It’s Almost Taylor Swift’s Girlfriend’s Nipple

After a crazy week relaunching the site, we’re getting back to basics today: There’s been bikini photos, awards show coverage focused entirely on just the breasts you can see, Alexander Skarsgard, successful trolling for butthurt, and the first The Crap We Missed of 2015 will be up in under an hour. But we will also have one other specialty and that’s anticlimactic photos of celebrity nipples you can barely see. Which brings us to Karlie Kloss at Paris Fashion Week who the Internet’s freaking out over even though I’ve seen more nipple in a church. (Sup, Jesus?) Plus you can’t even see Taylor Swift’s teeth marks, so I honestly don’t get what’s happening here, but I’m still going to post it anyway because I’m a soulless click-whore. Click? Five clicks? I’ll suck your dick for five clicks? (Wow, this is way easier than writing. Why haven’t I been doing this?)

Photos: Getty