Karolina Kurkova flashes all kinds of stuff

December 13th, 2007 // 82 Comments

These are shots of Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova at a photo shoot in Saint Barts yesterday. I enjoy how she gets dressed in a giant collapsible tube. It’s almost like she’s in the future. I can’t wait until the day we all can wake up in the morning, step into a tube and be instantly dressed for work. For now I’ll have to settle for changing out of my PJ’s in the janitor’s closet. Though I wish he wouldn’t watch while quietly sipping his coffee. At least toss me a compliment or something. I may seem like just a glistening collection of biceps and abdominal muscles, but I have feelings too, you know?

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. mkell

    I suppose by “all kinds of stuff” you mean “nothing really noteworthy.”

  2. In that frist pic it looks like she has a penis bulge.

  3. Danielle


  4. Danielle


  5. veggi

    Let me guess. She’s on The Hills? This site is driving me to drink. More. Often..

  6. Danielle


    she does look as though she’s packin’ some sort of instrument in that first picture.

  7. D

    Frist, that was my reaction as well. Seems like she has a little something extra there.

  8. Dino

    > In that frist pic it looks like she has a penis bulge.

    Yes, I thought exactly the same thing. And in those other pics she’s doing a good job of hiding it.


  9. IKE

    WOW!! There are fat cats and then there’s that MONSTER!!

    mmmmm. Tasty! ;)

  10. dirt mcgirt

    front page photo…..looks like shes got a ballsack in that thong

  11. Gerald_Tarrant

    I agree with Frist, she did a horrible tape and tuck job.

  12. Mark

    She is so hot and sexy. I noticed her him at one big site, it seems that is millionairefriends.com. Sorry. I forget the username. I will check if this is true.

  13. Gaffla

    Or it could just be a shit load of pubic hair all nicely packed under that bikini bottom… which would be a lot.

  14. Danielle

    I’d like to suck her big cock


  15. Sorry I fucked your mom

    You like her dick don’t you #12?

  16. She looks like she’s dressing inside a vagina. A giant stretched out one, like jrzmommy’s.

  17. lentista

    that chick has a bigger cock then me………….lol

  18. At least she doesn’t have disgusting watermelon boobs like that Coco chick..

    So I guess from the waist up she’s ok.

    BTW, Veggi, how’s your cold, and Jimbo you have more perverted email, Binky, 9-11 was an inside job, Ript, don’t navigate away from the porn..

  19. Danielle

    aha…good one #14.

    i guess this means you’re done fucking your dog eh?

  20. Texas Tranny

    Not a very good tuck job. It looks like she wears the most boring panties in the last two pics.

  21. ssssssss

    ew she’s like the female owen wilson… i think… that 1st picture makes me wonder

  22. cock bulge! lol! but she’s pretty guys!

  23. pointandlaugh

    nothing to see here. move along.


  24. Danielle

    No, you are still working on it, no I am, no who am I? Oh yeah, someone nobody wants to see back on this site…back to perez with my fat ass

  25. KamiG

    #14 would be a turn on, #19 not so much.

    But #14 was good.

  26. Danielle

    …umm, you’ve never seen my ass soo…what’s your point dipshit?

  27. KamiG

    Simply stating my mind?

  28. Shallo Val

    She sure has a big doodle.

  29. link time.

    fuck off duplicate.

  30. karolina looks like uma thurman…a little bit.

  31. Phil

    Why did they stand up a coffee table in front of her? Wait…no…I guess that’s an assistant. She has the same size 2 butt as Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  32. veggi

    Yeah, when us girls here said we wanted to see more men, this is NOT what we meant..

  33. tk

    Chubby alert!

  34. miggs

    Yeah! How about some pics of Johnny Depp or Fabio Cannavaro?! Except really that’d be more girls…

  35. Gaffla

    I honestly don’t have an account. I do have a girlfriend. I couldn’t resist myself though, sorry. The line prompted me and this is the internet.

  36. Karen

    Maybe if we girls say she’s ugly or mannish enough times, the guys won’t say she’s hot!

  37. What the fuck are you talking about #35??

  38. Bob


  39. jenny

    She looks like the oldest royal boy in the first picture.

  40. Gaffla


    It doesn’t personally concern you. And the truth.

  41. Texas Tranny

    Sounds good to me #14, nothing like a good looking girl with a nice cock (real or fake) to suck and pound my sissy ass with.

  42. woodhorse

    Frist called it. She’s packing. That or they missed a spot during lipo.

  43. woodhorse

    Who is the Size 2 woman in the red and white dress? Is she lonely?

  44. Unlaid Avenger

    She is not unattractive but fat chicks are lower maintenance.
    That reminds me that it is almost time to do my traditional Xmas 2-hour browse in Victoria’s Secret at the local mall before going over to KMart and Target for the real gifts for the victims of my affection.

  45. Danielle (or not)

    45- you spend two hours in the victora secret? hmmm, nothing says ‘great catch’ like a pervert that treats his woman like shit. And you’re unlaid? Crazy!

  46. DD's

    Fredrick’s of Hollywood has plus sizes for the big girls.

  47. Rebecca

    Bulge in knickers!!!!!! Tranny alert!!!!!!!!! I knew it….

  48. tp

    Maybe she pooped.

  49. Chauncey Gardner

    She looks like that ugly mer-woman Estella Warren (who was famous for about five seconds back when PLANET OF THE APES and KANGAROO JACK made and destroyed her).

    Modern supermodels are just so fucking weird-looking. They look so out of the ordinary, so unrecognizably human, that they’ve almost become a new classification of ugly. If you look at this broad’s face, she looks like she should be some dumb tractor-humping, straw-and-cock-chewing farmer’s daughter, spawned from a single gene-pool stretching back seven-plus generations. She’s got more fucking cheekbone than character. Send her back.

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