1. It’s like a Coppertone ad for the skank generation.

  2. Smells like sunblock and peroxide.

  3. I stared at this picture for over 30 seconds and now it burns when I pee.

  4. Randolph Duke

    great asses! would love to eat…

  5. Truth, Justice, and the Rough way

    What are they doing? are they showing, or asking if i would trash it???

  6. Cock Dr

    Are they actual sisters?
    If so, is the premise that they have had sex with one another?
    Just curious as to how far the depravity goes here.

    Give me the drink, push the hos out into the ocean.
    On 2nd thought, I want a fresh drink. They look STD-ish.

  7. lol@you

    Live it up girls, your talents combined you have a shelf life of max 10 years.

  8. Kelvin

    Do you reckon they have a self admiring room with mirrors on every surface, God help us.

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