Kat Dennings at ‘Thor’ Premiere

May 3rd, 2011 // 80 Comments

Posted by Photo Boy

Here is Kat Dennings at the L.A. premiere of Thor last night and I already know what you’re thinking. I completely agree, this photographer is gifted. I mean, the composition, the lighting, its just breathtaking. I’m neither a comic book nerd, nor a film director but I do know well-taken photographs when I see them and these gems just popped right out at me. As I’m well aware that this site mostly draws cultural connoisseurs of the highest caliber, I’d be remiss not to include such a dazzling collection. Enjoy.

Photo: Getty, Splash News

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  1. RoboZombie

    Air Bags.

  2. Dan's friend

    titties aint got a face

  3. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    She is so fine!!!!

  4. Keyser Ballsy

    She’s all boobs and I’m not complaining.

  5. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:


  6. Jay

    Nice job Photoboy.

  7. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    Love Kat Dennings, but she looks like an 80′s high end prostitute here.

  8. She is jug-u-licious.

  9. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    They popped right out at me too.

  10. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Paul Phoenix
    Commented on this photo:

    I like it how Fish’s sidekick is a more entertaining and articulate writer than the Geekologie hack.

  11. DeucePickle

    By Grapthar’s Hammer, I will motorboat thee !

  12. Henry

    That’s one hell of a push up bra!

  13. Hello, my name is Kat, and I’d like you to meet my twin sisters, Thunder and Lightning.

  14. Ron Burgundy


  15. atotalcad

    Good God. They’re as big as her head.

  16. JC

    Between Kat and the link to a Christina Hendricks article in the “Buzzworthy” section, I expect to run out of lotion and Kleenex very soon.

  17. I was going to say “Why is she important?”, but then I looked down a little further and now I know.

  18. Arzach

    Wow, I never noticed that she had those things!

  19. adolf hitler

    shes got a nude photo floatin around too. beautiful boobies. they look so soft n warm.

  20. Clarence Beeks

    she is UGLY UGLY UGLY.

  21. Sadly, it appears she’s growing into her tittays. I expect a Jessica Simpson-like appearance in a few months. In the meantime, fap! fap! fap!

  22. TTfcuker

    I’d hit that so hard, Thor himself would say “Damn! THAT’S how you hit it!”

  23. jumpin_j

    Photo Boy, you’re my hero.

    • Deacon Jones

      Agreed, he’s certainly introducing us fellow perverts to a whole new spectrum of girls we’ve never heard of.

  24. MarkM

    Can’t force eyes up to head…must stare at huge breasts.

  25. Ismoss

    Ah natures contingency plan for a fucked up face.

  26. j


  27. hmna

    When this came up, only her face was visible at first and I was going to make a snide comment about her nose.

    Then I scrolled down and forgot completely about her nose. Well done.

  28. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s not all about the looks, she’s talented! Seriously, she’s such a great actress! Up there with Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek in my best actress ranking.

  29. Donald Trump

    Lemme tell ya…..Those are first-class tittays there!

  30. Asoto

    It’s not all about the looks, she’s talented! Seriously, she’s such a great actress! Up there with Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara and Salma Hayek in my best actress ranking.

  31. Deacon Jones

    There’s nothing better in life, than a nice pair of huge tits flopping in your face. Nothing.

    Well, except if you’re *on weed* while it’s happening,

  32. I bet Picture Boy could have cropped that superfluous head out of the photos and made a true work of art.

    • The Critical Crassness

      McFeely, once again you rise to the occasion with a superfluous comment about the head being cropped, when half the people looking at the picture didn’t even know there was a head in it! Just Tits!

  33. The Critical Crassness

    Damn, Dolly Parton looks good as a twenty-something brunette!

  34. Marceelf

    Is it cheaper to hire your makeup artist from the school for the Blind to apply your lipliner?

    • Anya

      The lip liner is way obvious. If she wants bigger lips she should just get collagen injections or something, no ones fooled by the (badly) overdrawn top lip.

  35. Good God Jesus and Mary in Heaven Dayum.
    Photo Boy, you have my sword.

  36. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    kat is the new christina hendricks?

  37. omnomnom

    This is the girl from Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist?

  38. Kodos

    I don’t know which I like better, those magnificent mammaries or those lips meant to wrap ’round my… enchanted hammer.

  39. The Lord Almighty

    Someone get this chick into a Wonder Woman outfit and send her to replace that blonde chick with the bolt on bad fakies and no butt.

  40. I’d like to make her thor. Tho thor she couldn’t thit.

  41. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    I start to get turned on, then I see Joan Cusack and get all bummed out.

  42. Lita

    Those are some wicked bad breast implants or she should have waited until they settled before going out in public. Boobs are not supposed to be under your effing chin.

    • 1) Boobs are supposed to be under your chin, something is horribly wrong if they’re over your chin. As for where her tits are sitting, they’re perfectly fine where they are.

      2) Her boobs aren’t fake, refer to her nude pics if you want more definitive evidence.

      3) They don’t even look fake in these pics, so I’m not sure why you’re being so silly about it.

  43. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    She consistently looks like she’s drowning in an invisible body of water and those are the only things keeping her afloat.

  44. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:


  45. Have I mentioned I love this chick?

  46. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:


  47. Kat Dennings Cleavage Thor
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the motorboat of the century

  48. Superficial Bitch

    One more pump and she’d pop.

  49. Jon

    Too much lipstick. Whore lipstick is for whores.

    • Chet

      You’re a bitter little dick. Make peace with the fact you will never experience such hotness firsthand.

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