Karolina Kurkova wears panties

December 17th, 2007 // 63 Comments

These are the final round of shots from Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova’s three-day photo shoot in St. Barts. I bet if you removed her panties an angel would fly out of her vagina. Of course, I’d shoot the angel mid-flight with my laser wang and watch it fall into the ocean. Sometimes I like to send God a message that I don’t appreciate winged creatures interrupting my sexual conquests. Like the time a dragon cock-blocked me with Jessica Simpson. I chopped off its head with a broken whiskey bottle and breathed fire down its neck. True story.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Ript1&0

    Hey DRichards, you weren’t as filthy and offensive as you usually are today. What gives man? Don’t hold out on me now…

  2. Cliff Notes: Breaker. Breaker. SkipLine. You’ve got the Cliffster. Go. You got the Cliffster…..Ten eight ? Over. Kenneth ?…….. Dan ?
    Binky: Look Cliff. Just fuck off. These radio simulations are relatively stupid – without a radio.
    IE (Don’t try this at home.)(without a radio.)
    (as they say in the industry)

  3. Anal Phlegm Munch

    She’s fugly. Luckily I fuck fugly chicks.

  4. Tracy

    I didn’t know Napoleon Dynamite had a sister…

  5. charle

    chase it….

  6. lisa630

    How sexy!! I think she is a regular guest of pubspa.com. Have s look at her skin…

  7. Texas Tranny


    Pretty panties

    Pretty panties

  8. Rachelraquel

    First the superfish idiot thinks Jessica Simpson looks like a tranny and calls her all sorts of names, and now he’s talking about a cock blocking experience? What a douche. Make up your mind, dude. Is she ugly or not?
    Anyway, Karolina Kurkova has been modeling with VS for many many years. Some of you people are acting like you’ve never seen her before.

  9. Damn Fish……………
    Those are thong panties and there are several good pics of her ass………on another site.


  10. extracheeseplease

    eww! gross! DISGUSTING! those legs are hideaous they’re all long and shapely, ick who wants to see those! and her flat stomach and lean arms, *barf* I almost threw up my second peanut butter & marshmallow sandwich

  11. Spinnacer

    She’s gained weight, looks good still but not as awesome as before.

    But then again, girls that huge intimidate me, I mean c’mon 6’3 and not slim?
    I’m 6’2 dammit.

  12. Pretty funny stuff.

  13. She’s too fat to be a Victoria Secret model. Oink, oink, porker! but there are really very pretty women and men at the celebrity dating club LargeMingle.com but she is not the kind of pretty.

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