Karissa Shannon is Single

Conveniently on the heels of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris calling off their marriage, Karissa Shannon has moved back into the Playboy mansion and kicked Pete Ross to the curb, according to TMZ:

According to sources connected with the ex-couple, Karissa pulled a cruel bait-and-switch before she dumped the actor.
First, she told Jones she needed to move back into the Playboy mansion for professional reasons … but after he helped her pack up her stuff … she dropped the hammer, confessing she was actually moving in with her twin sister … and their relationship was over.

Of course, Pete Ross is about to go to jail for a couple of years, and Hugh Hefner is handing out dollar bills to have his balls dusted by blondes under 30 with fake tits, so there’s no way he didn’t see this coming. Absolutely nothing about Karissa Shannon says, “I’ll wait for you,” as much as it says, “Gold? Dig your gold, mister?” I’m sure she’ll think of him fondly.

Photo: Pacific Coast News