BREAKING: Kat Dennings Had Large Breasts At The Grammys, Too

February 11th, 2013 // 22 Comments
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Kat Dennings Stripper Super Bowl
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I like to think of Kat Dennings as Katy Perry‘s cool kid sister who’s slowly blossoming into a beautiful woman even though she’s already 26. I also like to think of two of them as the kind of siblings who freely take bubble baths together and make sure each others jugs have a healthy, luxurious shine like I once heard breasts do. “Can you see your reflection in them?” Kat will ask. “Not quite yet,” Katy will answer. “We need an expert. If only one was hiding in the towel closet with soft, girlish blogging hands untarnished by manual labo akakhwohawohtwowsjslsslslllkskskkss…

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  1. A sudsy bubble bath featuring these two? I’d buy that for a dollar.

  2. Kat Dennings Cleavage Grammys
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    Kat Dennings shits all over Katy Perry. One is a self-righteous, overrated, over hyped and crappy singer. The other is just all around awesome.

  3. Deacon Jones

    If only she wore a mask in public, so she wouldn’t remind me of my fucking sister!

  4. Kat Dennings Cleavage Nick Zano Grammys
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    I guess after your paycheck says CBS for a little while, you just lose a desire for quality in all aspects of your life.

  5. Kat Dennings Cleavage Nick Zano Grammys
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    Nice hairstyle, asshole. Is that what it takes to bag Kat? I might be willing to bite that bullet.

  6. JamThong

    Kat D. is like Jennifer Love H. Sadly without the thunder tits, not one would give her a second look.

  7. cc

    The best is when she walked down the stairs before she started speaking. She had to go half speed to keep them from bouncing out of her dress. I was terribly disappointed.

  8. Bob

    Kay and Kat have a lot in common…
    Huge breasts, ugly faces and no talent.

  9. Kat Dennings Cleavage Grammys
    Throb the Wonder Mule
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  10. Kat Dennings Cleavage Nick Zano Grammys
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    I gave the fuck up on Zano’s sanity when he got rid of Haylie Duff to move onto Kat. Not to say Kat Dennings is a bad person, but Zano traded Haylie Duff, a woman with an actual head on her shoulders, for a walking pair of boobs. Just look at what Zano’s look has degenerated into since getting with Dennings. For shame, bro. Nick, you need to turn in your man card. NOW.

  11. Kat Dennings Cleavage Grammys
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    …and Kat Dennings gets photobombed LOL

  12. Kat Dennings Cleavage Lena Dunham Grammys
    Flesh Gordon
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    Get away from that hideous, untalented, arrogant cunt Kat. It might rub off on you.

  13. Kat Dennings Cleavage Grammys
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