Karissa Shannon is Single

June 17th, 2011 // 56 Comments

Conveniently on the heels of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris calling off their marriage, Karissa Shannon has moved back into the Playboy mansion and kicked Pete Ross to the curb, according to TMZ:

According to sources connected with the ex-couple, Karissa pulled a cruel bait-and-switch before she dumped the actor.
First, she told Jones she needed to move back into the Playboy mansion for professional reasons … but after he helped her pack up her stuff … she dropped the hammer, confessing she was actually moving in with her twin sister … and their relationship was over.

Of course, Pete Ross is about to go to jail for a couple of years, and Hugh Hefner is handing out dollar bills to have his balls dusted by blondes under 30 with fake tits, so there’s no way he didn’t see this coming. Absolutely nothing about Karissa Shannon says, “I’ll wait for you,” as much as it says, “Gold? Dig your gold, mister?” I’m sure she’ll think of him fondly.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. Anystraightman

    Thank you for these…

  2. Go Galt

    Even skanks can be nice to look at, and nice to f**k.

  3. Chico

    This chick in smokin HOT!! I love her slutty face and banging body. Fuck I would probably eat her shit and drink her pis.

  4. the captain

    .her phone number, please?

  5. Deacon Jones

    You can spot girls like this a mile away.

    Soulless husks of a human, dead on the inside, using their tang to get what they want, moving on to the next.

    You just need to know how to handle them. Anyone who does more than fuck them is a fool.

  6. RoboZombie

    As Cee Lo said,
    “Oh shit she’s a gold digger
    Just thought you should know n*gger…”

  7. cc

    She may look cheap and fake and whatnot but … she looks really sexy in that context. Her ass is marvellous.

  8. bing

    What degree does she have ? Is she competent ? Has she even attended elementary school ?

    • BigOkie

      She has a master’s degree in having a sweet ass! The rest of the package is rather fake and retarded.

  9. Is Hef really short on bleached blond fake boob skanks that he has to start recycling his old ones? He probably can’t tell them apart any more, and calls them all “Bridget”.

  10. neorules2112

    I wouldnt fuck this crotchcricket, shes tainted with sludge. Okay I lied maybe once or twice tops

  11. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember that old 80′s band “men at work?”

    well, this is a skank.

  12. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Guy Smiley
    Commented on this photo:

    honestly, wtf is Pete Ross?

  13. Racer X

    I’d cum inside her.

  14. rich

    the fact she’s a twin proves there’s a god!

    • Fletch

      Makeup does wonders. This chick is not attractive without the makeup. She would have to agree to leave the house before sunrise else the fantasy would be blown all to hell.

  15. ♫I wanna rough you like an animal♫

    I know its delusional but somehow i feel I ha ad hand on this, because who doesnt read this website?

  16. Photoshop Police

    Both twins got implants AFTER they were playmates.
    If there is a god, he’s a cruel twisted prick. (ouch… just read that after I typed it).

  17. Turd Ferguson

    “I have no talent, no career and no shame – can I please move back in and be supported for being a hoe?”

  18. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    This will always be her best side.

  19. Richard McBeef

    I would slide those bikini bottoms off, take a dump in them, and then slide them back up.

    • A wonderful and unexpected twist for the shit eaters who post here. I salute you, sir.

      • Richard McBeef

        Yeah, sometimes I try to reach across the a̶i̶s̶l̶e̶ taint to let the ass eaters know that, despite our differences, we can all come together to enjoy saying terrible things about soulless fake plastic people.

  20. Ed

    If Pete Ross had enough money for her to live off of while he was in jail she’d “wait” for him.

  21. Yes, she’s a gold digger. Yes she’s a soulless cum dumpster. Yes she is moving back into the Playboy Mansion and leeching off Hugh “Dracul” Hefner. Still, I personally think she has a smokin body, fake breasts and all. I wouldn’t be opposed to having sexual relations with her. I’d keep her away from my wallet though.

  22. anonym

    well, sam got what he wanted out of her.

    a spent little fake blonde bitch.

    damn, that picture isn’t very flattering. that face………… will not age well

  23. tlmck

    You mean the brother just hit it and quit it? Shocking!

  24. Pippy Longcockings

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fappity fap fap fappity fap!

  25. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    This girl is hot as fuck.

  26. Arzach

    Yeah yeah, bla ,bla, bla, anyways I’d still fuck her ’till I got blind.

  27. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    Honestly, I can’t get over the fucking eyebrows. Amazing bod, but when I see a full image of her ALL I CAN SEE IS THOSE FUCKING EYEBROWS!

  28. jason

    dude if you are gonna do what you said just for a silicone enhanced bleached chick that does not even look all that hot,you are gonna be played like sam was

  29. Franklin vanden Penis

    Forget Kardashian and J-Lo. THAT is the perfect ass.

  30. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    her body is PERFECT is she had a waist, shed be even better but who cares she still looks great!

  31. Kamrynne

    This chick is NASTY!! She looks like she been driven harder,faster, longer than a Florida rental car…..

  32. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    Ilike looking at URANUS in my telescope

  33. 314-Valichynskyy

    Sam Jones III, such bad person, has no any sense of him dating her, that dude is fucking gone for life.

  34. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    GOLD DIGGERS – you just can’t trust them.

  35. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    id so fuck her ass

  36. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    She is trying sooo HARD. HUNGRY TIGGER

  37. Karissa Sannon Bikini Single Playboy Mansion
    Commented on this photo:

    those are some big terd choppers.

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