym

    beth’s face is just ok. But her ass can sit on my face all day.

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